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Hey… i prefer to be called Steve…
I started searching for magick after the day i lost my best friend …but what was special about that day is that i had feeling of something very bad is going to happin but i was an idiot and ignored it so due to my stupidity i lost my best friend in a horrible car accident …
Now i want to learn magick so i wont repeat my mistake… and to help others…
But i am done with the “signs” …i decided to search for real power so i want to summon Krehl’ a’ teral, so i can get the power that i need …if u can help me summon him…i will apreciate it


Hello my name is Justice Bennett.The kind of magick im currently interested in is Blood magick and dream walking.My current goals are moving to ireland and studying the art of magick further.My current struggles are trust and getting my mind to calm itself.


Hey guys, Dreamerman here. I’m 26 years old, just finishing collage, I like dogs and anime. I suppose ultimatel my goal is to transcend my own self, I’m a self dedicated Demonolator who at the moment is having trouble communicating with Demons! ( Sometimes I think they just dont wanna talk to me as I do have a record of trying to switch between the left and right hand paths/ mostly due to fear I guess). For the time being then my goal is mastering communication with Spirits and evocation. I’m from Africa and the rest of my life is pretty much in a mess at the moment lol. I admittedly first came to the Demons seeking to attain a better existence but unfortuantely I haven’t had much luck with that/ suppose my intentions may be a little wrong, I’m from a Christian family and I attend church every other weekend to play the role, but yea I hope to learn from everyone here as I clearly don’t know much!! Nice to meet you all and thanks to the admin for letting me join this platform. Regarding my struggles well I tend to be lazy and I’m rather emotional.


Greetings to all, I have been an occultist since 3 years. I take my
teachings from Timothy, EA Koetting and Frater Xavier from the
Mystery School channel. Currently have a YouTube show called
“Dr. StrangeLuv Show” where I teach dating skills, so Magick is
something I keep private and do not talk about on public social
media forums. Silence is golden in the Dragon’s eye…
Be Easy!
The Love Devil


Just came in here but its time for me to introduce myself.

my name is Lucas. Born in Qatar but I’m a mix with Finnish and Chinese. I believe since young i have been able to feel spirits, and recent years i have also been able to see a glimpse of the spirits. However i have known to sit up and speak in a unknown language during my sleep.( my grandfather saw me doing that and he said i was giving something to someone, in 1 occasion) Magic isn’t really my thing. The only thing that i did was asking Lilith for a incubus (2 years ago i think). My goals…well i dont have much. i just go forward with life and see were i am going to. i have also been a chritain for 3 or more years but now i am being pulled between light and darkness too (which is very annoying).

haha, sorry about my English…i am not very fluent in it


Hello my Name is Noah.

In this forum I have the magician name Galacara.

I am a master of Magic. Since I was born, I am walking the path of Magic. I am the Magic. People from all over the world visit me to learn, they are looking for me to expand their awareness.
I master all kinds and practices of Magic from Vodou to the Western tradition, I rule everything like a God.

My motivation to come in this forum is that I want to share with you.

I got my Magic name for this forum from my Demonic Family.

Galacara means.
The who one wakes the Human up, who will teach people how to become divine. He gives you the chance to become, but he can take it again.
Be or not to be.

I will release Spirits, Legions, Spells and Rituals that no one before had Access to!

I am looking forward to your cooperation! I’m here for you.

I Excuse me for my bad english. I’m from Europe. I am a Magican not a Translater.

With demonic greetings - Galacara


Hey guys! I’m new here but I’ve been reading a bit before making an account, my names stevie. Honestly I’ve never worked with anything much left hand path (to be honest I’m still not sure what would be left hand or right hand, I’m still new at this I suppose). I’m Greek Canadian and have been following our ethnic religion since I was a kid, but I felt more drawn to a lot of the stuff talked about here over time! I’ve worked with tarots, bone readings, and have always had really spiritual and lucid dreams. I think sensing spirits might be a common trait with my family but that’s as far as I’ve gone. Oh also I’ve worked a bit with plants but definitely not enough to be anything more than a beginner! I’d say my biggest struggle is getting over my fear but i’m hoping to learn a lot so I can practice and get better


Hey. You can just call me Moongoat.
I’m not good at introductions so uh.
Most of my focus is on spirit-related work. But spells in general are good.
My goals are basically to strengthen my abilities, chill with demons, and turn a few specific parts of my life around. No big megalomaniac dreams here, hahaha.

