I've been hearing rumors that Jehova is being imprisoned by angels due to his malevolent acts and ill intentions towards humanity

What do you all think of this and would you say that it is true?

I thinks you need to develop a better bull shit meter, based on ya topics and questions. :crystal_ball: :crystal_ball: :crystal_ball: :crystal_ball:

Maybe reconsider where you are reading, and get some books? Or dig into the real lives of people who practice these sorts of things etc. Or even just suspend this weird fact gathering based on not so real facts and just practice a while?

No offense, but my 12 year old is showing better discernment atm than some of the subjects and things I see you question and claim to think. I think it’s because his mind is very based in the logical reality, but he’s still young enough to allow for the necessary stretch to comprehend the non reality and possibilities within it.


Are you saying that I’m asking “bullshit” questions or I need ot be able to recognize bullshit? Yes! i do agree. I should focus more on practicing rather than gathering information. Once I’m independent and living alone I’ll definitely be able to do more than what I currently doing.

its bullshit imo, all of it lol


This. Your questions demonstrate a lack of ability in detecting what you should just let flow in one ear and out the other as not worth the time to think about at allllll.

Eh. I practiced for a bit with having to hide things and still do to an extent when my kids are here so. I Mean don’t let other people effect you too hard.


So you’re saying I’m thinking too deeply about what you’re saying and that I should just it flow in and out of one ear? I apologize if I come off as extremely stupid and my questions are stupid as well …

They just come off as Naive. Otherwise yes you’re over thinking it. More doing, less thinking- you’ll be able to form better opinions if you practice some/ try it a bit- then rethink this stuff. Or read different authors, or something, some of them do a great job of explaining how non magical the magical truly can be…


So … no one thinks I’m stupid?

Idk. I’m one person and can only speak for myself. There’s thousands of forum members and thousands that read these threads everyday without a membership at all. Its honestly almost creepy if you think about it, there could be dozens of lurkers following you and making decisions about your practice and intelligence or deciding you’re just a fan fic read.

Lol I wouldn’t think to hard on it either way. They don’t need to affect your day, even if someone thinks your stupid. That’s life, sometimes people don’t like you and the best thing you can do is accept it and get on with what matters to you :slight_smile:

Especially with most internet peeps. If you’re never going to actually know them, then what they have to say really doesn’t matter two tiddly dinks, other than to let you’re mind be bothered by something truly non factor- without reason.


well…there goes my sleep


How fun. As above so below.

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Lol for real. There is some very dangerous information on this forum.



You heard this from tiktok I’m pretty sure as this is what’s currently flowing around on there.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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The information on this forum I wouldn’t call dangerous, edgy yes but not dangerous. Most of what you see when you’re not logged in is various talk about demons and various talk about how to get your ex back, none of which are dangerous.

Don’t forget the demon sex stories though.


Yea I did! :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

When it comes from tiktok my advise is throw it away, unless the tiktoker is actually giving sources and other such things, I know there are japanese people on there giving information on various japanese spirits, indigieous people giving information on various indigenous spirits and so forth. Those are exceptions, but the whole jehovah imprisoned by angels clearly makes no sense and should of been ignored from the getgo.

I mean sure it’s quite possible for a Deity to be imprisoned (i.e the titans and Tartarus is a prime example) but this on tiktok is far fetched.

They said he was imprisoned because a lot of people have lost connection and communication with him. He isn’t answering anyone’s prayers.