Introduction + Succubus

What traits to you look for when you are choosing a succubus partner?

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My name is Carlos I’m USA Indiana im new to magik and open to it all for now. Just been thinking about getting a succubus you know learning from one the best. Don’t know too much about magik but what I do know is that its very real. Ready to really get into it and learn and adapt to it as much as possible.

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Welcome to the forum.

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Thanks so much:)

I’d say contact Lilith and ask her to match you with a lover who corresponds to you.

Welcome to the forum Carlos :blush:

Thank you

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Okay thank you for the advice

Mystic Void how I tried on my own and was unsuccessful. Im still really new to all this so if you could please help me then I would be very grateful.

You could write a petition to her if you still are inexperienced and can’t contact her via evocation. I have some threads about petitions that might be helpful to you.