Journal - The O.A.A from the 1st to the 18th flame



It’s been three days since my last update however I can safely say I have recived the first flame. Here’s what’s expected to make that happen, you redo all of the exercises like:

You meditate on the darkness for five minutes, you watch the pendulum swing for five minutes, reconsecrated the candles (all of them) in one sitting, invoked the divine light, chanted the god names and finally created the sphere arund me and as you do the last part the flame will be with you in there, and you accept the flame.

The effects that the flames had on me was a bit suprising as I went in there not really expecting much of anything. However I can say in hindsight I was pleasantly suprised. At first it was this like small camp fire composed of white light, I don’t know I see them as such but I guess my best description of it would be if you woul make fire out of the purest light you can imagine, that doesn’t that it’s good or kind, it’s energy was very neutral, primordial, radiant and powerful in hindsight. However in the moment I could just see it internally and I was hypnotized as I saw the flames dance internally, the clairity of it really dispersing any visual doubts I may have had before that point, it grew and became and larger and enveloped me in a brightly lit fire, it didn’t hurt all despite it seemingly dancing on my skin and all over me, the pressure of it was pretty noticeable I didn’t realize how hard it was to breath initally, I guess you could kind of say it was like having a lukewarm blanket around me. The most noticeable aspect was not the visuals but the sound, the fire gave off a sound that sounds like it crackled like you set fire to pine wood (not recommended, sparks will fly), it was very noticeable, and after the flame had dacned and enevloped me that just pulled in into my skin and the sphere around me immeditaly dispersed, and I finally noticed how immense the spritual pressure had become in there.

My Sahasrarah chara are still buzzing after this experience as I am writing this. So in shirt after about three months of work, I did it, I can finally and confidently say that I did it.

Feel free of course to confirm what I experienced if you like. I’ll start tomorrow pursuing the second flame as I now hold the fancy title Emissary of the first flame, which in a way doesn’t mean anything as a title really don’t tell you anything about the knowledgebase of a person, however if you care about such thing along with the innitiation came to right to “wear” that.

Take good care.



Congratulations. This is truly inspiring.


Lessons of the 2nd flame

November 28, 2018 11:04 AM (Europe: Paris), November 28, 2018 2:04 AM (America: Los Angeles)

Exercise 1: in this exercise you open the chakras but not with the aid of bija mantras, meaning the goal is the same but the method is different. In the book the author begin to explaining how to open the chakras in the traditional manner - from the bottom one by one until you reach the crown by visualizing a golden energy floating up to each disk making them opening up like a flower, and you keep “pushing” energy until it won’t open any more and then rince and repeat all the way from the bottom to the top. However the author also adds that this method is not recommended as it causes problems, instead you “pull” down divine golden light to the Sahasrarah chakra and let it cascade down through each chakrah and then bring it back up, opening up the chakras like a flower as described earlier.

To note: the added side note made a whole lot more sense to me as I actually came into this knowing a little bit about the chakras. At any rate that’s the general gist of what you are supposed to do.

As for the overall experience it was ok at best, I’ll have to explain what I mean guess. As I pulled the light down from above I could definetly feel my crown vibrating and it felt like I more or less had a giant hole or rather some very large energtic space at the top of my head. Then as I pulled down the energy not stopping until I was sure I couldn’t make the energy open me up any further before it entered the ajna chakra, this time it was more of an energetic circle the unveiled in my forehead starting from a small point. From here the sensation was more or less the same throughout the other chakras on the way down. However on the way back up the energetic sensations wasn’t as intense as when I had pulled the energy down. I don’t knoe why that’sthe case. sure enough I could feel the energy condenseing into noticeable balls at the designated spots where the disk is said to be, but there was nothing sensational about that, I could even feel the energy move up through something that felt like a small tube, which probably isn’t correct but that’s what I experienced though until I find a better description that one will do the trick for me. The process continued like that until I reached the top which again like this very large hole or rather an eye of the storm.

That’s about it, I will see if I can also pull through exercise 2 we’ll see if I can I’ll update pretty soon. Until then enjoy your ascent.



November 28, 2018 11:35 AM (Europe: Paris), November 28, 2018 2:35 AM (America: Los Angeles)

Exercise 2: is similar to exercise one in that you open the chakras in the same manner as exercise 1 then you create a sphere like you did in the last exercise of first flame, from there you visualize an element of the four: (1). Water; (2). Fire; (3). Air; (4). Earth - entering the sphere with you floating around you and then invoke it. You invoke one element a day for four consecutive days, during the day you need to take notes on what’s going on internally or externally and then at the end of the day release the element back out of you. The next day and repeat the process, no I don’t feel like insulting your intelligence but I want to be abudantly clear about what you are supposed to do hence the “overbearing” explanation.

As far as my experience goes, it went down like this: after creating the sphere I visualized the element of water, the water began entering the sphere, it was clear blue and transluscent like the one you can see in the mediterrainian sea. As it entered and came into contact with my skin, I noticed how cold it felt and a slight sensation of having a difficult time breathing but that’s about it. Water in general to me equals to life, spiritual gateways, mystery, mind and psyhic abillities. As far as the the overall process/method went down, I visualized the water around me as if looking through the sphere on the outside, it didn’t affect the quality of the experience in any way. I then pulled in the element into me with an inhalation the cold feeling exteneded into limbs and the pressure around me alleviated quite a bit. The experience made my ajna chakra buzz quite a lot as the water entered everywhere in my being. The experience despite visualized felt pretty concrete, however I feel I could’ve done a whole lot better in terms of feeling out the quaility of the element.

