Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum


Your words have power, whether or bot you realize it, as you work with magick more you’ll see, but basically by saying certain negative things you could end up cursing yourself


Welcome. The best way is to teach yourself and do lots of reading and researching


ok im up for it but can you recomend where i can start all that?


Sure. Use the looking glass in the top right hand corner and research all spirits and magic you are interested in. It is a good start :slight_smile: Lots of great info


ok thnkx


Hi there, i’m Ezmel. I’m currently interested in the summoning angels and “demons” to help make my daily life better. Currently i’m having some love problems so i’ll try calling on Duke Sallos or Archangel Chamuel first then sort out my life problems. I might ask a lot of questions mostly about offerings since i’m a complete beginner on magick so i hope everyone doesn’t get annoyed. English is not my native language so i apologize for some mistakes beforehand. Nice to meet you all.


Welcome to the rabbit hole that is BALG @EZMEL! :slight_smile:


Hi thanks for the welcome!


How can I introduce me if I don’t know myself? For the Name I belive that give a name to a person it’s a useless sigil, ergo I don’t use it (look for the “REN” magic name in ancient egypt culture. I compose music, poems and in magic I’m an expert of PHOSPHENISM and NATUROPHENOLOGY. so. that’s all. deep bow


p.s.: what part of me I have to introduce? " The five parts of the Egyptian soul were the Ren , the Ba, the Ka, the Sheut, and the Ib. The Ren was the name given to a person at birth. Egyptians believed it was part of a person’s soul and that it would live for as long as that name was spoken or the person remembered.


I am Zatagoon the exiled shaman and a nihilist. I practice dark shamanism, satanism, black magic, and a bit of necromancy. My goals are to become a god and build an empire that would do my bidding well.


Hey am new here i dont know anytihing recently started watch E.A and i would like to learn an understand i have always had and intrest in these things id like someone to guide me.


Hi all my name is Estelle (real name) but I am open to any suggestions of what I could be named. I thought I had introduced myself but I’m not sure if I put it in the right place as I am honestly so utterly dumb when it comes to computers, phones, forums or anything else that’s techy. I am a mum of 3 grown up kids and have a soul mate that Ive spent my life with from when we were only young teens. We adore each other after 31 years so I know I can defo perform some kind of magic lol. I have been interested in all things mystical since I was a kid. I have tried the tarot and some witchcraft but I’m seriously not good - I mean Ive never made a spell work that is until I joined this and began to learn about sigils? Not sure if that the right word. Anyway I needed some money quick sharp so thought I would try a sigil. I swear to you all after 10 mins I was offered a loan from my bank and although it has to be paid back it was unexpected and I got the money I needed. I am so exited now and if anyone would like to give me some beginner’s advice I would be most grateful. I am a loving caring person who would never want to harm anyone so I don’t want to get into sacrifices and mean stuff. If anyone could help my daughter meet a soulmate I would be so grateful or if you could help me to be able to help her. She is bi sexual - veering more towards women but she wants a man as she despo wants a baby and her clock is ticking. And if anyone could help my son. He has just married a girl in the USA but she cannot come here even though they’re married until they have savings of a certain amount. They’ve worked out it will take them 2 years to save this amount and I’m so sad for him. They love each other and need to be together plus she’s kind of on her own over ther apart from friends but she has no family as she is from a strict Muslim family so my son is just not what they will accept for their daughter so she has been shunned. They just need a break. Ok that’s it really. If anyone wants to know anything more about me or my family just ask. And thank you for reading my intro and hope you all have an amazing weekend.
Huge hugs
Estelle :hugs:


I’d rather not say my name and definitely not a picture.

My first exposure to magic was through hoodoo with very mixed results but it was also good at the time because it’s kinda easy to hide from people you live with, but the summoning and evoking style holds much more appeal to me. It seems like I’m asking someone specifically to help rather than just burning candles (maybe that’s why I always got very mixed results with hoodoo)

With that said, I’m a complete newbie. And I also don’t have much money to get started either (employment spell is one of my first needs - although I’m also looking to reconcile with my ex. I know I know; I’m a cliche)


I am Luke, I live in Colorado and I have been practicing Chaos Magick for about a year now. It has been an amazing and empowering experience that has created a lot of positive changes in my life. I have found a lot of success with sigil magick and Tarot divination but I am ready for new challenges. I recently started experimenting with evocation and I am anticipating a deep dive into invocation and possession very soon.

