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North Carolina!:slight_smile:

Hello All,
My name is Nicole and I’m very new to the practice! I’ve been told I’ve had it since I was younger! I’m threading very lightly as I know people can sometimes go overboard. I have so many questions and I do need some advice, as I do have a huge problem that I need solved because I cant seem to find the right spell to help. But, for now…this is my introduction! C360_2020-02-17-22-06-31-537


Hello everyone
My name is shubham
I am from india
I am 22.
To be honest i have zero, like no experience with magic or demons or spirits, but was following up this forum from last few weeks.
I started to meditate, i was not really sure that i will ever give my introduction here but after reading the facts about everything in this forum i would love to know more , believe more , really would love to work with lords and I don’t know what.
I want to be connected with this forum and with ultimate power everyone experience here.



Hi, I’m Massimo I’m 17 years old. I am here because I am looking for some answers regarding some dreams I had etc … I am interested in many topics including esotericism and much more. Nice to meet you, I hope it goes well as a presentation.

Thank you for doing an introduction as requested.

Do you have any experience in magick? You haven’t told us if you practice anything.

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I don’t practice magic or anything.
I am very attached to Gnosticism and the spiritual world.


Hello to all,

I am a person interested mostly in Goetia. I have no experience yet, so I think this is the right place to ask about it. I am also interested ins musick, as His Black Majesty, MSTR. MALEFICUS ∴ BLIX ∴ NIDROSIENSIS says:

Music + Magick = Musick.

Musick - Magick = Music.

I hope I will find solutions there and share thoughts with other people.

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Would you like to talk ? I am from new delhi as well.

I am Jon. I practice a wide range of things. I’m here to learn

That tells us exactly nothing.

What are some of the “wide range” of things you practice, and how long have you practiced them?


It helps us all if you can be a bit more specific, for example what kinds of methods you use, or if you have any spirits you’re close to or want to work with, or if you have any initiations from a temple or something. :+1:

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Hello all. My name is jon. I’ve been in the occult for about 5 years. I have a large interest in the LHP. I have practiced and read Hindu tantra as well as the goetia. However, I have also read into just about every practice such as meditation, Hermeticism, Satanism and more.

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Hello my name is Eva and I’m 25 years old, I’m start practice puntual spells until I have 16 but this year I was propuse to take more seriously :joy::joy:
I’m living in Spain and I feel comfortable doing Magic kitchen (I love cooking and eat so…), Green witchcraft (potions, baths…), ancestral witchcraft ( Talk with my ancestors and do some things with their advices) and wealth/money/prosperity witchcraft (recently I start working with bune).
I am here because I’m tired about the bowdown shit and I want to increase my selfpower and been a living Goddess, literally.

Thank you for your attention, nice to meet you all of you and see you soon.

Sorry if my english is bad, but I"m still learning.


My name is Talon and I am trying to evoke a succubus to have a serious relationship at the moment. I’m very new to this so if you have any tips just throw them my way and they will be appreciated.

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Hi everyone! I will go by the name of Rakka, I live in a poor European country where supplies are limited. I’ve been practicing on and off for about three years now, although I have to admit that I do not excel in anything, and lately, it seems that I can no longer achieve things that used to be easy for me. I’m most used to candle, jar and petition spells, bindings, manifestation/wish making, sigils, and divination by dreams. Sadly, none of these bring results for me anymore. I am here to learn as much as I can to accomplish a goal of mine (reconciliation with someone), and help anyone if I can.


Hi Everyone :grinning:

My name is goddess_within and I live in the sunny part of the world (asia). I have been lurking in this forum for quite sometime to deepen my knowledge of magic and occult. So bear with me if I have some questions that may or may not irritate you.

I am looking for a community of open minded and knowledgeable people who will guide not only me but the others in pursuing the path that they want to take.

Let us all have an awesome time together and super thanks for having me here :grinning:

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Hello I’m Bright a student in Ghana I find it very difficult to pay my bills currently I need mentor on how to evoke the spirit of the black magic and I need money too and I want to be the best student in the college I attend.

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Welcome @goddess_within.

Do you have any experience in magick? You haven’t mentioned if you practice anything, or if you do, how long you have practiced, which is the main point of an introduction.



My name is Samuel Conrad, and I am 30, and have been practicing magick for seventeen years.

My devotions and pathworking have been focused for the past seven years on the Greek Rite, mainly in partnership with the Titanide Hekate, but also with the full quartet of the infernal court: Hades, Persephone, Hermes and of course, Enodia Herself.

This path is by no means exclusive, as I believe I the universality of the Greater Mystery, and my work within the scope of the Grecian Underworld is merely the expression of the Divine Metaphor which ‘clicks’ with me and enables my works fruition.