At any rate, once the above experience had solidified in me I dispersed the sphere by doing the same motion as when creating the sphere but quickly, thus dissappating it. As I am writing this I still feel pretty cool all over, and my ajna and sahasrarah chakras are buzzing quite heavily. I’ll have to take note during the day what’s happening as a part of this exercise and then offer my notes on here as well.

To the reader planning on doing this: take it from me, really read the instructions and memorize them, the flow of the “ritual” will be a whole lot more smooth if you care to do that and it won’t break the needed concentration that’s needed to complete the exercises. By doing that you also won’t have to struggle to remember which step in what order you need to do something, it really helps. In all honesty I used to refer to the book initially all the time before I really started to take things seriously, doing the exercises on the fly, in the end that was a set back until I bothered memorizing them and really taking my time with each exercise to ensure I get the most out of it.


November 29, 2018 12:35 PM (Europe: Paris), November 29, 2018 3:35 AM (America: Los Angeles)

Notes on invoking the water element from exercise 2

Experiences from yesterday: All throughout the day I felt really cool, like my body decided to do some kind of semi hibernation. I was a bit more level headed than ususal, meaning I coulc focus bit better. Sounds and smells became more pronounced than usual. I don’t know why that would be the case. The level headedness seem to have aided my abillity to focus a bit better but that’s about it.


November 29, 2018 1:49 PM (Europe: Paris), November 29, 2018 4:49 AM (America: Los Angeles)

Exercise 1: this particular exercise is proving itself to be immensely useful. It was seems to wash your chakras clean and in doing so opening them up little by little, thereby aiding your astral senses to develop. As I’ve read ahead in the book I know that this exercise is repeated through each exercise all the way up until reciving the second flame. I am not going go through each individual sensation but I will account for the general idea. The chakras that stoos today were: the crown, ajna, anahta and muladhara chakra were really clear pressure on the way down, the I could feel the golden light opening them up a bit it wasn’t of an intense buzzing sensation as the other one’s that lingered once opened. The most noticeable one was the vishuddha chakra however I would say this exercise is pretty natural to perform, the key is to take your time and really allow yourself to feel the light pry open each chakra, even if you aren’t very good at visualizing it won’t matter as much it’s more important to feel them open up, althogh seeing helps to a large degree. The chakras once activated will help you to develop the skill of visualization although that will take time, however this exercise shorten the time it takes of that I am pretty dang sure as my abillity to visualize has become easier much more clear since yesterday.

Exercise 2: you already know about the steps so I am not going reiterate them however as the element of air was invoked into the sphere it became water a little bit cooler, in addition as in my minds eye I was imagining wild currents of wind blowing through the sphere all around me the current of air made me spin or more or less move in a random direction. Which from my perspective I didn’t necessarily willed at all, it just happened.
Eventually I reached a point where I imagined myself as a glass figurine (en empty pitcher) and inhaled and pulled the energy into me and continued to do so until the element was no longer something out there but inside of me, the coolness and the “spinning” sensations became more tangible, my sense of where I sat was lost I knew I sat somewhere but what I saw and felt became the sole focal point of the invoked experience. Eventunally once the element had saturated my being I dissappated the sphere in a quick sweeping motion and went on about my day.

Thoughts about imagination based upon the above experience: I realize that the above may sound ridiculous to someone who studies medicine, basically that you can’t really do a motion without activiating your nervous system in some way, wether it’s conscious or unconscious to you, it’s impossible. In many ways the perfectly true. In this case however it made me wonder since I were able to imagine the element so clearly it made my brain make a motion based on what it “thought” was an external stimuli. This begs the question if I can trick my brain into doing a motion without consciously willing it, wouldn’t in a way attest to some sort of reality to what I am doing? Or is it my brain simply very easily fooled by what I can imagine? If the latter are true what does that say about the imagination? Is it real because it feels and cen perceived by your senses to a certain extent? Can I control my imagination or does it control me?

All of the questions really makes you wonder, if we can’t trust our senses to validate something we have a problem. Of course be able to test things without bias, however it’s nearly impossible to do that, test or prove anything with out our senses having a say in the results we conclude. My point with all of this is - if I can trick my senses into making an imagintive thing very concrete and real to my internal and external senses why are things like this frowned upon? If we can “imagine” things into reality then it begs the age old question: what is real? Because in that context anything is quite literally possible.


Nice Progress!!




November 30, 2018 11:49 AM (Europe: Paris), November 30, 2018 2:49 AM (America: Los Angeles)

Notes on invoking the air element:

Experiences from yesterday: it hard to say exactly what was experienced, I would say my general perception became more heightened. I was more sensitive sensory input from the our pet for example, I knew what she wanted most of the time without looking at her. I became a bit more carfree and playful. And in general my body temperature ranged from feeling slightly cooled to lukewarm.