I struggle with visualization and projection but I have gained some ground recently using guided meditations. I also struggle with the courage to delve into the darkest aspects of the left hand path. I grew up in a conservative Christian home and while I have shook most of that influence, I still feel pings of fear and apprehension when it comes to working with Satan or demons.

My ultimate goal with magick is to use it fluidly in everyday life, for it to influence my moment to moment experience. I want to gain as much power and fluency as I can find and use it bend everyday reality to my will. I am also a medical professional so I enjoy helping people and being a resource in times of need. I would like to carry that into my magickal realm and become a magickal resource to the people in my life, similair to a village shaman or local witch. Have an issue or nagging problem? Come to me and see if there is anything I can do anything for you. I want to bring back some of the old ways.

My basic Chaos magick mantras: If nothing if is True, then everything is true. Your perception is your reality, change your perception and change your reality.


Hello everybody.
I’m a 36 year old guy from Germany. About 10 years ago I became interested in chaos magic and discovered Discordanism. In all this time I have been interested in occultism and conspiracy theories. Then I tried to translate these themes into art somehow. Over the years I have also worked with witchcraft and Satanism, but I have never been able to transform much of it into art, except by integrating some approaches into my life. Recently I have been working intensively on the attempt to develop an Discordian magic system and founded the UniversCity of Sockovia in Germany for this purpose. I now devote myself entirely to Discordianism, but I also read a lot about traditional magic, Satanism and chaos magic. I never really got away from it. So if you have questions about Discordianism or like crazy magic, you can write to me. Since English is only my second language, I ask you to excuse mistakes at this point.


Hello. Your ex? Why not upgrade?


Sounds interesting. I studied German many years ago but way out of practice. Lovely easy language :purple_heart:


I hear you and it’s not like I haven’t thought of it. But there are reasons for preferring her that I don’t want to get into here (partly for reasons of privacy and also partly because I don’t want to spend all day spilling my guts on the internet)


Hi there, my name is Monica (real name cuz it’s the only one I have for now), i’m 17 (turning 18 this june), the 7 in my username is my birth number. I’m portuguese, and english is my second language, so understand if I make any mistakes.
I’ve been reading this forum for at least a year but only decided to create an account now. I stumbled upon this forum because of my interest for paranormal activity through searching about it for three years when I became more openminded about this kind of stuff since I was catholic and got a batism when I was a child (5 years old probably). Also, media and hollywood movies didn’t help either.
By searching for paranormal stories I discovered about incubus and succubus and found it interesting, after that I started to pay more attention to the more well-known and powerful demons (i’m also interested in angels). Since then, i’ve been using the search bar to learn about meditation (which i’ve been trying to do everyday), TGS, evocation and demons that i’m more interested in at the moment: King Paimon and Belial.
I’ve done one evocation of King Paimon, which I didn’t sense anything, but still talked to him since people say he always comes, didn’t get any results or signs but I took it as he was testing me so i’m working more on meditation to develop my astral senses.
When it comes to Belial, I don’t know why i’m so interested in him but since he’s been appearing everywhere in this forum I got more exposed to information about him. People say he’s not good with beginners so i’m not planning to work with him just yet, unless he wants to.
I decided to start this LHP journey because I feel like I really need it, I got no motivation to do anything when it comes to school and other things that I love doing (which makes me confused cuz since I don’t like to study I understand my procrastination, but in terms of things I like doing, I don’t know why I procrastinate to do them), I want to make my parents happy since they are already stressed about other things like taking care of my 23-year-old brother that has cerebral paralysis. I also want to reach magickal ascent so I can change my life for the better as well as my self-growth. Lucid dreaming, dreams in general and astral travelling sounds pretty nice to me too since you can have unique experiences through it and also because it’s a gateway for communication with spirits.
I am struggling with sensing, hearing and communicating with spirits and with remembering dreams (I only remember the useless ones, unless they’re not as useless as I think but they just don’t make any sense). I also think too much about whether things are really working or if it’s just in my head like, when I feel a slight touch, vibrations or see something passing by real fast. The only thing that happened to me which i’m sure it was from a spirit was my room’s door opening by itself at 6am, but this happened before I decided to start the LHP, I was only interested in paranormal activities so I was quite happy.
I think that’s all I have to say, thank you for reading this!
I’m looking forward for the future and hope that you guys are willing to help me when it comes to starting this wonderful journey!:grin: