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You intelligently described what I too try to do, except with current events.

It’s hard just to see our current events from multiple perspectives objectively.

I feel it’s necessary to a degree to think black and white. For example, it’s impossible to make a decision, like should I take out the trash or do laundry first? Imagine doing both at once. :grinning:

But yes, I really feel you and know where you’re coming from.

This is an excellent way of putting it. We change/form ourselves and beliefs to adapt to the world. This is hard and there are so many different beliefs and perspectives, because of all the “paradoxes” here on Earth.

I like you already.


Hello members of the forum. Please call me Charlotte. I’m 19 years old from South Africa. I have been lurking on the forum for a few months now and this is my first introduction.

I’m a skilled astral projector (using unorthodox means I would rather not disclose) and possess whatever knowledge I have in fields such as evocation and baneful magic.

I’m also open minded and wouldn’t mind trying out other forms of magic in other fields, except I’m sexually ascetic.

After years of struggling to attain ritual tools and ingredients needed for evocation and other rituals, I resorted to astral projection since I read/heard rituals are performed a lot easier in the astral plane (although I don’t know how effective they are). It’s a lot easier for me to work in the astral plane than at home where I live with a strictly religious family and have a room barely twice the size of my bed.

I have botched a few evocations and these failures led me to trying out astral projection (I hope I was right in making this decision). Now that I can astral project a couple of times a month and the length of time I spend outside of my body has increased dramatically, I now wish to get down to serious business.(if you can, please explain to me if astral evocation is beneficial than evocation in the physical world)

I hope we can assist each other on our journeys and treat each other well. A friend, Charlotte.


(i did a new post, but i’m gonna post it also here)

Hi, I’m Kelly !

I’m a french 21 yo girl, and I am a new user to this forum.
I’ve had psychic powers for a while (they always were here, but I had “discovered” them around February 2020 or something) but weren’t really that interested into magic (as in rituals, incantations, and stuff of the sort) since recently,

But a month ago some magic person was claiming he could “help” me or whatever, and even thought I told him 5 times I didn’t wanted or needed help of any sort, he kept insisting.
I don’t know what he did to me, but my powers have since then significantly been weaker, despite this person’s so-called “attempts” to fix his mistake.

I since then got interested into magic stuff, in order to restore myself - my powers were fun and I honestly miss them.

As for which kind of powers I had, I was able to do some telepathy to some extent, being able to read into people’s mind, knowing what they were thinking about and this sort of stuff, it was really fun and I miss it.

Since I am totally new, I don’t know what I should do in order to attempt to restore myself, and I don’t know where I should post my help requests, so, uh, please help me if you can

Hello my name Starchild for now.
I have been introduced to Magick since I was a young girl. It’s in my blood. Once I had my first born the Demon Divine entered my life and exposed themselves to me. I cherish ancient occult and universal principles and practices. I am not tied to any particular tradition. I’m a student and always learning. Clauneck is my first Daemon that I am currently working with and that’s how I wound up here. I let go of Hollywood programming and decided to have my own experience and take my chances going truly in the Dark or Left hand path. I already was kind of on it. But this sealed the deal. But Lucifer is the head Huncho to my exploration. I just learning and make it real in my life. This is my first experience with Clauneck and I wanted insight on it as well as the need to eliminate dairy as I welcomed him to enter my temple as he saw fit. I’m not a pro. I’m just following my intuition and taking a chance to learn.


Hi all,

I’ve been reading this forum for awhile, was time to make an account! (There are SO many gems here! Much gratitude to everyone posting their experiences :heartbeat:)

I’m a woman in my 20’s from Canada. I’ve had, I guess you could say an intellectual curiosity about anything reality-bending since I was a kid. Around 3 years ago I had the time to dive into meditation and that’s when something kind of “popped” and suddenly all the crazy things I read about were real, hahahaha.

I don’t practice any one system so much as experiment with everything. I do keep returning to Robert Bruce style energy work, qi gong and cartomancy. Hypnosis and NLP were another doorway into WTF land that I borrow principles from. And I’ve had enough success in the last couple years with evocation, sigils, servitors, straight intention etc. to know how powerful they are. Now to build beginner’s luck into something reliable!

At the moment my focus is mainly on improving astral senses and getting out of body any time, instead of waiting for random lucidity. And soaking up all the info I can. I look forward to getting to know you guys and hopefully returning some of the insight I’ve picked up here :slight_smile:


Tell it to fuck off, in the name of Belial the One Without Master, and in the name of your own power and autonomy.