In a way invoking this element was similar to invoking water, the only downside with invoking this element it made my thoughts jump and made me ask questions about a lot of things. It helped me study though that’s for sure ad invoking the element made me avle to retain and also recallthe information about human anatomy a bit more easily during the exam today.


Update will follow tomorrow of the experience and notes, can’t Update today


Exercise 1: today the exercise gave a stronger sensation ik terms of energization of each chakra. Other than that that it was very similar to the experience of the last time.

Exercise 2: invoking the fire element was different to say the least. The innediate effect as I pulled inte element into the sphere the air around became noticeably warmer, not scorching hot but warmer, the heat could be felt in slight waves. As I pulled it in I became very energized and alert before that I was really tired.

Notes on the invoked element: Invoking this element made me feel warm despite it being very cold in the apartment where I live.
It also made me able to get more of my homework done due to the extra energy.

A late update will follow tomorrow along with exercise three on how it went.


December 1, 2018 3:39 PM (Europe: Paris), December 1, 2018 6:39 AM (America: Los Angeles)

Note: I haven’t updated as I should’ve it will appear as if I’ve skipped ahead with the elements however I followed the sschedule due to limited time, I haven’t been able to be as detailed as I would’ve wanted that’s why the last two elements were delayed in terms of updating.

Exercise 1: This exercise made my head spin today, esepcially as I recycled the purified energy back up to the crown, the energy sensations in the third eye reminded me of someone putting a small needle in there for a split second before it brassed out and the same brassing out feeling lingered as I pulled the energy up there. Before that however opening the chakras felt like opening up not a flower but a closed up dense mass. As the line shone down on them it had to linger quite a bit before I could feel them “opening” up that term doesn’t do the sensation justice really. It’s more of a slight push in and then you feel a ball unveiling a strong eletric sensation can be felt. That’s about how I would describe it.

Exercise 2: I invoked the element of earth last night it was pretty uneventful not like the others, fire and water had a clear feel around me, whereas earth was really mellow. A mellow dense blanket filled inside of the sphere. Then as it was invoked it was the same dense lukewarm feeling, and brought about a sense of contentment or rather a feeling of being centered.

NOTES ON INVOKING THE ELEMENT: as far as this one the invoked was pretty short only for a couple houes, as it was invoked in the evening. The feeling of being centered was comforting yet disconserting. It made me see and feel but not care all that much it was like my emotions took the back seat and I werre able to breath and think more clearly than I’ve been able to in a long time.

With that I’ll update later with exercise 1 and 3 with was the focus of today. Until then all the best to you and good luck in your ascent if you need it.



December 2, 2018 1:06 PM (Europe: Paris), December 2, 2018 4:06 AM (America: Los Angeles)

NOTE: This was intened to be up yesterday but it was not possible so I decided to update this thread with the info from the session from yesterday. I’ll soon update with the same set of exercises as it will bring everything back to a normal schedule which I prefer and it will keep the journal from getting messy.

Exercise 1: yesterday I had spend some time cooling down and this exercise helped me for sure. You see opening the chakras up by invoking purifying light. It will help no only wash away contiminated energy which you accumulate during the day, it will also make sure become a open and ready channel for not only your energy but for other energies to come through as well. In addition to helping you gradually improve your psychic faculties. At least that’s what I’ve realized as I’ve invoked the light during this time frame my general sensitivty both to the exercises as well people around me and their general mood has been very noticeably aletered, in a good way as I’ve become perceptive.

As far as the general experience went down, after invoking the light yesterday the crown chakra really has begun to vibrate quite and it really nice when it does. Notice you have roll the energy up from the ajna chakra to th Sahasrarah chakra, you can’t jump from the ajna to the crown. As I pulled the energy down into the crown and continued to do so until each chakra had opened, I made sure to stay on each chakra and wash it with light until I could feel it open before moving on. Then as I brought it back up the each center was more pronounced than I’ve beeen able to feel thus far. I can’t say I could detect any strobing but energywise I could feel it open and become energized, as I rolled the energy back up to the crown stress dissapated and it felt really, really nice like my brain exerpeinced an internal massage.

NOTES: I have begun to feel a more even tingling sensation throughout my chakra system as each chakrah has opened up. The energy intensity should be the same if it’s not that could some chakras are overactive and some are underactive. In addition to stimulate them you got to adress some personal issues. In my case I had to confront myself in a way about how I do and how I represent myself, as each chakra respond differently. Just opening them up like this is a huge step in the right direction it will balance them out but you can’t escape the personal aspect of opening them. The overall energteic sensation has been more noticeabe in three chakras the crown, the heart and the root but after repeatedly invoking I starting to feel the presence of the other more solidly, which is a good sign. It seems as if opening brings about not only improved spritual senses but it forces to face issues as well.

Exercise 3: I redid the opening procedure just to be sure, it may have been uncessary but following the instructions in the book that’s a prerequisite, I then began with this exercise.
Here’s what you’re supposed to do - in this exercise you open up the chakras like you did in exercise 1 from there you brush your finger tips against one another, up and down, for a certain amount of time then your have to feel out the energy of your hands and let your hands go wherever they will, until you reach a critical mass or an event horizon or sorts, it’s like an area where your hands are pushed away and pulled in at the same time, after you are able to feel the magentic push and pull you do the same thing but with your entire body. Notice how far out your hands go and if the order had still been active I would’ve had to send notes to E.A about how far apart they got, however now I’ll have to be my own judge or perhaps if I am lucky an older member or an existing member will contact me about how I am doing.

