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Listening to all ur podcasts i feel like long lost friends i wish i had. On a serious note. Ive got none.

Hi, I’m Sanzevic and I have been practicing Chaos Magic for about ten years. Lately, I’ve been attracted to the archetype Lucifer, I’ve seen him call me in dreams; At some point I will tell you that story. Unfortunately, my English is not good, but I will try to make myself understand my best. Thank you

Hello BALG Forum!
I am not new here but had to re-create my account due to losing my old login information.
Nonetheless, I wanted to follow the rules of this forum so here we go:

I have been practicing for a year and some.
Doing spells and or rituals daily I can declare without a doubt, it has changed my life to a great extend.
The information available here and the paid content are one of a kind and I highly appreciate this community for everything it is. Please be encouraged to take what you read, see and learn into practice and to also find your own ways through practice and experience.

Best of health, wealth and power to all of you fellow members!


Hi everyone. I am from the western part of Africa, I am current working as a social engineer. I am a newbie here and I have
found this forum to be a tool worth owning I must say, I am this kind of guy that has so many doubt about how real thing can be. I knows nothings about magic yet here I am, been gone through most occultic libraries and doing most occultic ebook readings. Yet can’t find a stepping stone to stand firmly on. My work has to do with manipulation of peoples mind and seductions for a successful outcome which has been messing up with my head real time and lots of negative luck. Don’t even know which magic to start with and the one to stay away from” lol. I am also into sports gambling and hoping to get help from you guys. I am from a christain background burn who cares as I have doubt over their story and nun religion.
I am halord and I love pussy :heart:. Who is leading me here ?

so… i had already introduced me self in here: Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum - #6854 by Jomy
i was spending to much time in here.
Currently reading Demons Of Magick.

Hey, Mel… My (spirit) name is Nina. I know you dont know me at all, but I have been thinking about something all evening, and then I got restless and impulsively grabbed my phone and went onto this page randomly because the website owner said that I was supposed to introduce myself, but I couldn’t figure out how to start my post. There’s no button for it! So I just went to the introduction section and started reading these posts.
Your post REALLY got my attention. Something you said goes back 27 years for me, and almost 100 years historically.
I’d love to talk with you for a moment if you ever get this message. Because what has been on my mind all evening and what you wrote are connected. And it means a lot to me. Cause its evident that the things that Ive been dwelling on DO have some divine importance, and it’s obvious to me that it is spiritually necessary to mentally go through the things I’m so concerned about and preoccupied with, and to not push it all away and regret those places my mind goes.
Your post has proven that to me. That I’m not crazy or wasting my time, and that these deep occult thoughts I’m having are real, and real important, and there might actually be someone on the other end that hears me or knows me. I keep thinking back and subconsciously telling myself that I’m fantasizing. But I dont believe so anymore…
Because of what you said…

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Hey here @Nina_Lilith Please introduce yourself properly as you were requested to do.

You haven’t told us anything about yourself or your experience in magick in this post.

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I’m sorry I’m just overwhelmed. Something really really supernatural is happening right now this minute, and my life is literally flashing before me, Im seeing it in perspective, and I guess I’m - [sigh] well …? Lilith’s Daughter, I guess…[smile, shrug]
I’m just good ol’ Nina…
I was born in a Holy City in North America, next to the False Sea, under the Goddess of salt water, and the goddess of the chaos of Primordial Creation… what was her name again in Babylonia?? Tiamat, or Nammu? I just call her Takhisis, the Queen of Darkness, because when I read that novel as a teen, I had a spiritual experience concerning her. That, and I love astronomy and astrophysics as well as mythology and cosmology.
I am born sun sign Gemini (the Lovers), and moon sign Capricorn (The Devil).
I am depicted in the bible, in Revelations chapter 17. The golden cup that the Scarlet Woman is holding? That’s me, Nina. How am I sure, you ask? Because it’s in the stars and planets: in Taoist astrology I’m a Golden Lamb, and the golden cup has been said to depict both the Lamb of God (Holy Grail), and the power of the Feminine.
I am a certified Yoga teacher, and I want to go back to school and get my degree in Medicinal Chemistry and Math. Yes, I love science. And Math. I’m really good at it but I lose my temper with it too easily…
As Lilith’s daughter, I am compelled to give my life over to the beloved Ida C. Craddock, who lived by the Scarlet Love that I try to live by. And I am to serve her Church - the Church of Yoga… these days I do that mostly via the gym… or on my mat…

