Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum

Hiiii !

My name is Atra (for now). I’ve been here from some time, been practicing magick for more than a lifetime (consciously for 10+ years). I don’t truly know why I have not introduced myself yet. I have been reading and learning for awhile.

My primary interests are sex magick and spiritual alchemy, though I am very interested in all forms of magick and spirituality.

My current goals/challenges are, for now, learning to channel and communicate (spiritually ) better.

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I didn’t know how to do a proper intro until someone from a forum helped me out! Thank you!

My name is Atea, and I am a female writer who’s delved so deeply in the interest of magik that I myself now want to be able to perform it. I have been practicing for around 6 months now and can safely say I have gotten good at meditating, centering and grounding. I am able to do simply charms, but I really want to be perform actual magik.
I am on this site with the intention of getting to know experienced practitioners, learning from those around me and simply getting to know others through forums. I am open to learning all kinds of magic, but I find myself more drawn to hoodoo, sometimes wicca and sometimes voodoo.
I am very ambitious and have been told, quite friendly… feel free to message me anytime!!


Where do you hail from?

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My name is abel as of magick i Like the goetia palo mayumbe and a few other things my goals is to open a botánica with alot of especial items some finished some un finished my goal is to make a one stop center for the mage and witch to find all there needs my struggle is not important as Lucifer has Showed me they will soon come to an end

Nope, all good, hope you enjoy the forum! :+1:

I´m Filipe, from Brazil.

I do not have knowledge about magic. I have experiencie with Taoism pratict, QiGong, TaiChi, divination ( IChing, Taro), meditation.

My goals are to improve my personal and espiritual desenvolvment. Increase clarividence and clariaudiencie, improve as a fortune teller and learn magic to a better love and profissional life- without doing harm to anyone.

Whoa I’m from Hamburg too, would you mind to meet up? :grin:

I was born in the U.S. but live in France now. And you?

Hello, I prefer to use the moniker of Enemy of Fire, the alchemical symbol of Ahriman. Ahriman, King Amdusias, and Angel Yeyizel have been presences in my life, which also involved ‘gods’ on the other side of my Path. I entered the Path in my mid to late 40’s. Automotive technician by trade, musician by preference. I began the Path by way of these things which call themselves ‘gods’ to us ‘rubies’ or ‘humans’, and it became quite a ride, doing rites and workings with both the ‘gods’ and later with the Goetics, and Ahriman. The path of deity was a path towards the attempted harvest and destruction of my eternal being, revealed in what Thelemics and others would consider the ‘Abyss’. The ‘deity’ placed in a ‘game’ before Ahriman and King Amdusias, where I fought for, and won my rights to sovereignty. I don’t use fancy rites, implements, or clothing. I communicate, and focus my will. Divination by way of oracle decks (Enigma deck for example), channeling (began with some use of psychotropics, now do not need them) and the bones. I am at war with what people call deities. They can be injured and killed. I saw the Mystery, and thus chose my alignment. I work with Ahriman, who to me, appears as a large, red, bull-like being, and the Goetics. Beginning to work more with the Celestials as well. I am extremely ill-disposed towards ‘deities’, especially the race of Ntheh, who are the bugs you might read of from Whitley Streiber’s Communion, or in the works such as The Custodians by Dolores Cannon. The summation of my Works involve self improvement of my operating system, and towards ending my own resurrection cycle here and returning to my higher being as well as constant warfare against the ‘so-called’ ‘divine’, whom I detest.
I don’t detest those who have a different experience, or experiences, because I try to remain somewhat skeptical, but, yeah, the validations are sobering.
Music is where my most powerful works arose, and interestingly, as a bass player, I have noted how much King Amdusias favors us bottom-end metal maniacs. Hello to all, Enemy of Fire.

Hello I am a new member here, my name is Theó, I have dabbled in witchcraft for many years since I was a teenager, I was accused of being a witch so I decided to become one.

I have experience with healing work, deep meditation, clairsentience, and communication with entities.

in a way im not really experienced with withcraft and conjuring but am open and willing to learn, hence being on this forum, am now learning about the left hand path with great interest.

here is a picture of me;

love Theó.



Where do you hail from?

Hi … My name is Patrick Michael Vastano and I’m a 51 yo gay male who has struggled all my life.
I never could get a break in anything that I have done in my life. I believe in the powers of magic and have experiment but to no avail. There are only couple of things that I wanted in my life like everyone else… Loving relationships, a healthy, physically fit body, and financial security. I’m so tired of being last and feeling that I’m not worthy of having these things.

My relationships have only been friendships [some with benefits], a lifetime of not being able to turn my fat body into one that is good-looking and amazingly hot that others would be envious to have, and enough money to live the rest of my life comfortably with and help out those I love and care about.

I nothing to pay with to make a pact with Lucifer or Sitri for a ritual until I can win a huge lottery or major big win at a casino. Right now I can only offer, and am willing, to sell my soul to Lucifer and Sitri. Please tell me what to do or is there anyone out there willing to help me fulfill my dreams of having some kind of happy life…

Thank you for your generosity and pity…
just me ... patrick michael vastano
Patrick Michael Vastano


I am from the land of ice and fire, Iceland, and you?


Ah, a Nordic girl.

The land of fish, chips and queuing, England. :+1:


Depends… I usually try to hear my inner side, kind of inner voice or intuition… and in most cases it turns the right thing. So it’s a mix of both - logic and faith I guess. Once someone told me I have I’m connected with an entity, so perhaps it’s not intuition but this entity gives me idea or thought to act this or that way.

Here’s a secret I discovered: small incremental improvements will be better for you than all or nothing, poverty or millions,. “fat” (your term) or envied… they build up over time, like the slow steady lift of a plane taking off, compared to a rocket ship. And they’re far more attainable!

For general info, try reading this site:

I know when you feel beaten down and like you have nothing, aiming high is incredibly appealing, but the improvements you can have are better than the fantasy awesomeness that keeps eluding you. Later on, things will become easier to change in large ways.

I’m an all or nothing thinker myself (or, used to be, until I realised it was fucking me up) so feel I can relate, if that makes sense? :thinking:

Anyway welcome to the forum! :+1:


Hi, im lupita
I just started learning about this, i have done a freezing spell and it worked.

My goal is to make an ex come beg me lol

And my struggle is… i did an obsession spell and i think I’m the one who became obsessed :joy: so i got rid of it and i feel normal again.

Still want him to come beg, he has always done it before without majic but i think he’s talking to someone else and i him to stop.

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Hello all, call me Science. Why am I called Science? You’ll see in due time. I’m from the western United States. I dont have a path per se but I’m curious to see what this particular group is about. So far I’ve dabbled in Dao but I’m curious about this so let’s see where this takes me.


Please tell us about yourself. This post doesn’t really meet the criteria for a proper introduction.

Where do you hail from?

Do you have any actual experience in magick?

If so, what do you practice?

How’s that?