After opening the chakras like in exercise 1. I began to feel out the general feeling of this and for my part it was pretty easy and it’s easy because I’ve done a nearly idenetical exercise before this. Here’s something that I noticed during this exercise - temperature of the room and in your hands can really affect the feeling of the magnetic push and pull in your hands, meaning I can feel it more clearly when my hands are warm. Since I do energy work my general size of my aura isn’t necessarily small, so my hands went pretty far apart about a ruler or so. I guess I’d have to post picture proof in order to show for it. The general feel is hard to describe, you can feel wamrth and a very tangible bioeletric sensation in your hands, you cen also like you have a veiled lukewarm mass between your hands that pushes and pushes until it sucks in your hands in a little bit and then push them away for a little bit and then repeat the process. The key to this is really allow yourself to relax and NOT force anything. Closing your eyes helps with this.

Once you’re done you should notice a tingling sensation in your arms or hands. I noticed that and that my temples (the side aspect of the ajna chakra) vibrated pretty intensely as a result of doing this exercise.

I’ll update today with the next session as this exercise is going to take some time to figure out what a appropriate span would be between your hands.

With that I wish you luck in your ascent and I’ll update soon.

All the best



December 3, 2018 2:00 PM (Europe: Paris), December 3, 2018 5:00 AM (America: Los Angeles)

Exercise 1: it was very simmilar to yesterday with some minor exceptions. One of those were a more pronounced feel of each energetic centers on the way down and the feeling of a knot being unwinded as let the energy flow through each chakra could be felt pretty clearly. It was hard to relax at first but as the exercise unwided energy center the relaxation that needed to be done with exercise comes pretty naturally and automatically. Again important to feel this exercise than to see it, although seeing it will deinfntly help you in terms of making this exercise come alove for you. The nergy evenly spread today and “orgasmic” sensation as the energy reached thje crown was not as intense as yesterday on the first round.

Exercise 3: upon doing this exercise as far opening the chakras it was more even flow and no real effort was really required of me, the only thing that differed was that I feel the energy as a thick energetic stream that rolled over each chakra and it really charged making the energy I felt internally felt like energetic orbs that unviled themselves as I channeled light into each of the chenters. My mind didn’t jump like at all this has become an increasingly rarer occurance for me as I’ve been going through the system.

As far as feeling the energy well it was more pronounced as I were able to enter deeper state of relaxation thanks to the first and second round of opening up the chakras. Despite the temperature in the room is somewhat cool, it didn’t matter I could feel the energ irregardless a magentic pressure inbetween my hands not a super intense one, but a noticeable one for sure. Doing the same thing but with the entire body inhaling pulled the energy in and exhaling pushed the energy/aura out. That’s about it, the space between were pretty much the exact same thing as last time.



December 4, 2018 1:58 PM (Europe: Paris), December 4, 2018 4:58 AM (America: Los Angeles)

Exercise1: I sat still for quite a while today just to ensure I got it right. And I can without out a doubt say that I definently managed to open the chakras correctly in accordance with the exercise. It really helped viewing each chakra disc like a flower that with the aid of the golden light opened up on the way down. And once I pulled the energetic sensation was solid I could the stream of energy moving from one energy center to the next, notice I say feel. I am not super bad at visualizing but I prefer the sensation of feeling more than seeing, as feeling it will aid seeing it.

Each center felt like a large knot unwinded a produced a solid surge of energy in the focused area. The energy strongly and evenly throughout the chakras, I no longer if I really was successful or not.

A side note: Oddly enough image came to mind as I opened the Manipurah, Anahatah, and ajna chakras all of which personal, and by opening the chakras you are also faced with things that I have to change in my life, I’ll have to do some research but I’ll get back to you guys with my findings.

Exercise 3: after opening the chakras as is done in exercise 1, finding the necessary relaxing state was as easy as snapping your fingers. My brain didn’t jump like at all during the exercise as I was sort of expecting it to do due to a high consumption of caffeine and poor sleep.
After brushing the finger tips against each other and feeling the energetic magnetism in my hands I must say that I noticed how incredible dependent on my breath the magnetic sensations where. As in the more I focused on my breath the more energy I could put out and thereby also increasing the gap between my hands by quite a bit more, by the same token I could also decrease the spacing just as easily by inhaling instead of exhaling. The spacing became a whole larger add about 4 inches (10 cm) to the previous 12 (30 cm), maybe even a bit more, it’s measuring with the eyes, it’s not as I can get an exact measurement.

Moving on the body and doing the same thing the spacing inbetween my hand increased and decreased naturally as it had found that event horizon, I could feel the energy my body gave off flowing with my breath in out, and at the same time the space between my hands was no longer the focal point or rather event horizon but my body did the same thing. My hands just moved in and out as the energy around/aura around me followed my breath.

So I think I might be ready to receive the second flame but I’ll have to confirm with some friends of mine who have a history in this system to confirm it.

Until then I wish you well and good luck in your ascent.



I for some reason felt drawn to do the next exercise as well. Which I will update right now as far as the previous one goes I’ve asked and it seems I was ready to move on.

