Who is the Black Sun The Evil One!

I have been reading and studiing this alot the world is ruled to an extent by the black sun
although I love the normal Sun this Sun is Actualy the Demiurge although I believe the angels are of Helios and not the Black Sun because his animals are Hidious and Unclean
while the Black sun rules Darkness evil and Demonic forces people in past cultures gave it offering because to ward of its evil from them this Entity known today as SATURN is the evil which is on earth in the picatrix it tells us that it is evil his symbol is the black cube Allah is Saturn while the God El which is the compasionat one I believe is Helios

In my study this is also based on a translation. in India Saturn is the Son of Helios and Helios hated him and shew him away for being a Son of Darkness.

Both of these Gods are really strong although Saturn is in Chains overthrown by Jupiter and Helios and the other New Gods. Saturn is believed to be their father more ancient and old.

The other Evil Planet is Mars althout Saturn is More powerfull never mix their spirits!
The Planets Fear Saturn as it is powerfull and can disrupt them so he is also known as the king of the planets because of his power and can userp them. His offerings are bats dead rats unclean stuff prostate and similar things black stones. He is the Evil One Lord of Darkness and Chaos!

I recommend reading The Cult of the Black Cube!!!
Finaly I Gathered this knowlege afther a year :slight_smile:

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