How do you know if your petition was accepted?

I wrote a petition to Belial, Sallos, Dantalion, Sitri, Rosier, and Ladilok, put their sigil on each petition, and smeared my blood all over their sigils as a blood offering. How do I find out if they accepted my petition? I have never had a successful evocation after almost a year of doing this so asking them directly isn’t something I can do. How can I find out if my petition was accepted? If you have an open link with any of them can you ask them?

Why is that?

You 've asked why to write here after petition is not good idea. Right? The answer is very simple. You shouldn’t talk in public about your rites and practices before get any effect or before you can see that there will be no effect at all. I don’t want to explain why this rule exists but it is one of the requirements to get a result.

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So are all my petition spells ruined?

Alright thanks

No, you don’t.

Many people here give thanks to spirits on this public forum, because it allows their names to be recognized and leads to more people working with them, which increases their power. You do NOT need to give “gifts and sacrifices.”


Probably you are right for this part. I don’t want to argue with you. My opinion about this is based on personal experience also.

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No problems, man. i just thought I should mention that the experience of many on this forum differs greatly from what you were telling the OP. Many of us, myself included, have actually had spirits request that we give them public thanks on this forum, and I personally do not give offerings or “gifts” to spirits, yet my magick works fine.

It’s always good to have different points of view :slight_smile: