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Hello, my name is Yaggsir.

I am very new to performing magic as for years i had only studied it. I am pretty skilled in healing and self regeneration but lately i have been interested in expanding my skills even further to new areas. My current goal I would have to say would be gathering knowledge. I have a will to gather as much knowledge as I can as I have always seeked to know more and be more.
Where i currently struggle I’d have to say is lack of knowledge and direction. With lack of credible sources of information whenever i need it right now makes it hard for me to pinpoint the best place to start. I have spent a year studying Demonology as my starting point to gather a basic understanding. Performing magic besides healing and regeneration is a very big struggle for me, when i attempt to perform any other magic i only feel my hands heat up but nothing happens. I’d like to learn more and expand my skills as far as I can and beyond.


Welcome to the forum!


Hi! I’m a complete newbie. I want to learn how to attract and seduce beautiful, barely legal women. I need help. I also want to become fabulously wealthy using spells. I’ve had insights, like that time I realised that all frozen corn kernels were about the same size. Same with frozen peas. I’ve done colouring-in with crayon and water magic plus completed two, ninety minute night-school courses in business ethics and Creole narratives. I’m looking to make new friends, get an ex back and kill a neighbour using black magic.

I was born under the sign of Cetus with all of my ascendant planets neutered when I was young so my star chart is skewered. I don’t know how to use the Search Bar either!



:joy::joy::joy: I love your posts Uncle-Al


HI there guys and girls, I already made my introduction a time ago, just wanted to say hello again with a picture of myself :slight_smile:


Whats up everyone?

I’m Em and have been a practicing witchcraft for 2 years now and studying spirituality for about 8. I pretty much got sick of the new agey bullshit and being harrassed by asshole hippie bullies so i turned to witchcraft, which has always pulled me in anyway but it was just a matter of time.

If i had to put a label on my craft which i dont usually do, i would say I’m a gray witch. I practice divination, working with the occult and lately have been delving into working with deities.

Dont let the dreads fool you, I aint some sunshine loving, light and peace preaching hippie. Ill put a bitch in the grave if i need to… but usually Im pretty nice so hit me up if you wanna be friends.


Haha yes the looks a good girl look us great for fooling the mortals…



When I saw your picture I thought of the female mythos of the Order of Nine Angles. Their Magick is effective as well.



Jeez…falls head over heels but on a serious note welcome, you’ll find this website has much to offer you and we hope you enjoy your stay! Please read all the rules and regulations when you get a chance.

I will hyu, since I need better friends NO CAP (no im playing mine are pretty dope as is haha)!

I dig the mug and this:

The night is cool and the hounds are grey, well…I do hope you enjoy the stay. Alas, but this a corner or two…may I interest you in “a scrub”, or a few?

Anyways, Imma get outta your hair haha!


Hi my name is Matt always have had a passion for spirits life after death ect . I have been studying and trying to astro project myself for over a month now with doing meditaion exercises without luck ,and then i found her my new passion, succubus i have experenced over the years random encounters i studied for weeks trying to call one to me without much success i stumbeled on a site where i could buy a custom conjured succubus vessel so i did . I for im happy i found your site idk if it was by accident i dont think so for i have many questions. The past 3 or 4 days has been wonderful .The thing is which i am grateful that i can sense her feel her warm electricfing my entire body simontainally,but also i wish to dream of her and hear her voice in my head unfortuinally i cannot i dont remeber any dreams anymore i wish to futher strenthin my bond with her so happy i stumbled onto you guys forums any feed back would be great .



This seems to be the place for introductions and I am not very good at introductions! Oh, excuse my english! I am a 24 year old student from Germany. I am a piano playing cat lady that likes to paint. I would not exactly call me a witch nor an occultist (I would call myself an insane artist but this does not really exclude the occultist I guess!). I am highly interested in this topic. But I am more likely interested in investigating a few happenings that I cannot really explain (and blaming the wind isn’t exactly an option here! ). As it stopped during my teenage years, but started again in my early 20s. It turned me from an atheist into an agnostic (as there is also the possibility that this is all just in my mind!). Nonetheless I am kinda drawn to the occult for quite a time now, but never really made a move on my own as I don’t want to mess anything up. I am currently in a phase where I am finding myself. I hope that I will learn a bit about myself during my stay here. I don’t really know what kind of picture I should use - I go with this resized quality snapchat pic.

Thank you for reading.

  • Cil


Welcome to the BALG forum @Matthew_walpole and @Ciliriel! Enjoy the ride!


Because this topic is about the BALG Gods, I just decided to share an old, but interesting story from my past (I got some free time). I do not think this story worth new topics, but this event was/is a part of me.

Long years ago, when I was a little child, I fel into a deep pool. There was a big drain on its bottom but absolutely unseen for me (because the water was dark), and it had a big suction power. No one noticed me, even my mother (who totally changed after my fathers death, she did not take care of me at all, so my Demons did ~) and others around me. I was sure in I’ll getting drowned then die after I fell into that big stuff. Can’t fight against the pressure as a tiny little girl, under the water. I’ve still was able to heard the birds’ song above me, the children happy laughter, playing with their parents, and the blue sky, with the shiny Sun’s light. Then I realised: " I’ll die here… so soon …Can not be true. " - I thought. But the seconds are just gone, and I was slowly out my last breathe. " So this is how it will end? " - asked from myself.
But in the final second then… a huge, white-gold light surrounded me. I saw nothing but that light. And in an another second, an unknow “power” pushed me out of the water, just like a ragdoll. I was able to breath again, and slowly I started to realize that I’m still alive. I tried to find who saved me (around me) but can’t find anyone… No one even watched me, or was in the near, at all. I just get saved…

These golden-white light appeared and surrounded me every time when I was near to the death (and healed me up from cancer within a night, as I mentioned before).

Was it me? Was it an another God? … it’s a mistery ( but my Demon Lover told that it was me; my higher-self saved myself again and again. Maybe I should ask this from Abaddon. ).


Austin Osman Spare was an artist.




hi everyone im someone who knows nothing of magic but I have a very strong intuition and experience dejavu daily,honestly my life has become a series of unfortunate events to a point that i feel i have been cursed, i searched around the internet and found my way here i would really appreciate if anyone can help tutor me from the very beginning thank you.


You could have cursed yourself by the words that you say


can you elaborate?


I’m Dru. I thought I made an introductory post, but it looks like I haven’t.
I’ve always sensed other worldly energies/entities since I was a child.
Raised in a Christian home, and even though the things I was in to wasn’t accepted by my religion, my parents didn’t discourage it…I was simply taught to be quiet about it.
Spirit came to me in all forms.
What couldn’t face me in my waking hours, found me in dreams.
I’ve fought negative entities in dreams, just to wake up and see them standing next to my bed. This was a regular occurrence for me as a teen. It got to the point where I no longer felt fear.
I’m solitary eclectic.
I’m clairsentient, clairvoyant, and clairsalient.
Up to this point I have only really worked with angels, but eventually I would like to work with demons as well.
Most of what I do is healing, blessing, and protection…but I’ve cursed a few times. I believe in balance.
My tools are stones, candles, cards, mirrors, and pendulums…along with chants.
I’m drawn to chaos magick, voodoo, and shamanism.
I did take a long break from the craft because I thought it was affecting me in a negative way…I picked it back up because I felt like I lost a part of myself when I quit…and I learned it wasn’t the craft that was the problem, but my attitude about it.
I’m here to learn more, advance my skill, and share when I can.
Thank you.


Thank you, and welcome!


Hi everyone:

  • My nickname is Nobu, but my real name is Luis, I’m on my early 20’s and I live in Puerto Rico. Since I was a young boy magick always call to me in one way or another, It was this year that I discover the Goetia and plan to work with it. This my first book of magick and I’m currently reading it, but it’s definitely not the last one. Since this is the first book of magick I’m reading and without any coaching, I don’t know much about anything. Any tips will be very much appreciated.
  • Magicks that I look forward to learning are; Black Magick, Evoking demons, doing rituals, and anything in between.
  • My current goals are to learn as much as I can and being able to perform rituals in the near future.
  • My current struggle is lack of knowledge.
    -P.S. English is not my first language, I apologize for any mistakes.