Hi i’m jaddle

Hi, i’m fairly new to this community, i have been researching evocation while practice soft magic for years, i think i am finally ready to do this. I’m not very educated and would love as many tips and tricks as i can get, also Does anyone have any good recommendations for their first spirit? I was thinking Seere or Belial but i really have no idea… thanks!


What is “soft” magick? I’ve never heard that term before.

How long is “years?”

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@DarkestKnight the author might means small spell, at least that’s what i understood.

@jaddle well, i was searching on different topics but i stumbled upon this thread that had the main topics a newbie will need to start their path.

Good luck, and may Lucifer bless you


ahh i knew i would use inappropriate terms, for me that meant, growing up my nana told me stories of her evoking, and told me we were clairvoyant, things of that nature, So lightly dabbling in spells and casting, lots of readings etc. when she passed away in 2013 i have felt several callings, and felt as though i needed a proper guide on this path

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Thank you for elucidating more :slight_smile:

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thank you for this, i would love to have a chat once my pm abilities are available!

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ofc. anytime and anything as long as i have the ability to do so.