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Hello everyone, I’m Nikita.
I think it’s been about 5 months since I discovered Magick and gave up my previous beliefs regarding ‘magic’. I wouldn’t say I’ve practiced a lot, because where I live it is hard to find a lot of resources and materials that some of the heavy duty rituals and spells require. I’ve mostly stuck to candle magick, and found success in most of my workings.
I have practiced baneful magick but I don’t think I’ve tried my hand at black magick yet. Growing up I’ve been made to associate a lot of negative connotations with it, but I have managed to shed those. I’m just not sure which way to go from here. I also want to start evocations so I’ll be browsing around here for the best course of path here. This forum has already helped me a lot in my learnings and I look forward to posting more!!


Nice i’m vegetarian and also a Leo

Greetings, my name is kyle. My parents drug me to church until i was like 12, and i never really liked any of it (although the free food was good ;]!
That said I’ve always had an interest in “the other side.” It took me 30 years to finally get get here, and have only started researching a few mp tha ago off and on. Not real sure the direction i want to study and work with the most but what really kick started me was summoning a succubus (i have a vary high sex drive.)
Ive read different places that have any background in religion isn’t really a good thing but I’m willing to proceed seeing as how it was a forced venture. Well there it is let’s get this party started


Hey. I’m Taylor Smith. I’m 19. I like baneful magic basically. I’m just one year into magick and am pretty much a rookie. I don’t really have any goals as such since I’ve only done external (goetic type magick)… Not any internal/tansformational Magick… Well I guess thats pretty much it. :slight_smile:
And I really love the LHP philosophy


Hello. My name is Alin, i’m from Romania. My grandfather was an orthodox priest. I think i inherited his thirst for knowing. Can someone guide me to some history lessons? I mean Satan’s scripture or the devil’s interpretation of the bible. I think this is the first step in learning…


Hi everyone, I’ve been into the occult for about 10 years now, but a practicing witch since childhood. My mom tried to raise me a white witch but that didn’t appeal to me. I have studied a lot of different things but feel most at home practicing traditional witchcraft and blood and sex magick. I am also interested in the poison path and entheogens. Current goals would be learning to astral project and merge my consciousness with my astral double. I struggle with undiagnosed ADD lol I am constantly dabbling in different things and changing my mind. Also my secretiveness, which is not necessarily a bad thing but I find it hard to be open about my experiences for fear of sounding schizophrenic, but hopefully this forum helps me with that.


I’ve been born with gifts that caused me so much trouble in my early life mainly because of my christian upbringing and also because I didn’t know how to properly control these gifts.
But that changed as I studied more & more occult texts and learned how to control my mind and make good use of my natural gifts.
I currently practice demon magick. I would say I’m intermediate. My patron is Belial and my matron is Agrat Bat Mahlat.
I also started working with spirits of the norse path recently. I am particularly skilled in scrying, channeling and runic divination :slight_smile:


It’s the Draconians, Grey and Anuist Anunnaki you have to be careful of. They can be really nasty for no good reason so it’s best to be on guard. Forewarned and forearmed, so to speak. I try not to take any unnecessary chances.

And welcome!



I thank you for caring, and i am well aware of how nasty they can be. And trust i am Talisman & Amuleted tf down! :joy::joy::joy:. But seriously im glad to see you are aware of their nasty nature, they like to fool people into believing them to be benevolent, they always fuck with me! Or atleast try to.


Hello guys let me introduce myself I am Luna, I already know this forum and I always read you! I hope to continue learning and to become the best version of myself! I have so many things to change, to be eliminated … so many things to discover … we’ll talk soon!:rainbow::sparkles::rose:


Dear Balg,

i figured it’s a good time to update this.


Philosopher’s stone and developement of the devil gene achieved.

Words of Power:

AumOhmZui - Create anything.
JaJuJi - Control any living creature,
Spirit, Servator with triple access (reaching directly into it’s core).

Healing -
Reiki Mastergrade.
Azi Dahaka / Hermes Trismagistos working finished.
Tumma Breath, Bone Breath, Internal Flame - sufficient.

Unspoken Casting, Whispers:

My Telepathy is stable,
and i’m in control of my thoughts.

Liberation of Mankind -
Booyyyy, that’s a shitload of work to do!!! xD




Hi everyone. Im a fifteen year old pagan, learning how to manifest my desires through black magick and demons. Really not much else to say so ill leave it at that.


Hi BALG forum members ! My name is Murat and I am 21 years old,I am a beginner for all of this but I am working hard,I am reading lots of books everyday and meditating.Hell,I already learned LBRP and Middle Pillar already but thats just a drop of water in the ocean so,need to work more !
My current goals are mastering evocation,divination,and soul travelling as it should be,and thats it !
Oh,by the way,this is the craziest yet kindest forum I have ever seen :rofl:


Hello again BALG. I used to have an account and some of yall know me from back in Octoberish when i was here. Had a lot of things going on and had it deleted but im slowly back into the swing of things

@Lady_Eva im not sure if this is possible but could i get my PM privledges back? If not ill wait a few days until the site auto gives it


I just PM’d you. :+1:


My name is Kane, I guess I like almost all kinds of magic with the exception of magic to harm another. my current goals are to become more spiritual and reach a level of understanding and companionship with those I am bound to. my current struggle is trying to find where I fit in things, I am have 4 new companions who are bound to me I am waiting to meet. I want to provide them a place they will know as their home


lol i have the same struggle as you mate. I too find myself wondering where i fit into things as well

Hi im new here.from the carribbean.ive began following the left hand path on my own and i am drawn to azazel and would like any real expert help about workin with him.and to share my experiences


I’m JJ, in my teens; I’m an atheist, but also very open-minded. I’ve always been really interested in this sort of stuff, so about half a year ago I began practicing it. I am really into satanism/dark magick and contacting spirits. I am not very good with concentration, so if you know any tips to practice that, then PLEASE help me out!