Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum

Welcome @Literally_Just

Where are you from?

What, exactly, do you practice, and how long have you practiced?

Do you have experience in any specific systems or traditions?

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I’m from California but I don’t live there anymore.

I initated into the qliphoth when I was 15.

I am closest to the Infernal pantheon, not all of them though.

Egyptian pantheon and Angelic pantheon being a close second and third.

I am experienced enough with deitywork at this point that I’m confident that I can do it without a mentor, but I am not experienced enough to think that I could be a good teacher.

I’ve been practicing various kinds of basic magick and energywork for my entire life, but didn’t start directly interacting with spirits until 4 years ago.

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maybe I wasn’t specific enough.

by “spiritwork” and “magickal alliances” i mean pacts with non-incarnate intelligences.


Welcome @anon41877622

Where are you from?

How long have you practiced?

Any experience in systems of traditions oudiside of chaos magick or demonolatry?

Hello to All,

My name is Jay. I’m interested in learning more about how to communicate with the spirit world. I have a half dozen books (S. Connolly, Gordon Winterfield, Theodore Rose, and others). Been studying for about six months. I come to this forum as a lifelong Christian. However, I have always believed there were more spirits than just J.C. Would like to learn how to communicate with angels and demons. I think there are many things they can teach you and help you with. Interested in learning what methods of communication have worked for others.

Welcome @Jay641

Where are you from?

Do you have any practical experience in magick?

There is plenty of Christian magick practiced, so don’t think being a Christian prevents you from spiritual contact.

From Iowa.
Although not related to spirit communication, I’ve had some success with scripting that I learned from Youtube videos (Law of Attraction videos),…If that counts as magick.

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Hi! It’s Didem, I’m from Turkey and I am a 2d Game Artist. I would like to search & learn the things all about these. I do not think that i was part of the magic & rituals but I would like to learn more and read the proper facts. This mystical knowledge attracts me. I hope it will be help to light the candle for my questions. Thanks in advance.

Hello everyone,
I’m Junko, I used to be a die-hard atheist because the more I read about different religions, the more I pushed myself away from religion and spirituality in general. Aside from religion, I was heavily repulsed by the idea of any spirituality. and was heavily judgemental towards it and tried to deny the heavy callings that were made to me. I am quite inexperienced about basically everything, but I do have some knowledge about some entities due to my previous research on religions and worldwide mythology and I am currently interested in and open to anything, but I mostly prefer to learn about magick. I hope to mature and grow instead of shutting everything out.

Hi! It’s Didem, I’m from Turkey and I am a 2d Game Artist. I would like to search & learn the things all about these. I do not think that i was part of the magic & rituals but I would like to learn more and read the proper facts. This mystical knowledge attracts me. I hope it will be help to light the candle for my questions. Thanks in advance.


Hello luna

Hello my name is Kelvin,I am new to magick

The rest of @A.M.A’s intro:

The fact that Asmodeus led me also here. Maybe it was guided to meet each other and it’s a pleasure chatting with you always, I love you abd you are a big sister to me :heart::heart::heart::yum: I wish one day to meet you from close up!

Hi, I’m Venefica, Ven for short. It seems I introduced myself in the wrong spot, so trying this again.
I’m a life long practioner of the occult, as was my mother (hence forth to be known as ole momma dukes) and relatives before that. We can trace our family name back to the Tuetons, which means I come from a long line of beautiful bumbling, wonderfully wacky, seductively silly witches who more than likely, if anything like yours truly, sampled their own potions and tasted every new batch of psilocybin.(hence forth to be called…what was I saying?)
This particular witch hangs her hat in beautiful downtown southern New Jersey, is a retired engineer, is transfemme and makes one hell of a ‘skettie’ gravy.(you can take the witch out of the kitchen but you can’t…)
I’d like to expand my knowledge in as many things as possible here, maybe hopefully make a few cool friends, and ofcourse, conquer the planet Mars.
If, I can conquer my biggest hurdle, which is my mouth and what spillith from it. I never really cared what ppl thought, still don’t for the most part, I always just said what I wanted. But during this transformation it’s more difficult then it was. Being pre judged is a bitch.(though people are much more accepting then even 5yrs ago).
Other than that, I gots plenty of wacky tales, all atleast 90% true, and am full of bad advice if ever you need any.
See ya round the pentagram!

Greetings from the Philippines.

I’m Jun. I practice basic Philippine Esoteric Magic and a few Left Hand Path based spells and rituals with relative success. I hope I can be a much better spellcaster with constant practice and with the advice and guidance of the successful ones and experts in this forum.

Currently, I am very much comfortable with the Goetia Demons especially with Andromalius who has been my patron and has shown himself to me in a dream, and of course to the great Luficer of whom has come to my aid in many of my darkest moments.

I am very much open to learn other disciplines especially if it is related to love magic and baneful magic.

That’s it I guess for now. Hope to get to make friends here. Keep safe.

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Hello everyone, I’m 26 years old and I live in France.

So I’ve been a Christian since I was born, all my family have always been Christians too, it’s been 2 or 3 years since I’ve been interested in goetia, I don’t know why, but it fascinates me. So at first (without being offensive) I thought like all Christians (demons are evil) but since I found this forum, I started to change my mind about demons based on several experiences/opinions of users here.

I’ve never practiced magic, never had (yet) any paranormal or other experience (no sense? no idea), except maybe for years I see a lot of mirror hours (but by period) that is to say that I can see a lot of it for at least 1 to 2 weeks after nothing and then it starts again (like 1 year later, 6 months later etc …), also since I read this forum I started seeing them again, not as frequently as before but I do see them.

We’ve always been going to say I’m someone who doesn’t trust myself, afraid of other people’s eyes what they think of me, yet without wanting to be pretentious or otherwise, I don’t have any complexes but just none self-confidence, which means that most of the time, I get stressed when I have to go out, whether it’s (alone or with my girlfriend), always for fear of what people think of me. When I apply for a job and they call me for an interview I stress, not for the interview but the fact of working I always ask myself questions (and if I’m not up to it? and if?) in short. All this problem of lack of confidence is ruining my life, I have already tried to work on myself to solve this problem but nothing worked, the only solution I had found was to drink which gave me + self-confidence, but the problem is that I could no longer do without it and suddenly it broke 2 of my ex relationships, + it rotted my health. So here I have the impression of being convinced that thanks to magic I could solve this problem, after I am a total beginner I do not know if it would be demon/angel or others could help me, in any case thanks to you I hope to have some good advice. Sorry for the pavement haha ​​and for the bad English.

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Hey, my names isaac and I’m practicing the LHP, I’ve
researched a couple daemons. But, I’m still a beginner and haven’t really evoked/invoked any daemon/entity(besides Bune). And my goals here are to learn more about the LHP, so I could know more so, when the time comes to communicate to different entities. Or, experiment in different types of magick I’ll be more prepared for it. Also, my current struggle is having the will to do my school work.