My biggest struggle is probably being either too indecisive/afraid or being a bit reckless. Depends on the situation.


My name is Vil. I’ve read through this forum pretty extensively, and now that I have the need to ask questions of my own, I’m posting here. I have no particular individual facet of study that I focus on, but I work with sigils and charm jars/pouches a lot since they resonate with me. I seek to make the way I live my life more clear and efficient with the help of magic. My biggest struggle, and the reason I’m signing up for an account, is my intense difficulties in interpersonal relationships and how I let them consume me.



• Your name Joel

• Kinds of magick you like, Still new, so i’m researching a lot of different Magics…
• Current goals, My biggest goal is to get rich.
• Current struggles, Getting rich from Magic.
Still learning a lot of about Magic in general, a lot of help would be appreciate it.


Hello again, and thank you for accepting me. I am a beginner with magick. I look forward to learning as much as i can from everyone. I would also like to ask for some help. I am needing a powerful love spell done so that i can get my wife back. She is my twin flame, my true soulmate, my best friend. Can anyone please help me.


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Hey man, I’m new 2, and I’m definitley with u on getting rich! Have u looked into evocation?

Andie D here i am into left hand path work with spirits i am čurrently trying to petition Bune for financial windfall i would greatly appreciate if i can have a member help with lucifer to bring this to realization

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Hi People my Name is Naeries I am 29 years and I live South Africa, my whole family is christian and I have lived as a christian until last year, I have been ordained a pastor and had been very active in preaching the gospel and my life collapsed.

I have changed my entire believe system since now i want to become a dark magician i am drawn to esoteric occult, philosophy and metaphysics. I always new that there was something different about me but didn’t know what.

I want to stop conforming to societal norms and live my life as i feel.

My goals are: To learn evocation, Astral travel, channeling and become a master in esoteric occult and reach enlightenment.

I obviously believe that i might not achieve any of this with my limited mental ability


There’s not a whole lot to tell. I am new to magic but not so new to spirits. I have a terrible relationship with spirits and im rather tired of them for the most part. My goals of ascension is to combat and wreck havoc in spirits lives and piss them off to manifestation. I see a lot of kow-towing (sp) to them and offering respect when in fact they don’t respect individuals and STOMP on them because they can.

JOS (which im sure many of you dont like) talks about the goetia and certain practices as just jewish magic and an insult to the gods. I read the enns are utter crap and annoying to them.

From my perspective thats fine since it aggravates them. I’m all for pissing them off as ive been fighting in life in poverty and crap since birth.

I’m an edgelord and proud of it. And i’ll tackle the most powerfully perceived beings and slap them down since they suck and are parasites.

I do however believe access to the spirits is more complicated like a cipher code and i cant crack it readily but more haphhazzardly. For this i read and dabblebut honestly, many of these rituals are utter bullox mental self mind games.

I seek REAL CONTACT / REAL METHODS and intantaneous not this long drawn out crap.

Those are my goals.

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Hey dude, I have not, But I would love to Understand more about it…

one of the concerns, is I want to Evote the correct Demon/Spirit for this Task. as a Business men as my self. I can keep my end of the deal.

Yea thats a good idea! Takin the time to select the right spirit I mean. You may also want to read on the subject too, EA Koetting’s Evoking Eternity is a great read for info (just a suggestion as I’ve recently read it myself :slight_smile: ).

Check this out ifu haven’t already, I personally thought it was a good read:
Gold, Sweet Gold - The Manifestation of Financial Freedom