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Hello everyone, so glad to be here. It’s so nice to speak with other like minded individuals that are part of the occult.If I told any of my friends or family that I was into Magick hardcore, they would think I am crazy!!

I struggled with really getting my mind to “believe”, but now that I have been involved in the occult for 3-4 months now, my belief level has sky rocketed. I put all of my free time into studying the occult, watching videos, reading grimoires, etc.

I have successfully astral projected once (accidentally). After that experience, I immediately bought the astral projection mastery course. I have been attempting to get out of body everyday for a couple weeks now. I’m getting really close.

I am now at the point where I feel as if I’m really ready to just go head first, ALL IN!!
I’ve done an initiation rite in the woods, committing myself to the left hand path. I also burned a bible before hand… I’ve done a wealth rite with Suhn Tal Ock. So far those have been my only rituals/rites I’ve officially done.

I’m excited to get started on my dark ascent. I have very big aspirations and goals. Now I just have to decide what spirit I should start working with, which has been on my mind constantly lately. I can’t seem to make up my mind and just pull the trigger on my first pathworking.

I am open to any suggestions on who to start working with and what rituals/rites would be best to start out with. Thanks so much. Looking forward to connecting with you all!!

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Hi everyone, I’m Joe.
This is my first time introducing myself here. I’m a super intuitive person and I had out of the body experiences, as well as psychic sensibility since when I was a kid. I had the ability to predict something before happening, my mom has this ability as well and she was actually going to be a psychic but she ended up choosing another path.
I’m still a newbie here, my interest is self discovery, enlightenment and learn about energy bonds, past lifes, and other things in general.

Hello fellows magicians!
I can´t share my real name nor a photo of myself by now, but I talk a bit about myself:

Ever since I was naturally drawn by spirituality, I remember when I was a kid to perform magic, like ¨making¨ someone to come to the place where I was toying stones as if they were the person; preventing the teacher from reaching when I had not done the home work, while he checked all my collegues book; preventing an adult friend and neighbour from travelling, having his plane canceled for 3 consecutive days until I finally said ¨ok, you will tavell tomorrow¨ and many other small stuffs just out of joking… I get to study esoterism for some years, I just felt it was too slow paced, so I decided to quit but never quit the pratice of meditation and occultist enthusiastic… I got to know reddit´s forums about occultism/magick/whichcraft and after many months from there I was linked to BALG and have been learning alot here.

My goals are to improve my spiritual knowledge, astral projection, enhance my phsych abilities.
I am struggling to get in theta/gama state, perform self made sigil magic, etc but I am somehow very patient and persistent

Hi everyone I’m a new member here
I had a dream sometime ago. That wasn’t a simple dream that was lucid dream. I sign a convention becouse Loki told me to. I didn’t see his face but i know he was Loki. He call me for a job and he actually told me you are walking to the dark path. I am not sure it was a real dream or that was a delusion or something. Anyone can help me?

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Welcome @sinabazar Please tell us about yourself. This post doesn’t really qualify as an introduction.

Where are you from?

Do you have any experience in magick?

If so, what do you practice, and how long have you practiced?

If not, what areas of magick are you interested in learning?

This is important information to include for a proper introduction.

Hello folks! I wouldnt like to share my real name here so just call me RedStar, I’m from Portugal, i practiced just a few magick in my life, im very interested in learning evocation and soul travel. I had a fel astral projections and lucid dreams in my life and i think that getting out of your body is one of the most interesting things in spirituality.

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Sorry for that. I’m a beginner witch and since after that lucid dream i had a lot of sign around myself because of that I search and find this website. I just need help that’s all

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Hi all!
I’m darkdkn. I’m from Turkey. I never practiced magick. I’m an absolute beginner. Currently researching about lots of stuff and reading initiation into hermetics. I like the principles of left hand path. Hoping to be a great magician some day.