Magick isn’t about being any fake-ass spirit’s “servant” - that’s religion’s schtick.


I mean, the whole thing is kind of complicated but he’s been benevolent and gentle since this started. I don’t really know why it’s me. Like I said, I have no experience with this stuff, went looking for dream interpretations, got pointed to a succubus thread, then got directed here after days of info and progress.

I just haven’t really seen a reason to “tell it to fuck off” yet. Been careful enough, spoke to people about signs of malicious intent or whatever.
But I’m open to help since again, I have no idea what I’m doing.

If I just walked into your home and made you my servant, made you name yourself that, twice over, and walk around bearing that name, would you consent to that?


Not particularly but I’d want to know why. And I haven’t found out what the source of this is. I still don’t really know if this is actually past life regression or something, I don’t know.

If you guys think I should just banish him, I can look into it. Won’t have time tonight, I was literally about to go to bed. I appreciate the help.

Could you please humour us and NOT upload channelled images until we know what’s yanking your strings? There are reasons I ask this, namely something could be using you to channel malicious stuff onto the forum.

You’re in a whole new “art form” now with different games, and what seems harmless may not always be so. :thinking:




If you banish them, and they’re an ally, they will understand, and be willing to come back on your terms.

Magick is not the default state of contact with a spirit, but spirits can be quite manipulative and try to make out they’re conferring some special honour, when in fact it’s the reverse.

Magick is best defined as “the Art and Science of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will” - this is why the “servant” thing troubles me, since you’re being told your own Will is low on the agenda here.


Went ahead and deleted the post. I apologize for the inconvenience. I’ll lurk and try to find information on what I should be doing otherwise. Don’t feel like I should be making a thread up front as soon as I make an account.

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I’m GreyBeard (I do have a grey beard… :laughing:). Located in Southern US

I’ve been studying the occult for the past two years looking for a path. My main interests are New Thought and other LOA areas and Hermetics and came across Demonoloarty this week and it rings very true to me.

I’ve started reading The Complete Book by S. Connolly and welcome and suggestions.

I’m very curious about Samael. For many years I used that spelling as a username on chat rooms, thinking it was easy to remember and unique. I was surprised when I discovered it was a demon name yesterday.

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“Tell it to fuck off, in the name of Belial the One Without Master”

-There ya have it…

I’m Chris, from the Northeastern US. Male, 37. Married, kids.
Grew up Christian, dabbled in eclectic paganism in early 20s and actually had some interesting experiences, after getting treatment for depression I totally lost faith in everything and decided that pending better info anything could be explained via mundane means and so 15 years of strict materialistic agnosticism. Better info came along and something clicked about 3 months ago, and it’s been a ride.

If people read these intros and are curious I’m happy to elaborate.

Currently I:
Perform the LBRP and meditate for 30+ mins 3-4 times a week
Have slowly been working through the Hemi-Sync Gateway tapes
Have read a lot about different philosophies and approaches to magic
Have decided magic and similar self-programming or future probability influencing practices are legit
Have an increasingly intense relationship with a succubus I didn’t summon
Have been gathering various materials for an altar
Have done tarot readings which were pretty spot on (except inverted cards are 100% of the time the opposite of reality so I stopped bothering)


Hello so im kind of new to this

To my Person my Name is Romano im from Switzerland so please excuse my spelling😅

So the thing is my first paranormal encounter was when i meditated. I had a really strange feeling and started to see with my closed Eyes and ther was a beeing standing right in my door.
Then i had some strange Dreams wher i often saw the Sigil of Lord Beelzebub. In the beginning i did my best to learn from him but had to make a little break for a few Months because it was just a really fucking intense Experience. I beginning to start at the Point i stopped and wanted to ask you People for some tipps who maby had a simmilar experience as i do

Frendly Greetings Romano

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Hi guys,

I know i’m not an expert on magick in total,
but the current importance of divination and divine knowledge didn’t leave me untouched either.

So i guess i’m focused on diving about what is, and what will be going on around this roughly around now.

My name is Zarin,
in case anyone wondered.

Welcome @cavambo Please delete that video. Political discussion is not allowed on this forum, and that video is deliberately inflammatory.

Also, please properly introduce yourself. This post tells us nothing about you or your experience in magick.

Where are you from?

What do you practice, and how long have you practiced it?

Do you have any experience in specific systems or traditions of magick?

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