Exercise 4: like the other exercises you’ll need to open the chakras however since I’ve already done that previousl there was no need. However when you do it if you take one exercise at a time go right ahead and do that first. I was a bit sloppy but the exercise worked iregardless, that being said I am pretty sure I’ll need to revisit this exercise tomorrow before moving on to the next innitation.

This exercise is pretty intense in that, after you open the chakras you have to find the event horizon or the critical mass - where your hands push and pull equally then once that’s found, you’ll have to energize your manipura chakra making it bigger than normal and then release the energy inebwteen your hands forming a ball, it should be hot to the touch and the space should increase sas a result. Once the ball has been suffciently added upon with energy from the manipurah chakra you go ahead and either channel it back through the arms (not recommended) or you reinsert the yellow ball back into the manipurah chakra manually. Once that is done repeat the process with the Anahatah and Ajna chakra, leave the other chakras alone as well as well as don’t pull the energy from them, you channel energy from one chakra at a time. After each insertion take a small break until you’ve completed the set.

That’s the first half - or if you do it one sittin - you create a sphere around just like in exercise 6 of the first flame, you channel one of the four elements (fire, earth, water or air) depending on which you feel the most drawn to, from there you channel it into you and then you release it and create a ball of the element inbetween your hands until it reaches the critical mass. Once that is done you’ve completed the lesson. After you have gone through the previous step you tilt your head back and open your mouth and release the excess energy.

I belong to the try hard people or rather the - go big or go home type of peopl, and since I have some time on my hands right now I did the exercise in one sitting, it’s recommended but if it’s too intense you chop the lesson up.

In this case here’s what happened after relaxing and just checking that the chakras was open, which they were, I made sure to take my time with each step of the process. I began by putting my finger tips together paralell at the navel and my palms rested a few inches apart, from there I focused on the space inbetween my hands and pretty quickly my hands started to drift apart (in order for this happen naturally, relax and focus). Once critical mass had been found, the point where the magentic energy of my hands is pushed and pulled equally - about 12 inches for me (the span ranges from 4 - 12 inches according to the book). While attempting to let my hands be and do whatever they wanted, its a harder than it seems, I focused on the manipurah chakra and imagined it getting bigger and bigger until it reached the size of a football and as a result I could feel the bioeletricity in that area becoming pretty dang solid, the density in the magentic field inbetween my hands started to increase and from there I exhaled the energy into my hands for several reptitions just to be sure and for each time I did that, the density of the energy inbetween my hands not only increased but also by simply imagining the energy forming a golden yellow ball my hands, it looked something like this:

had to move apart of their own accord, the sensation is indescribeable, you have to experience this to realize you can’t fake your way into doing this right. Once it had been done and reached a solid sphere about the size of a football (it took a while) I had simply moved my hands togther ontop of another and held the sphere in place with my will and the energy in my hands and simply inserted right in the middle of the area above belly button and below your ribcage which where the chakra rest. Believe me it wasn’t easy, it was hard reinserting I actually had to use gentle but firm physical force to ensure it got resinserted. Once that was done I felt intensly energized only that area but mostly the top chakras - the ajna and sahasrarah chakra vibrated a lot. I had to take a a break and repeated the exercise.

The other two chakras was very similar but I guess you want the details on this exercise. I repeated the first few steps above place my fingertips barely touching against each other and my palms resting a few inches apart paralell to the navel. Focusing inbetween my hands once more they drifted a part a little bit easier than the last time, which in hindsight makes a lot of sense. At any rate once the cirtical mass had been found. I focused on my Anahatah chakra I just allowed my hands to do whatever they wanted just focusing on the chakra as it grew in size made the density of the magentic energy become a whole lot more tangible pretty quickly I might add. Once the bioeletric sphere had reached the size of a handball, you can really feel this if you take your time the ball, oce you feel once you focus on it and imagine it becoming bigger it can even feel uncomfortable as a result I know it did for me, I pushed the built up energy into my hands the ball became green instead of yellow it kind of looked like this internally:


I repeated the step from here as in pushing more energy until I could it becoming pretty large almost the size of the hand ball and then I held the green ball into place with my mind layed my hand ontop of the other and inserted it back into the Anahatah chakra, it was just as intense as the last time except I had taken longer with this one so the reistance was stronger than the last one, to me this is a good sign that you’ve made it with this exercise.I felt pretty beat after inserting this but I rested for a bit and then repeated the above steps with the last chakrah.

The last one - the ajna, was very similar yet not, after following up until reinserting it the size was about a little larger than a golfball, the energy around it was really warm, the color is indigo and it looked a lot like this:


And when your hands moves closer to the fore head if you’ve done it right you can almost like a small electrical charge coming near your forehead along with a nice warmth, as the sphere ouch your skin, you should feel some kind of energetic wamrth ontop your skin and a resistance as insert it. That’s what I did at least.

