Is it fundamental to get into a trance?

Is it fundamental to get in a trance? I’m not capable right now.

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I would say that it is. A trance is nothing special, just quiet your mind for a while. If you can’t do that then yeah I think your main focus should be on helping yourself first before anything else like servitor-making.


What does it feel like to be in trance?
Should i not feel my body anymore?
Or just relaxed?

Look it up and do some research, they’re fairly basic.

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Trance is like an altered state of consciousness similar to hypnosis.

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Read this

You haven’t said what it’s for. That’s important. Otherwise, it’s the equivalent to saying whether to go left or right, without saying where you are.

Yes and no.It depends what you’re trying to do and what technque you’re using. Some techniques, like using petitions don’t need trance.

The purpose of trance is for you to be able to receive information from the entities or your subconscious using your clairsenses. Otherwise you’re kind of having a one way conversation not sure if the entity can hear you.

If your senses are so open you can get that without trance then no you don’t need trance.

For creating servitors you need to be in a quiet space and able to focus your imagination for a while. This is already a light trance state. You’re in a light trance just watching movies or playing on your phone, so this is not a big deal and mostly anyone can do it.