Hi and Blessed Be to all other members of the forum,
in this forum I call myself ‘ever living idun’. That already gives you a hint, that I mainly walk the old norse path of witchery. Just ‘Idun’ was too short as a user name, so I decided for ‘ever living idun’, because Idun is the maiden godess who makes the other godesses and gods not becoming older and living forever by help of her magick apples. I work especially withe the norse godesses Idun, Freya and Hel. I have been working with the runes since I became 16. And probably different to most others I use the old norse language for most of my rituals. Forthermore I work with the Great Mother Godess Lilith almost every day. I have been doing that for a couple of month now. I can communicate with Lilith, feel her and the most important aspect for me: She shares her wisdom with me. And it was also Lilith, who led me to this forum. I watched some short videos of Orlee Stewart about working with Lilith and so got to know the ‘Becoming a living God’ - forum. I am looking for exchange with other members, advice and maybe a mentor. I would not call myself an expert or master of witchery. I do not have much experience with demonesses/demons. Maybe because I do not call them so. Maybe a spirit who I call a godess is a demoness for others. I had a short contact to Mammon in a ritual last week. I saw another one some time ago and recieved some information. That spirit told me, that many demonesses/demons were godesses/gods in pre-jewish / pre- christian time. My intention is, even I will continue my ‘Old Norse Path of Witchery’, to get more falmilar with other spirits as well. I am here for learning more. Even if one knows a lot, there is still pretty much left to learn in wiitchery/magick. It is good to know to have people like Orlee, EA and so on here who can help and give advice.
Hail to Lilith and blessed be!

My name is Fabian I live in Australia I am 21 years old I was brought up Christian then I got into black magic when I was 15-16 and at 18 I became a Christian again because I didn’t want to go to hell because all the demons I worked with are mentioned in the bible then I became an atheist recently and feel called back to this path as I know it’s real.
I came here to seek advice because I don’t want to get killed for betrayal.

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To all new members, check out the search function (magnifying glass) in the top corner.
It has a large amount of information ready for you with just a quick search. More than likely any questions you all have are already asked and answered. Just give a quick search.

I would suggest that you try searching for the beginners tutorials. You’ll find everything you need to build your foundation you can build apon. I still frequent these tutorials and learn something new every day.



I know a few very easy return spells, chants. If you need them write me ok.

Hello, My name is Boon.

I am interested in Candle Magic. Would always be interested with expanding as I like candle magic with a hoodoo twist.

My current goals is to bring the one I love, desire, need, want, my obsession is blah lol besides her ‘‘the one’’ I would like to at some point become very good at divination and reading the candles. I feel it tells so much and so little at the same time.

Struggles, Im not sure what my struggles are yet. I havent really figured out all i doing but I will say order and focus during a ritual is a struggle that I need to correct. I need to meditate more instead of during only rituals because I try so hard sometimes I fall asleep at the wheel(altar)

Any way Helllo!!!

Thank you datkdkn :blush:

Hello my alias is JadelSamuel that is not my real name but I would like it to be if I had to choose another name that was not mine, currently I only practice yoga, meditation and incidentally I learn about the different entities that are considered unfortunately negative for representing aspects that are misunderstood by some human perspectives. I was interested in the LHP for involving angels as demons, gods of other religions etc, as help, advancement, spiritual guidance, accepting other ideas (something like that no more is not seen in other “ways”) and for the goal, idea that each one has an inner god. I think that’s the only thing that comes to mind for now it has been short but I felt good introducing myself Thank you very much

@JadelSamuel Please make your introduction in English. It is a rule of this forum that all posts must be in English, as it is the common language here and helps facilitate moderation


Hi! As requested, please post in English since that is a rule of the forum, Google Translate is fine, members will understand. :+1:


Flaco, tenés que presentarte en inglés como ya te dijeron, no hay alternativa.

NOTE: I just told them the same you guys did, but in Spanish, in case OP doesn’t speak English.

Hello I’m wannabe beauty, you can call me Wanda lmao! I am a 19 year old girl, I have no experience. I was recommend to check this page out by a friend. Im very interested in glamour spells. My goal is beauty, it’s a very broad subject so being more specific id like to work in my attractiveness and appearance. My struggles are that I’m a newbie and know nothing at all! I’d gladly appreciate any help:)!