Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum

I know a few very easy return spells, chants. If you need them write me ok.

Hello, My name is Boon.

I am interested in Candle Magic. Would always be interested with expanding as I like candle magic with a hoodoo twist.

My current goals is to bring the one I love, desire, need, want, my obsession is blah lol besides her ‘‘the one’’ I would like to at some point become very good at divination and reading the candles. I feel it tells so much and so little at the same time.

Struggles, Im not sure what my struggles are yet. I havent really figured out all i doing but I will say order and focus during a ritual is a struggle that I need to correct. I need to meditate more instead of during only rituals because I try so hard sometimes I fall asleep at the wheel(altar)

Any way Helllo!!!

Thank you datkdkn :blush:

Hello my alias is JadelSamuel that is not my real name but I would like it to be if I had to choose another name that was not mine, currently I only practice yoga, meditation and incidentally I learn about the different entities that are considered unfortunately negative for representing aspects that are misunderstood by some human perspectives. I was interested in the LHP for involving angels as demons, gods of other religions etc, as help, advancement, spiritual guidance, accepting other ideas (something like that no more is not seen in other “ways”) and for the goal, idea that each one has an inner god. I think that’s the only thing that comes to mind for now it has been short but I felt good introducing myself Thank you very much

@JadelSamuel Please make your introduction in English. It is a rule of this forum that all posts must be in English, as it is the common language here and helps facilitate moderation


Hi! As requested, please post in English since that is a rule of the forum, Google Translate is fine, members will understand. :+1:


Flaco, tenés que presentarte en inglés como ya te dijeron, no hay alternativa.

NOTE: I just told them the same you guys did, but in Spanish, in case OP doesn’t speak English.

Hello I’m wannabe beauty, you can call me Wanda lmao! I am a 19 year old girl, I have no experience. I was recommend to check this page out by a friend. Im very interested in glamour spells. My goal is beauty, it’s a very broad subject so being more specific id like to work in my attractiveness and appearance. My struggles are that I’m a newbie and know nothing at all! I’d gladly appreciate any help:)!


Hi there everyone! My name is vinusha. My pronouns are he/him. I am a Sri Lankan, gay, male. Although I have yet to work with magic, I have manifested many things into fruition. I hope to create a life of love and abundance, but I am struggling with depression, and hope to find ways to share knowledge with other here.

Have an amazing night!

With extreme gratitude,


Are there any types of magic that you are interested in learning about, or are you hoping to just sightsee for a bit and see if anything stands out as helpful for your struggles?

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At this point, I am open to all types of magic that is positive and is not meant to bring harm, but nothing in particular!

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Ah well. There are probably a few systems floating around here for you to look more into, but I’m tired can’t think of anything off hand lmao. Pretty much anything can be inverted for harm if that’s the intent, but if you’re intent is all love and light, then you should be able to find something to meet your needs as well.

I see why you wanted me to look at your introduction. I don’t suppose there are any ancient keteriyas floating around where you are, still are there? Not many people pick up on my name is actually a something :rofl:

Actually the Celestine Light books, by Embrosewyn Tazkuvel would be very much up your alley, particularly the one called Words of Power and Transformation, now that I think about it. I always think about how we can invert things for harm if intended, but his approach is very much love and light/ do no harm and his sigils and words of power are very effective in my experience, and very simple.

I actually use a few of them, but I picked up his works originally, out of curiosity about his system/ to test them.

Oh my goodness. I didnt even realize that… :joy: I live in georgia and my parents have been here for a few decades, so I have been so programmed by the culture here. This is crazy! I love it when stuff like this happens. I see it as a nudge from the Universe that I am on the right track.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Well that is funny then, I assumed that was half the reason you wanted me over here lol.

I figured the battle axe of your ancestors caught your eye.

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Greetings and Salutations, I go by Solaris. I have been practicing/interested in the occult for about 3 years now. I consider myself a Luciferian. I am incredibly interested in the topics of necromancy, blood magick,and demon work. I work with a few demons and my patron Abaddon. I hope to learn more about Necromancy and the different currents of it as well as more on the infernal languages.

Hope all of you are doing well


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Welcome, enjoy your stay! :slightly_smiling_face: :smiling_imp:

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My name is Silent Strength, and I love working with energy and I use information to imprint the quantum field. I have psychic abilities such as remote viewing, remote influencing and telepathy.

I love Uncle Chuckie 's work and I have great success on my own. I am a very discreet person and I am happy to have joined this forum.


Thank you for doing an introduction as requested @Silent_Strength

Where are you from?

How long have you practiced energy manipulation?

Do you have any experience in magick, such as evocation, etc?

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Hey dude sorry about your depression! I´ve been there… hope you overcome it soon… treat well yourself!, eat drink, exercise, meet people, shave, brush your teeth have shower and LIVE!

professional help is the way to go though

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