Who is the Demiurge? YHVH or Satan?

What are the dynamics between The Demiurge, YHVH, Satan, Jesus, Lucifer, Abraxas and who is who inside this fucking no-sense circle of power. This presses me because I doubt that praying and invoking YHVH is like praying to a false god… Same thing for Satan/Baphomet. That it turns to be Abraxas. That it turns to be IAO. That it turns to resemble YHVH? And they are all portrayed by differnet and conflicting cultures as The Demiurge. Claiming that God is the Monad does not resolve the problem and it doesn’t clarify the connection between each of these Gods, our Human Mind, our Spirit, and the World of matter we live in. I’m quite stressed that I can’t find out some gnosis outta here. So maybe you could help. Thank you.

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Well, the universe doesn’t need a demiurge. All this spirits we talk about may be just subproducts of the universe’s existence, as everything else is. That works for me.

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Pray to whatever you want, and enflame thyself with prayer.

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I don’t believe either of them are, because the way I see it Yahweh is part of a race of Gods/Deities, and Satan isn’t a God but a title given to whomever by whoever, many people in mythology were given that title, and the way I view it in the Infernal nation sense, that it’s a title given to someone under Lucifer, The infernal King. So not a single entity.

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Demiurge - the creator of man and the material universe (YHVH, Ahura Mazda,Marduk, Allah …)

This is strange… the demiurge has been on my mind a lot these past few days. Do you work closely with Lucifer?

UPG ahead, YMMV:

The Demiurge is not exactly a single being. Though it has been given many names. Some claim it is Jehovah, less so state Lucifer. It all depends on your personal paradigm. From my standpoint, we are the Archons. Our very natures are the archonic influence. The worst of our parts that keeps us from ascent and the majority of the population in a spiritual sleep. That part of us, of them. We are the Archons.

The Demiurge can be seen as two different beings. One of them the collective conciousness of our Archonic influence, in beings like Yaldobaoth. The other being the collective of our higher selves, as represented by beings such as Melek Taus.


You, as the co-creator of your entire reality believing it, are ultimately the source of its relevance to your life.

Millions of people lived and died, did magick, talked to their gods and their ancestors, honoured the land, and travelled in astral realms without the overflow of a tiny desert tribal cult (including reactions against and theories about that same cult) getting them all in a lather.

Free yourself, the universe is full of powerful beings completely outside of that tight clique of action/reaction to monotheism, and its origins in tribal warfare and genocide.


Whenever I see someone talk about the demiurge, it just makes me think of that “the nobody” nonsense.