Is Saturn the Demiurge?

This image is taken from the book Fire and Ice by Stephen Flowers.

The book delves into the workings of a German Saturnian order in the early to mid 20th century.

In their work, they describe Saturn as the Demiurge.
Seeing that the planet/god has long been associated with Death, I can see how it would be equated with the force that keeps souls “trapped” in the material realm. It could be something completely different.

Any thoughts?

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It’s come up before but didn’t attract much interest, but it seems linked with the black cube thing and mecca as well.

And thisinteresting take that Saturn is A demiurge, not “the” demiurge implying there can be more than one

Personally, I think jehova is the “demiurge”, which is an egregoric, human invented, mental gymnastics thing and not entirely “real”, and jehova is not Saturn. Saturn is a planet. Jehova was an alien. But that’s me.

I rather like this comment


If my memory serves right, I thought you considered Jehova to be a man that ruled over his people. Is it something you go back and fourth on?

I probably said a “person”, (or maybe “dude”> :thinking: ) I don’t think I meant to imply he was human, but I might not have wanted to go there at the time and been happy to let people assume I meant human, which they usually do. :slight_smile:

Ah, I do consider ETs, “demons”, “angels”, Djinni, Fae etc etc to be people.

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It would also depend on what that german order’s definition is of “demiurge”


saturn is quite an intriguing and bizarre god, he can be a completely evil being, demonic in the darkest sense or your greatest ally but everything you do in life has to be approved by him , every time you get a promotion, marriage, new job, a baby etc… saturn must approve it first. and then Jupiter blesses. What I can just say is nothing can escape him in this world.

He’s one of the Elohim in the Bible.

I believe Rufus Opus mentioned this in Seven Spheres

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Okay I see even though I don’t know him

Its a pretty easy book to get ahold of. I think you’d like it. Its all about planetary work.

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