I had the benefit of having a pagan upbringing, in rural Virginia (USA), both my parents being adherents of alternative faiths, these perspectives being brought upon them via their own personal initiations, but also influenced by family tradition and folklore. This allowed me the freedom of choice where it mattered most, an unyielding faith in metaphysics, and the luxury of tutelage when most people were only able to ride a silver broomstick: I was exposed to Wicca at the beginning of highschool, and like all existing neopagan reconstructionists, have in some way been influenced by Gardener’s theology, even if only to adapt what I was already being shown or perceiving in my community at large.

In Appalachia, there exists an old tradition called ‘Granny Witching’ which for the most part consists of traditional medicine, folk-belief, Protestant Christianity cum veiled European paganism (the phrase, ‘She’s a Sunday Christian’ meaning that on Sunday, you won’t find a more devout Pentecostal, and on Monday, she’s back to feeding fairies butter and selling pennyroyal tea, being very apt terminology for the older women in our community). It was in this environment my parents and I grew up in, and adapted it onto a more polytheistic, or in my father’s case, Satanic lilt.

I recently have been paroled from prison for distribution of methamphetamines, and am currently rebuilding my life. This process is nothing new to me, as both of my parents have been to federal prison (my father is still incarcerated) and I have viewed my circumstance as further initiation into the mysteries of my path, for was not The Queen of Hell locked away against her will, only to find release come the blooming of the narcissus? And can I tell you how confirmative it was to see daffodils peeking through the snow after being granted an early release? Being locked-up definitely made me a better magickian, not only through forced innovation, but also through exposure, as I have developed some rapport with La Santissima Muerte, which has broadened my horizons. Also, it was initiatory for many reasons, not just because of the analog of Persephone, but also because I was able to practice tacere and it was able to see the people I was having dealings with (some of whom also have an appreciation for the supernatural) close ranks, not unsimilar to how I perceive a persecuted coven may have back in the day.

I have a Bible scripture tattooed on my left forearm, ACTS 19:34, which is worth a look-up.

Favorite poets include Sappho, Callimachus, Anne Sexton and Anne Carson; Valerie Worth is probably my absolute favorite, if only because of the nature of her corpus literatus. Am a Rice fan (Stan, Anne, and Christopher), love Margaret Atwood and am currently reading Andrzej Sapkowski’s ‘The Witcher’ series.

Favorite musicians include White (& plain ol’ Rob) Zombie, Korn, Florence + The Machine, Marilyn Manson, which is a very narrow list. I like most stuff from 1960-2000, assuming it’s Rock; I really dig tribal music.

I am a fan of contemporary pop culture and the place of Magi within it, from music, to television, film and literature. Magick is everywhere, and it’s legacy upon the American psyche is unending and current. Witches are no longer a thing of the past, relegated to back-alley abortions, love charms, and the horoscope section of the newspaper. We are torchbearers of enlightenment, as the Good Book says, ‘Eat the fruit and surely you will not die; for you will become like God, knowing Good and Evil.’ I believe that our role in shaping the destiny of our species is pivotal. I actively do so, and recommend you give a the proverbial apple to any who ask.

I am about a year-out from completing an Anthropology degree which I will likely never finish and I am okay with that; one of my professors wrote a book called ‘Metaphysics in Midwestern America’ (by Dr. Melinda Wagner) which is worth a read- if you can find a copy.

I am Gay, and HIV positive; neither would I change as they have exponentially increased my liminality, which has brought me closer to the mysteries of She Who Breaks-Open the Earth.

I believe that being a metaphysician is a lifestyle, and that to achieve gnosis, if you will, you must pick a path and follow it to the spring at it’s source. I believe that each path is one’s own, and I believe that there is no right or wrong way to practice your magick as revealed to you on your path. You won’t see me object to anything, and I am always game for participant observation until something crosses an ethical line for me. I believe in Divine initiations over human ones, and thank The Maker, whoever that might be, that they’ve given me the cognizance to recognize the difference.

Always question authority, always question reasoning, always question reality and preconceived notion so that you might develop your own. To do so, by my experience, is Divine. To shape and order your universe as you see fit is Divinity in it’s truest sense.

My current goal is to get my life back together after losing so much, and using it as an opportunity to put my practice on paper. I’d like this incarnation to go down in the annals of magick, and I have zero doubt that goal shall be achieved.

So, that’s me.


Hello brothers and sisters!

English is not my first language so if it seems weird please ignore it, thank you;)
My name is Nova and I would describe myself as a newbie of black magic. Hometown is HK and I was a college student. In HK nobody interested in LHP (or maybe they all hidden) and even “hate” black magic.
Glad to be a member of this forum. To be honest, I do feel live like a slave in my life so I’m sick of it and really wanted to take my power back. I’d felt grateful for those experiences of communicating with angels. They had been taught me lots in the past but for now, for my personal growth, I think it’s the right time to learn, to work and to stand with the demonic force:)
Thanks for watching!

With Much Respect and Love