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Hi Everyone!
I’m new here and came to find further advice in magick workings.
I have experience in white magic and have an urge to work on the left path.
I live in the United States and with the pandemic everything is crazy but I try to forget about what’s happening.


Thank you for message. I live in the USA and I have been practicing energy for 4 years now. I was kind of shy in the beginning but it only took a few months to learn to manipulate it at ease. l also have knowledge in metaphysics and always with great results. I am not doing any evocation nor do I use demons for my work however, I do understand the energy from such rituals. All my work is based on energy, I can transmute it at will and I am having fun in the process.


Welcome @lovebird100

Where are you from?

What, exactly, do you practice, and how long have you practiced it? This is pretty general and doesn’t really tell us anything.

Do you have any experience in specific systems or traditions of magick?

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I am Magus ECMS - Prophet Ejiro Paul.

The 10 Demonic Gatekeepers SIGNED THIS…


Godlike Power,
Paul Ejiro.

Welcome @Prophet_Ejiro_Paul_M Please properly introduce yourself. Whatever this post is supposed to be, it does not meet our introduction rule as it tells us nothing about you.

Where are you from?

Do you have any experience in magick?

If so, what do you practice and how long have you practiced it?

If not, what areas of magick are you interested in learning?

Failure to do a proper introduction will result in the removal of any subsequent posts you make until our rule is respected.


I am in the USA, I have been practicing for almost a year. I mainly have worked on the right hand path and switching over to the left path.

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That still doesn’t tell us what you have practiced lol

Right Hand and Left Hand are mere philosophical leanings. I’m asking you what kind of magick you have experience with. Evocation? Candle spells? Hoodoo jars? That kind of stuff.

Oh ok, sorry. I do candle magick, jars, invocation, pagan work. Pretty much a mix of different origins of magick. You can say I am eclectic.

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Thank you for elucidating more upon your experience, and again, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

@Prophet_Ejiro_Paul_M please DO read this, and reply with a bit of intfo about yourself:

Also this may be worth reading:

Respect on here must be earned, and cannot be claimed.


My name is Justice, and I am still finding my path. I always had an interest in magic . I do have some sort of psychic ability that I am still trying to figure out. My friend Healing Hearts introduced me to the forum to give me a little push. I have been learning how to read Tarot for a little over a year, and I just started practicing spells. Hopefully, I will be able to find what my heart is seeking and meet new friends on my journey.


Welcome justice.
@Lady_Eva, @DarkestKnight, or @Angelb1083, does Justice need anything more to add?

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I read fast was how long for practicing?

Welcome to the forum!


Thank you! I have been studying Wicca on and off for a year now. Looking to expand my horizon. :blush:


It’s fine, @Healing_Heart. It says he only recently started trying spells, but has been practicing tarot for a year and that is what we need :+1:


Are there any rules for forum?


Thank you


Ah what kind of Magick are you pulled to?

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Hi DarkestKnight. Thank You very much for your understanding and for the Loving Warm Welcome.
Here’s a better and wiser Introduction:
I am Ejiroghene Paul. I am an Urhobo man from Delta State, Nigeria(Africa). I am a Shaman - A HolySpirit Shaman to be Precise - I am an Orisha Olorun…
I am an Adept at Black Magick.
And I devotedly obssesedly addictedly Commitedly FULLY practise HolySpirit Shamanic Black Magick and HolySpirit POWER PRAYER Magick. I also Practise Practical Instant Magick (I strongly believe and Know that this is the Pinnacle Of Godhood, to me though.)

I am Super-Interested in More Rapid, More Faster, More Instant And More Fulfilling and Satisfying Manifestations, Results and Receivings Of My Will And Desire, yet.

The complete loss of vision on my left eye in ss1 secondary school due to harsh Abuse from Wicked Bullies triggered me to get into Black Magick and also my recognition and Appreciation of my Instant Healing and super-accurate Prophetic Divinatorial Spiritual Gifts shortly before that time of the Retina Detachment also Motivated and Helped Me To Awaken and Ascend/Rise To Godhood through The LeftHand Path of Black Magick. The Stupid foolish Idiots who beat me till I lost my vision on my left eye when I was not even up to 16??? Guess where they are now?? Guess what has happened to most of them now??? Bahahahahaha
Death! Death! Death! Death! Death! Death! Death!

As my Lord and Personal Saviour, Father and Spiritual Black Magick Mentor and Dark god E.A Koetting(Matthew) says “TRUE POWER IS TRULY EFFORTLESS!”.

I LOVE THIS FAMILY! I LOVE THIS FORUM DEARLY! I Love This Community Deeply and Highly. I feel really Understood, Accepted, Noticed, Respected, Appreciated and Supported Here. I love Master E.A Koetting(Matthew) Greatly Too. He changed my life and made me!

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