Introduction as well as Sigil requests

Hello. There are many reasons why I am looking forward to being apart of this forum in a more direct way than just reading and browsing for beneficial or interesting posts. I am here to learn, grow, and communicate with others who are like minded individuals on their path to ascent. I have had a interesting bit of experiences with the occult and the different effects it has on life in spiritual and mundane ways. I have dabbled in many paths but thanks to Lucifer I have found myself and consciously opened ways to everything I have always wanted. Whether it be gaining power that will stay with me forever, or something as mundane but necessary as making money in a way that is happy for me… I feel I owe him greatly for showing me the way to personal empowerment in pretty much all aspects of my life. I have a keen interest in basic vampirism, and different sorts of black magick (preferably ones that rely purely on personal power and not ritual tools) which might be discussed later. But now I realize it is alchemy and the path of smoke that is most important to me and has always been apart of my life in many ways I have not realized until now. I have tried to dedicate myself to working with certain Left hand paths for the seemingly short time I have been “consciously” into the occult. However none resonated with me nearly as much as the Path of smoke within the Black magick of Ahriman book.I feel this path down to my core on levels that even though weren’t obvious at the time have always been apart of my life. Everything I have done, every feeling of emotion, every thought, and pretty much any interaction I have had with people have been a lesson for my betterment in one way or another before I even heard of the path. I feel the forces of infernal power in the book have been guiding my life and the direction it is heading to from the start. From every meditation I have done, to my life being torn apart and experiencing hard trials to the point where blurry un vivid dreams felt more real than my waking reality because my mind was shattered several times to get the weaknesses out of my core and transmute my personality and thought processes to a point where I am adaptable to almost every situation I find myself in (this was my personal path I agreed to before incarnating here) I feel this is accurate because while I can not directly perceive the spiritual world as clearly as I would like at this time, the mundane world hasn’t shocked or surprised me very much at all anymore because of this ability to grasp and adapt to the situation. Ive seen the worst side of life and now when someone tells me a story that stirs massive amounts of emotion in others I typically shrug it off as something that “just happens sometimes”. I am thankful for these lessons I have been granted and the continual development of personal strength that happens pretty much every day in my life. But Enough of that for now, on to the beginning of the requests. I enjoy symbolism very much, And the Void… the idea of what the Void is so interesting to me and draws me in whenever I think about it or hear about it in whatever way it comes up. Which brings me to a my first request to the people of this forum who can perceive and receive spiritual images better than I can at this time. I would like it a lot if someone (preferably who has worked with BmoA or the Void and Daevas) could channel symbols that represent the Void and a symbol that represents the Div Aeshma. I know a symbol or sigil of the Void pretty much could be anything that is nothingness or everything. but I’m looking a for a more direct visually pleasing image that represents the realm of the Void as I want to do some decorating now that I have a place I finally perceive as a steady home that is my own. Also about the sigil of Aeshma. Why I want this is because he was the first Daeva I have contacted through the book and he has helped me in many ways I am forever grateful for. Not needing to mention his power is respectable in ways that wouldn’t do it justice to try describing with simple words lol. I could and probably eventually will use the one in the book as well but I want to see what other sigils are out there for him. As it would make sense there are many more. Thank you for reading this if you haven’t just skimmed it over. I’m not sure if I will be posting very often but I feel I will soon be in contact with my fellow travellers on the path of smoke… as it seems I always have been. Looking forward to meeting like minded people and see you again soon.

I don’t think you’ll find much symbolism on the void here as often it gets confused with the abyss/kur/etc.

Some time ago I had made some sigils and linked them to the void/charged them with elemental void energy and had my friends from different states and countries tag areas with them, I wanted to make them “official” symbols for the void for reasons. Then I introduced them to voidlings during my etheric projection expeditions.

Interesting, Do you still have any of your personally made and charged sigils that you wouldn’t mind sharing? If not then creating one is a very good idea. Thanks a bunch.

Thanks for making an introduction thread.
Please tell us a bit more about yourself and any experience you may have in magick.

Where do you hail from?
Do you have any experience at all in magick?
If so, what have you practiced and how long have you practiced it?
If not, what areas of magick are you most interested in learning?

This is important information to include in a proper introduction.

To get you started, check out the basics here:

One moment I’ll dm them

Welcome, but please use paragraphs for the sake of the rest of us…

Ya I kind of noticed that after I already made the post. Thanks for reminding me for next time.

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No worries. I appreciate it.