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heyheyhey, Im Saint from South Africa , i love crystals , astral projection, Evocation and all things that deal with Magick ohh like sigils wow love that type of Magick, well im also here to learn as much as i can , anything that i can learn to become more aware of my psychic abilities and connect with others on the same path, lovvvvvvveeee and light to all reading this, ill help where ever i can and listen and learn if anyone has anything to teach me

  1. my astral senses / psychic ablities
  2. i wanna master Evocation
  3. master astral projection / soul travel
    4.create friends
    5 teach what im allowed to
    and im donnnnnnnneeeeee.

ive done about 5 evocations still doing my best to see or hear the Gods
ive had over 5 astral projections
i always do sigil magick, my favorite on a full moon
done successful spells
ive finished E.A K… evocation course and currently on his soul travel course
been doing this for 4 years off and on only the last year ive made my heart up to keep on this path and to invest in it, so i can see and get results

Thank you for doing an introduction as requested @SaintLucid

Do you have any practical experience in magick? You haven’t told us what you actually practice, or how long you have practised it.

Do you have experience in any specific systems or traditions of magick?

updated my intro

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I am from Los Angeles County. I am 46 years old.

The amount of stuff I have seen in the last few months is too much of an information overload to have any idea which way I want to go.

The first book I got was “72 angels of magic”. and reason I bought the book was to answer the question “What in the world do angels have to do with magic?” seriously didnt have a clue.

I watched a Koeetting vid where he was talking about an ancient covenant between humans and spirits. I got one of those books to find out what that covenant was, but didnt find the answer in that book.

The first time in my life to ever hear of Kliffoth or tree of life was Oct 2020 a few days before I was checking out the forum.

I purchased a book called Necromomicon more than 10 years ago. Completely worthless book. Nothing about actually doing any kind of work was in that book. Recently seeing people talking about how much they liked Necronomicon, I bought the book again. It has the same name but the book I got back then is not the same book. The book I just got has sigils and squares, gates, and 50 spirits to contact. That other book didnt have any sigils or even talked at all about contacting spirits.

So what do I want to learn? I think its too soon to pick something. Since Aug I have learned of the existence of so many forms of magic that I never heard of before in my life time. I have to do a google search when I am reading balg posts just to know what people are talking about.

I have done a few rituals from most of the books I have gotten. No results from any of them yet. The only thing that I can say is keeping it consistent. I havent called the same spirit to do two different things at the same time except for one. The rituals are strange, but easy to follow along if I write them down. but I dont feel the energy any more than if I was reading a novel outloud. Or maybe I should say I feel the energy of the ritual as about the same level of energy as praying to Iaoe, which is none.

I have figured out that I have a strong aversion to blood magic. I wouldn’t give blood to Belial or “the Boy” if they begged me. No surprise there. The smell of blood gets me upset stomache. same with the taste of meat that hasnt been cooked long enough to get rid of the blood.

Mixed feelings about necromancy. get to think about that. Just went to the cemetary for my mom’s first anniversary. Surrounded by thousands of people and nothing but silence. Big wall between me and them having a conversation.

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That’s quite the background. Just remember, if you don’t connect with anything or don’t feel comfortable doing it, that’s fine! There’s so many systems and cultures you can practice in, finding the right one takes time. If you’re interested in learning about incorporating angels into magick, looking back to the classics of Jewish Mysticism is a really good bet. Just be careful with stuff like Kabballah since it was initiation based back in the day.


Hey man hope all is well with you and your fam. Its jizz. Umm I know this isn’t really your subject and I would have messaged you but I didn’t un lock that yet on this profile. But its krazy the other night or really morning I woke up with a spark to my heart from my Thor’s Hammer and I have no clue what it ment or I didn’t even know that could really happen but it did. I like I brushed it off for a day. And now I’m watching The Last Kingdom so like I just thought about it and you are always the first person that comes to mind other then Velonos or Miss Queen Eva. But you always send me in the right direction. Ty Very Much, Much Obliged. Gray Warlock Jizz

Hey People,

I’m Erik. I’m a couch hermeticist. I guess my main goal is to beat inertia and finally get some work done.

Cheers to all.

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Welcome @Filavandrell93

Where are you from?

Does this mean you have never practiced? How long have you studies Heremtics?

What brings you to BALG? Is there something specific you are looking to learn?

Hey @DarkestKnight, I like some of your posts :slight_smile:
I’m from Bhaile Atha Cliath on the Forsaken Island.
I used to practice quite successfully for a bit, but I’ve been drifting away from my… donno… True Will? True Nature? And this caused a lot of Inertia. I’ve been practicing for over a decade but the last few years have been the most dispersed. I guess I’m looking to get my sh*t together :slight_smile:

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Good Day, My name is Rudra. I have been practicing black magick for 2 years. Mostly working on baneful, planetary workings, Qliphoth, and also goetia. My patron demon is King Amaymon. Current struggle will be astral travelling and evoking. Hope to get more insights and guidance. Peace :black_heart:

Hi everyone, it’s me again. I deleted my previous intro because it was not complete. Well, here we go: I am sanaRo, I don’t have a preference for any kind of magic yet. Although my failures are far more than my few successes, I truly believe in the power of magic. I would like to be able to communicate with spirits, I am just a beginner and I know the road to learning is still long, but I can achieve it with the help of the older brothers and more experienced members of the community. Later on, I may also be able to assist the newcomers. I’m from South America but don’t think we’re all third-worlders around here. :grinning:

Hello All,

I am going by the name Void Angel for this part of my journey. I have recently devoted myself to study and practice Black Magick in a more active manner. I have been practicing the Occult for 15 years, I am initiated Gardnerian (2 degree) and have been a member of other orders.

I am a priest of Babalon and work her Mysteries. I am interested in learning modern day demonology and necromancy to round out my knowledge and experience.

I am curious what suggests people would have for the order of E.A Keotting’s books I should read. I started with Real Magick Real Results.

Welcome @VoidAngel

Besides Garndnerian witchcraft, what other systems or traditions have you practiced?

Golden Dawn, OBOD (U.K Druidry), traditional witchcraft.

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