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Welcome to the BALG forum.

Hello there. I am fairly new here, just dipping my toes. My name is Matt I am 23 years old, and I come from Germany.

Update: I wasn’t aware that I am supposed to be more elaborate with my introduction. For that I apologize.

Well, I could say that I always wanted to explore this practice. Given my circumstances I was not capable to do that freely and safely prior to my moving to Germany. I am fairly open everything and would to explore every aspect of it - given that it is safe and consensual. I honestly don’t know how to start. - that’s how clueless I am

I am also fascinated by Incubi and Succubi. I used to experience lots of sleep paralysis and I believe that during many of my “sleepy” nights I had encountered them. But I am not certain, and I would love to read other experiences of other people with the incubi

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Welcome @Matthew_Del_Rey

Do you have any experience in magick? You haven’t told us anything.

If so, what do you practice, and how long have you practiced it?

If not, what areas of magick are you interested in learning?

Hey Matthew…
As DarkestKnight made mention… Pls do a proper intro…

I am very sorry for the inconvenience. I edited my initial comment.

I am sorry for the inconvenience. I edited my comment.

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So you’re a beginner, with no experience, if I am understanding correctly? Thank you for elucidating more, and please avail yourself of the search function in the upper right. We have many wonderful tutorials that can help you get started.

Hey guys im Alexa

im havnt really been into magic or stuff like that but after a month of struggle with something weired i thought try to get some Help in here

Welcome @lviodal

Where are you from?

Do you have any experience in magick at all? Or the paranormal? Your post doesn’t really tell us anything about you or your experience.

i made a new Topic about my ´´Problem´´

Im born in germany but i Live in Italy for about a Year now

Sorry i missed that

Hello everyone, I’m Su (which means “water” in Turkish lol), I’m 22 years old and an university student. I’m kinda bad at talking about myself so, sorry if I talk nonsense :slight_smile:
I’m coming from a generally Muslim country, but my family members are atheists so I don’t come from a religious place. However, even in my childhood I have been always interested in magick, demons etc. I had visions in my dreams about future in all my life and I think I’m prone to magick n stuff. So I always knew this was the path for me, and after years of research I’m here. Kinda begginer but not that beginner :smiley:
When it comes to magick, I choose to work on myself, my knowledge, my mental health, and strengthening my character. My current goals are about my future job and career, and also money. I want to improve myself in school too. Not the best student yet :frowning:
My current struggles are with demons. I have to admit that I’m new at this and kinda scared no matter what I read when it comes to communicating with a demon. But I’ve tried to contact great duke Dantalion and I feel like he knows what I feel and acts super cute and supportive. (thanks, Dantalion!) So it’s going great so far :smiley:
That’s what I can come up with, thank you for reading and I cannot wait to join you guys.

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Welcome to the BALG forum @44kucukcivciv

What, exactly, do you practice, and how long have you practiced it?

Do you have any experience in specific systems or traditions of magick?

Thank you, @DarkestKnight

I practiced Islamic “Havas” magick when I was 15-18, but now I’m in a place that I’m changing my belief system I guess and currently I don’t have any specific system or a tradition, cause I’m still learning and growing. :slight_smile:

hello I am Olivia Tidmore, I am 18 years old and I am new to this community, I am interested in black magic and I hope to continue finding out my true purpose in this path i chose

I am struggling to contact the prince of darkness,Lucifer, even though i have had felt certain rush of energies like he’s calling me.I will remain calm and try to find out more about what i must do

Hello all!
I am Lindsay, 26 years old. I am practicing in the occult practices. Witchcraft grabbed my attention from a young age, I always felt gravitated towards it.
I was forced in catholic school my whole life. When that ended, I rebelled. I was deep into drug addiction, when I found my spirituality
There’s so much I’m still learning but I know that what I was taught was all wrong. Good and evil are equal. Evil is not always bad.
Blessed be. :wilted_flower::black_heart:


I am completely new to magic. I just bought my first book of magic in the middle of July 2020 on Amazon. It arrived around the beginning of Aug.

and I just found this channel on youtube maybe 2 1/2 weeks ago.

Welcome @danlBoone

Where are you from?

What areas of magick are you interested in learning?

Hello all,
I’m not comfortable sharing my actual name so I’m just going to go by “Shadia”.
I’m a 32 year old woman from Canada, grew up in a Catholic household and was made to go to catholic school for many years. The forced masses, praying, communion, confession, etc. It made me sick and turned me away from organized religion at a young age. For years I considered myself agnostic, but at the same time always felt like there was something more out there. I felt drawn to something but wicca and voodoo didn’t seem like my cup of tea, nor did anything else I read up on. Tarot cards and candle magic were fun for a bit but got old to me, so I finally took an unbiased approach to learn about Satanism. Now I feel ridiculous for not realizing the LHP sooner, but I had to delve through many years of traumatic catholic brainwashing’s to realize Lucifer and demons aren’t to be feared.
Goals: I hope to be able to communicate with deities and demons, work on self improvement, definitely help others if I can and learn to astral travel.
Struggles: I’m a novice with this type of magic and get easily overwhelmed to the point I quit whatever stresses me out, but I don’t want that to happen! I joined balg to get help and advice :).


Welcome Shadia

Hello, My name is Annie i\m 30 years old, i like hunting and maybe because of that i kinda started to like some ocult things. I’ll just sit in the corner and read some threads, thank you.