Hi everyone! I’m Anney, I don’t practice anything, I’m here to learn and read. It’s something that catch my attention a lot and I enjoy reading about it. I’ve some experiences that I don’t know the meaning of or have any explanation yet and I would like to know about. I hope you all are good. X

Hi everyone! Here I go by InfernalDreamer. I have always been drawn to magick and have began working with Lucifer and Azazel for over a year now. Recently I started working with Satan after he came into my dream, but it’s still in the early stages.
I don’t know a lot about magick, but my main interests are in the left hand path and working with demons of Goetia. My goals are to become disciplined in my work and become a better witch. My current struggles have to do with my goals. I need to work on pushing myself to not be lazy and work on various things such as meditation (I was once great at but fell off the wagon), astral projection (which I did once), the different clairs, and that’s it (other than discipline).

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My name is Mrose and I very new but very attracted to sigil Magick ,I would love to get advanced enough to actually see the deity in form so that is my goal as well as to learn and research as much as I can take in.

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Please hit me back.

  • Nina_Lilith
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I CANT INTRODUCE MYSELF ANYMORE! CANT YOU SEE I dont have the energy of the focus right now to right anymore about my past. I’ll just say it again: my full name is Tanin’iver La Niña bat Lilit, and I am Lilith’s daughter, and I’ve known that pretty much since I was in

Hi all. I am russian speaking practitioner from Ukraine. I am 28 y.o. I practice magic from 16 years old. Western tradition and the left hand path are not popular in my country. I am interested in communicating with dark practices from around the world, sharing experiences and friendships. The experience of dark ascent is very interesting, since now I am doing it.
I and my student recently released a small opensource Grimoire. We have worked deeply on the Kingdom of Shadows from “Kingdoms of Flame”. I am working now on a russian-language textbook (manual) on demonology and evocations. My position in free Knowledge for any person.
Sphere of Occult Interests: Demonology, Kabbalah, Qliphoth, Left Hand Path, Exorcism, Goetia.
I post for free one of my many spirits. Use it at your discretion. =)


Hi all,

My name is Dima, I’m originally from Eastern Europe, Ukraine. Living in UK, London for a few years now, I would like to learn magic in its route meaning. I did some practices hen I lived in Eastern Europe, however I’m less familiar with western magick. I want to get to know not only how to evoke something but to understand the connection between everything - planets, numbers, demons, and even alphabet. As to my understanding everything is connected and work together - all planets, stars, numbers, letters, tarot, and so on. So I want to understand it and learn.

Currently I’m looking someone here in UK to communicate and possibly learn.

Also Black Magic course of Koetting sounds interesting. What are your thoughts about it?

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Are you a logical man or one of faith?

Love spells, banishing spells
To get someone to move from my house
No struggles

Please introduce yourself properly. This tells us nothing about you.

How old are you?

Where do you hail from?

Do you have any experience in magick?

If do, what do you practice, and how long have you practiced it?


@Tammy823 please let us know if you’ve been doing magick before, it helps us to help you and also helps keep the forum a civilised place. :smiley:

Let me properly introduce myself.

My name was created from a randomizer because I believe in chaos.

I am anonymous like the internet was originally created for too goof around and have fun.
I don’t want outside friends to know what I like to do on the side since they don’t understand.

Magick- I like Chaos Magick if that isn’t obvious enough, Started working with sigils just recently and they are so interesting.

Current Goals- I am working on contacting a demon in the lesser key to assist me in life. I really want to speak with entities and travel the astral plane. My current goal is to create a familiar or to make contact with spirits.

My Current Struggles- would be trying to astral project, I am trying to open my mind’s eye, still need a lot of work.

I am still very new so feel free to let me know if I am doing something wrong.

Let the shadows hide your pain,