After completing the first half I was pretty beat so I needed a longer rest once refreshed I returned withe the intent of completing the exercise, I took a seat on the floor on my heels. Then I created the sphere, found the event horizon of the energy inbetween my hands and channeled the element (fire) into me and then into the space between my hands, if you are attentive enough you will notice that as the energy inbetween your hands demand space you will eventually be met with a resistance at the back of your hands indictaing that the sphere is there, as the energy increases in your hands it will be really hard to contain your hands and arms might even shake a bit as the force inbetween starts to become tricky to hold. It kind of looked like this internally except that the flames where a whole lot larger:


I felt a nice warmth inbetween my hands as I channaled the element into my hands. Here is where I did my first only misstake with this exercise I’ll ever do, never do this as it caused severe discomfort, I channeled the energy back into the arms somewhat gently into my chest area and let my head fall back and released thge energy. I should’ve just dissapated the energy through your mouth once it reaches critical mass, when you can barely hold it.

That concludes this exercise, I might have to redo it tomorrow, I hope not the whole process was pretty exhausting.

All the best



December 6, 2018 5:33 PM (Europe: Paris), December 6, 2018 8:33 AM (America: Los Angeles)

Innitation Recepit of the 2nd flame

I know working my way through this flame seemed to have gone off without much effort on my part but it wasn’t easy, mind you each meditation took quite some time to get right. However I will admit I’ve gotten into contact with some of the exercises before in addition to have devleoped some skills are and there by working some other methods before going through this particular system. All of this has to be performed in one sitting.

This is an exercise as well as an innitiation. What you do is you open the chakras and create the sphere like you’ve done in some of the previous exercises and find the magnetic event horizon as done like in the previous exercise before this one and you invoke the elements like you did in exercise 2 into you, from there you once invoked you push the element inbetween the space of your hands and make a ball of it and then when it reaches a critical mass you channel it through your arms and into your chest as you inhale, tilt your head back and release the element with an exhalation and invoke the next and do the same thing until you’ve gone through all four and you vibrate SAT NAM.

This process was pretty taxing just as the process of inserting the orbs but in a different way. Here’s what happened I won’t spend too much time explaining everything, but most of it:

First off I opened chakras and each chakrah could be felt as a point tensing up contracting before “blooming out” on the way down as the light washed over them, staying on each chakra until I was sure it had opened up, each time the chakras opened up broguht a sensation of not only the energy of each center spreading out all over the area where it rested but also a sense of peace, esepcially when recycling it back up through the now cleared channel. Once done I created the sphere the channeled light wasn’t clear as day but irregardless when the light hits your fingertips you can really feel like it is a concentrated spot of a lukewarm energy coming into me making my thrid eye and sahasrarah chakra buzz quite noticeable, you may also notice it like a soft electric surge in the arms then I lowered the arms slowly the energy formed the sphere which could be felt as a charged field around me. Then once I confident it was there I held my hands paralell to the navel my palms inches apart with my fingertips touching. I focused on my breath taking my timne building the energy in my hands and initially my energy output was pretty low however it quickly gained momentum and the at first magentic push and pull was small but as output increased so did the warmth as well as the energy that came through, making the space inbetween my hands grow to the size as in one of the previous exercises (about 12 inches).

I then invoked the elements starting with fire, the fire made the air around me noticeably warmer, not so much I began to sweat but very warm. I could hear the crackling sound as it burned against my skin I inhaled and pulled the element into me and the warmth the permeated the outside now was on the outside was now on the inside warming me I released the element into my hands feeling it as tangible warm energy going through my arms and into the space between my hands which due to the added volume of a ball of energy had to expand I could now feel the filed around me on the outside of my hands as well a warm energy on the inside pressing against my hands demanding space, which made my hands shake due to having two diffetrent forces interacting with me each making their presene known and not being able to exapnd to expand or contract. I held the element in place for a short while before channeling it into my arms and dissapating it by releasing it as you did with exercise 4.

Invoking water was similar yet different to invoking fire but in a very different way. You see as the water filled the sphere my ears registered the sound as indentical to sticking the head underneath the water in a bathtub leaving the water running, there’s a specific metallic sound which can be heard as the water hits the tub. The air around me cool and dense, I were still able to breath but it was harder for sure. I invoked the water using the same method as the previous element the feeling inside became notieably cooler but not freezing, I focused more on feeling rather than seeing it. From there I pushed the element into my hands the hands once again wanting to increase due to the energetic pressure demanding room from roming the ball of elemental energy. Making a noticeable temperature change in my palms, once I was satisfied seeing a ball of water rotating clockwise and yet it rortated slightly randomly, I channeled the element back through my arms and into chest releasing the element in the same way as before.

Invoking the air element was pretty different from the other two tus far. Invoking air made the temperature around me change sporadically, being sometimes normal and sometime cooler, as I visualized streams of air around me moving in random patterns which in turn made my body move here and there at its own accord, you’ll notice this yourself when the time comes, desoite what you might think it will happen without your involvement if you are really tapping into this. Once invoked through an inhalation the my was lukewarm and make slightly cooler and then once made intoa ball the energy was rather violent when condensed into a ball, it spun rather rapidly it really demanded space and it was hard to contain to say the least. Once I could really feel the varying temperature change along with barely being able to contain the energy I pulled it in and dispersed in the same manner as before.

