Introduction of Magick - A collection of videos about the basics of different subjects on magick(to newbies in many areas)

Hey there,
So I was thinking and decided to make this topic/tread with a collection of introductory videos on the basic subjects of magik. To help newbies and anyone who is interested in start learning some new subject and is not sure on how to start. Those videos maybe will work as a head start. They certainly did to me :slight_smile:

Open Your 3rd eye and Develop your Senses/ Chakras working

Basic on Evocation and Invocation

Divination - Tarot, Runes, Pendulum and Tea leaves

Astral Projection

Basic on/What is it:

Chaos Magick


Natural magick/shamanism


Simple Basic Spells

I hope this be helpful. Feel free to share on the comments any video you like that helped you, on any magical subject. :slight_smile:


For those interested in removing fluoride from your system and detoxify your pineal gland aka 3rd eye.

Awesome stuff! Cool

There are also the Youtube channel of @Xag_darklight or @C.Kendall

@Lady_Eva what about you, a YouTube channel???


The first video, I can’t describe it, but my most felt tingles with each beat of the music. Maybe cause I was on my way to sleep. It sounded very relaxing to me

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Awesome that you created this thread great to get back at if you are getting back to a system you used earlier or are new to it.
Thanks for sharing :pray:t4:

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The tingles usually means that is your 3rd eye been open or maybe your astral senses been clarify. :slight_smile:



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great collection

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Thanks I will try that

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