Is Beelzebub a good entity to start with on my magickal journey?

now i’ve researched magick for over a year now and now have a good grasp for what i should do and how to practice it myself. i have some difficulties with every single aspect of magick though. i can somewhat feel energy but i’m not great at it, i can’t see anything spiritually, summon or speak to entities, and neither can i exit my body to do any journey work. i can’t use candles for various physical reasons. all i can really only use is a notebook, a pencil, darkness, and possibly some ritual music but even that could be difficult in my living situation. i’m definitely not in the correct environment to be practicing magick in. now, let me get back to the question at hand. i’ve always desired that extremely dark possibly extremely negative energies from the entities i desire to contact. beelzebub, as well as king paimon (who i know people claim is beginner friendly) and other entities to a somewhat lesser extent than the last two, have been popping up in my mind for a while now. i’ve heard that many people say they fear beelzebub or that he’s extremely intense but i feel a great pull to work with him. i just want to ask what is the best way to connect with myself as well as the entities and if i should consider working with beelzebub first

I think you already answered your own question. :slight_smile: If you feel a pull, trust yourself and go with it. You can do anything you want to.

You might have expectations that are holding you back as well. Many many people don’t sense the entities, they come anyway and your magick will work.

Try earbuds for the music, and build a temple in the astral you can visit in meditation to visualise the ritual instead of physically doing it.
We have a few people here who can’t do rituals like that, and “go stealth” this way.

Here’s some posts about using astral temples:

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I can’t be sure on this because I haven’t worked much with others, so I don’t have much comparison, but some people say Lord Beelzebub has a father figure, His energy is very warm protective,polite and calm.

What I feel while working with Him is I feel lust all the time and I feel He is a bit possessive, like “I am all you need”, and He is rather picky in terms of offerings, I don’t regret working with Him, because He works instantly in a matter of days, I’m grateful that I got to know Him.


Exactly, It’s when He didn’t agree for me to have a relationship with Duke Bune, “I am all you need” and when He granted one of my financial-related petitions He said “told you”, but He agreed when I later got in touch and worked with Rashoon.

Like He’s trying to make me quit smoking and using credit card at all costs :sweat_smile:

He’s awesome all around.

Hail Lord Beelzebub.

Beelzebub above Beelzebub below.

This is so true.


I’m working on a book on Baal (the original version of Beelzebub’s name before Abrahamic religion got a hold of it). Start with him, he’s incredibly powerful & incredibly benevolent toward his friends. This is not the spirit that’s going to loose it on you if you make a mistake, he’s calculating & patient. He’s the god of storms so if you think about how those get going it takes a while for the perfect conditions to line up but when they do there’s no missing the result. He’s the same, he’ll just calmly wait & line the dominos up until things are just so & it’s time. Beelzebub loves living things, he wants to see them thrive & he’ll do whatever it takes logistically to help that happen.

How u know that?