Finally invoking the earth element I basically visualized being buried alive with brown dirt without the panic attack. The earth element really brings about a sense of stillness or firmness that won’t allow you to be shaken up. The temperature around me became lukewarm bordering to warm, in hindsight this is interesting side note, have you ever noticed that once you dig up dirt even in the winter it not icy cold it gets pretty warm, earth isolates, protects, nourishes. I heard a sound similar sand rushing against metal faintly before I invoked it. Once invoked earth provided a sense of contentness which is hard to describe, earth was the least chaotic to invoke once exhaled through the arms the temperature was nicely luke warm, internally it was like the ball consisted of green energy but with added layers of brown earth splashed here and there around the sphere. Once dispersed I vibrated the name SAT NAM - loud and clear allowing the name to really ring (I did it loudly you may not have to but the vibrating the name should at least make you feel a vibration and shake you up a bit internally.

Once the name had rung I didn’t feel much I felt as if I was alone in an empty space somewhere then it happened, from seemingly nowhere white flames came pouting down from above entering me space inbetween my hands demanding more and more space, the flame where white and pure yet so incredibly powerful the energy between my hands demanded more and more space my arm shook due to spritual pressure inbetween my hands. The heat inebtween my hands became very noticeable just feeling the flames I couldn’t contain it started to spill over into my hands and arms this time I began sweating due to heat. A voice without tone could be heard in my mind saying:

“You must hold on. It will soon be over.” - and “you are doing great.”

The flames started to wander and spread pretty quickly from my hands and up my arms, and my back and wandered all over me, my hands shook until the last of the flames had wandered up on my body then they just hung, as the flames began burning my flesh making it really hard to breath. My head fell backwards as the flames pulled in into my skin intergrating in me I exhaled and I fell forward on all fours, hearing a barely audible hissing sound. And I knew I was successful for sure.

Also on thing, I’ll sound like a hard as but I think necessary to tell people who like to take shortcuts you can’t do that with any system esepcially not with this system the flames won’t allow you to ascend without completeing each step of the inniatory process before reciving the flame itself, just so you know.

With that I wish you well in your endavours esepcially if you are working through something like this system. The journey has so far been incredible and I am thankful that it’s still possible working through this system. I might update on the exercise 1 of the third flame but I am pretty beat to be honest an innitiation in this system is pretty intense.

All the best to you



Yesssssss :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand::tada:

You did it :ok_hand:


December 7, 2018 7:04 PM (Europe: Paris), December 7, 2018 10:04 AM (America: Los Angeles)

Lessons of The 3rd Flame :fire:

Exercise 1: this exercise is not easy at least not for me. However before that here’s the general idea of what you’re supposed to do: you create a circle composed of blue flames around you. A more detailed explaination will accounted for below.

I faced east and began focusing on my breathing getting into a light relaxation before opening the chakras as has been accounted for in previous lessons by invoking divine light into you. The wave of the light could be felt in each chakra as it unwinded gently but clearly making each energy center give off a great surge of energy that was very noticeable internally. I really liked the imagery of the chakras looking light differently colored flowers and the light is the “water” that nourishes them and thereby open them up. after recycling the energy back up I felt really clear headed and focused. From here I raised my arms up above my head forming the steeple as you did when you created the sphere in the first and the second flame but instead of a sphere you draw indigo energy from above, below and from deep within and focus it in your hands once the hands are filled with that energy either close your left hand into a first and let it fall to the side or in my case letting it rest with palm open at the small of my back while keeping my right hand extended. My right hands felt muuch warmer tha my last hand and I really attempted to focus on getting the energy to stay there. Once I was sure I could feel the energy more than seeing it although internally the energy in my hand behaved like the flame of a candle being very still and burning it doesn’t hurt at all. With my extended hand pointing a few feet infront of me I had to make surw with my eyes closed to keep my balance while at the same time making sure my breathing wasn’t inhibited as I had bent forward I then inhaled and while attempted to focus the energy onto that point where fingers where directed at visualizing a beam of the indigo light forming a burning circular trail. At first I wasn’t successful at all I just wasted my breath but that’s because I had missunderstood how to direct my energy while you visualize the point your fingers are being directed much like you pushed energy into the candles in exercise three of the first flame, you do in this exercise the breathing is the same. So while doing that in one breath I moved in a circle and visualized fairly clearly a trail of indigo energy nearly immeditaely bursted into radiant indigo flames. Once the circle was completed as I once again faced the east I could hear the crackling around me like when fire burns a pine log. The world around was in darkness except me and where the circle burned. I couldn’t feel the heat but I see a clear flaming indigo circle reaching about the height of about being below my knees (I’m about 5.8). but visually it was there and audibly it was there. I raised my hands to the side forming a cross saying a pretty specific incantation which I am not sure I can quote because I want to encourage you to get the book as well but you’ll find it at page 42 in that tome.

Once the incantation had been spoken I let me right hand rest ontop of my other below the navel before letting my arms fall to my sides as is described in the book. From there I noticed how the fire still gave off the crackling sound from before, my ajna and sahahrahah was pulsating and vibrating pretty intensely. I thougght I saw a shadow with red eyes serpentine eyes near the border of the circle looming inside the darkness for a brief moment before it dissappeared. My legs and arms wasn’t surging but the energetic buzz was very palpable and I must say I felt pretty clear and centered its seemed to be a reccuring theme when working with the flames, they help center you.

Standing still and enjoying the moment I then focused on my hands now glowing with the same indigo energy that i started with I then dispered the circle as is described in the tome by moving my hands upwards. The exact instructions you will have to find in there.

I feel that I was somewhat successful although this exercise is a little bit tough to be honest with you all, I’ll have return to this one a couple of time. I don’t want to try exercise two befrore nailing this was as it is very similar although it has an added element so in this case perfection with this is pretty much neeeded.

With that I wish you all of the best in your ascent and good luck if you need it.



December 8, 2018 1:57 PM (Europe: Paris), December 8, 2018 4:57 AM (America: Los Angeles)

Exercise 1: I’ve already have accounted for the the steps in my previous post the experience was very much the same except a few things. Afrter going through the steps until the point projecting the indigo trail of energy creating a flaming circle went of without much fuss. However despite knowing that while exhaling I needed to to focus the energy in the arm I was partially successful. As I couldn’t sync it properly leading to me not getting the propper effect like I did yesterday although I was able to create the flaming circle the overall tangible energetic prescnece was not as intense as I’d like that doesn’t that the cricle itself was weak just me being unable to really get it right. The fire still crackled like yesterday and in addition enegtic movements could be felt near my legs the energy external and not lukewarm but not cold either indicating that I actually manage to create the circle.
After raising my arms to the sides and giving the specific calling on page 42 (I’d recommend that you memorize this), I stood still for a bit really attempting to open myself up to the exerpeince, once I stood in what appeared to be a black space and the flames burned brightly in my minds eye. I felt very much centered a clear in mind and body there was simply no room for anything else of all the need-to-be- done things for the day. Once I could feel that I focused on my hands burning with the indigo energy and dispersed the circle. I think I’ll try it again very soon just to see of I really got it before moving on to the next exercise I feel I am pretty close to be honest.

UPDATE: The heat could be felt from the flames the other sensations were exactly the same with the exeception I nailed the breath and spinning around in a circle managing to create a powerful circle. So basically I succeeded. I’ll move on to the next exercise tomorrow but in that exercise I’ll account in more detail about the internal processes than this time around.


December 9, 2018 7:08 PM (Europe: Paris), December 9, 2018 10:08 AM (America: Los Angeles)

Exercise 1: This exercise is really cool because if you pay attention while you’re doing it you can really feel the external sensations caused by you pushing and directing the energy you’ve collected. I’ll explain- you see after going through the initial steps of the exercise as in invoking the light opening the chakras and then creating the circle - the process of pushing the energy while imagining yout breath moving the energy along the arm and dissapating from the mouth really does all the difference, when you are creating the flames make sure you release it (your breath) slowly. The indigo energy also felt really warm in my right hand and also pretty thick before pushing a few feet infront of me and leaving the blazing circle around me as a result. Like yesterday after giving the calling on page 42 in the book when you stand there with your closed and hearing the flames burn around you while seeing them internally, you can even feel them as lukewarm trails of energy moving along your body that was noticeable, in my case just below the knees. Standing in the circle has a very purifying effect on the mind, at least in my case it has, the flaming circle seem to hone your senses and centers you right where you are. It’s a very special experience which must be felt in order to be understood. After taking notes of what’s going internally while standing there in the circle of flames I dispersed the circle.

Exercise 2: this exercise is a contnuation of the first one as in - you create the indigo circle of flames then you create an equilateral triangle it’s corners should fall in line with the cricles northern and southern point whereas it’s center is in the east where you will stand after you’ve created the circle. In case it wasn’t from earlier you create the circle by moving clockwise (deosil).

Since I’ve already opened the chakras as I did a test run by creating the flaming circle, I didn’t spend much time opening them I just cycled the golden light through the chakras from the top down and back up, just to ensure I had the needed power to complete the exercise. In short after creating the circle you really need to either have a really good visualization or a really solid tactile sense developed because creating the triangle may otherwise prove to be a bit difficult. But anyways after ending up in the east after creating the indigo circle I raised my arms above my had clasping my hands forming a steeple just like you did when you created the circle, I then channeled flaming red bordering to orange - energy , from above below and from deep inside of me I saw the flaming red energy was channeled from my Anahatah chakra, why it comes from there is beyond me, the energy felt very warm in my right hand, it was like a lukewarm field around my hand.

I then made sure to while exhaling and thereby pushing the energy into a beam to really hold the circle in mind to create as pefect of a equilateral triangle as possible. Since I more tactile than visual it was a bit difficult be the result was very concrete, as in the triangle was burning intensely, way more intensely than the circle with orange bordering on red - flames, as far as feeling the constrictive power of the triangle I have yet to feel that, but there was definently something about it I have yet to be able to put into words it was pretty mesmerizing to behold.

As I sat down in the circle which was the next step after creating the triangle meditating within the flaming sacred geometry the heat of the flames could be felt. If you really get into it you can even hear it and likely even feel the heat of the flames, it was a pretty surreal experience to be honest, it’s really hard to accept after doing this exercise that the heat was really tangible almost like a real flame. I’ll have to stay on this exercise for a little bit more I think as I couldn’t really sense the properties of the triangle properly but I think I might seem be able to do that and move on to the next exercise we’ll see, this hasn’t been easy at all despite it might seem like it as I write about it.

With that I wish you the best of luck if you need it.