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My name is vardo. Honestly I’m not sure how I got on this page or this website but here I am.
When I was younger, I watched some anime and felt inspired by its demonic culture. Naively I asked a demon to inhabit me in exchange for rage.(High school bullies are a bitc*).
I honestly don’t know what it is, but sometimes I get very very angry and verbally rude especially in texting/calling while I’m an extremely passive/well-mannered person. I know it’s this demon. It’s kinda ruined many of my relationships so far.
Apart from banishing him, I want to know my purpose. I feel drawn immensely to this type of stuff but I don’t know if I my affinity is left or right path.
Lately I keep hearing these voices saying “summon death” , or I’ll never be powerful enough to “summon death”. I don’t know what this means…
I’m from a very strong Christian background so this is new to me


Welcome to the forum.


My name is Gia, I am just like everyone else here. I have a few pacts and one active one with King Paimon.



How long have you practiced?

You said you are “like everyone else here,” but we have all kinds of magicians and practitioners as members. What kind are you?


My name is Nicholas and I am just starting to get into this stuff. I’ve always been interested in stuff like this but never have done magic or evocations. My current goal is to feel like I’m in control of my life for once and feel like I belong somewhere.


Hello Dear Everyone!
I’m glad to be here.

( Very first, please forgive me my poor English, I hope this won’t bother anyone. )

My name is Henriett, and I live in Hungary. I knew about and got surrounded with Demons from my birth. There is a really mysterious “thing” around my father’s death, which was an important point in my life, because after this, I got isolated from everything (I was 2,5 years old). So in this silence in the Dark, Demons took care of me. They taught me and protected me. As time passed,I grew up with Them in my side, and They was more “natural” around me than humans. And has always a strange “feeling”, an indescribable connection to Them, which was more stronger than everything other type of emotion towards humans.

So, I learned a lots of things from Them, however I knew many things by myself already. I survived several accident and even a deadly cancer (healed within a night before the final tests and the operation - I still remember that night), all of them in an incredible way. I didn’t know for a long time how and what happened, and who saved me. This mystic golden-white light, what is always appeared when I was in near to death, without any chance to survive. I was always think that They did, but some years ago (~2) a Demon, close to my heart asked back, after I asked Him about this:

Why would you think, that “spirit” who helped and saved You was… anyone else?

I was completely blocked. After this heavy “question” (which was much likely an answer). I started to thinking on my whole past , or at least on those incidents what whas not clear to me who’s caused them. I was always had a deep feeling about my sleeping power (knowing things from nowhere, visions, causing luck or bad luck, healing) and sometimes it was deadly when I was out of controll.

My goals in the life was always clear to me. From the very begginning (yes, even when I was a tiny little child). Become more perfect, getting power, knowledge, evolve my skills in several planes and do my best without any limitations.

And now I’m here. I never had the courage to try summon our Lords, at all.
I had/having sex Demons for a while, having a deep relationship with Them. They’re ofter attack men who are try to build a deeper relationship with me, and They are a part of my everydays.
Surroundet by Them, but no enough courege to take a single step on a Higher stone (to Azazel, Abaddon). Or I simply do not think that I would worthy to do it…

But I’ll do it one day. So… I’m glad to be here with You, again!

Important! Friendly catch-all reminder to new members :)
Having sex with Demons for years, but

Hey i’m Rachel and I’m from Australia.
I have been interested in the BALG forum for a while now but I haven’t made an account until now.
I’ve been visited by spirits since I was little and I’ve had numerous dreams about being in hell (for about 3 Years now) doing all sorts of things - chatting to beings there, exploring, and swimming in a thick red lake.
I don’t know if these dreams mean anything but they are definitely interesting.
Also I can’t stop thinking about Belial and I don’t know why. His name will always pop up in my head.
Anyway I thought I might as well make an account since I visit this site often.


Hello, I’m slowly evolving, going my own way, without actually going deeper than I need it: Rudolf Steiner, Franz Bardon, GD, and now with some philosophical awareness I headed for Chaos Magick and the LHP. I am sensitive to paranormal phenomena, especially clairaudiant. But I am now at my first evocations with the Demons of Goétia. I’ll let you know about my results. I have some results but not very clear at the moment that are more the effect of placebo I think.


Hi I am a beginner witch from Germany (nickname Sidonia von Borcke). On the 4th of Feb 2019 I carried out my first ever Sigil Zauber Magick which led to other things. I found this website because I was looking for a ritual to summon a Daemon. The posts I read from Timothy were very helpful.
Goal was to summon a Daemon. Struggles = understanding the things I have experienced / signs. Are they a figment of my imagination or have I really connected with a Demon?
In the past I have always dabbled in Tarot cards, Yoga and own a Pendulum (Rose Quartz) which I bought in London Camden Market 20 years ago. I bought the Pendulum from a Gothic couple who had 3 things on a very small old table with green felt cloth on it, NOT knowing what it was!! (Thought it was jewelry). I also like crystals and collect stones from the forests nearby. Anyway I carried out an invocation ritual to the Demon Barbatos on the 6 March and would like to share my experiences and I have some questions that I would love to have your advice on. Also, (probably too long to post in this Rubrik of the Forum) I have been receiving what I think are omens / signs and strange coincidences including some strange candle flame behaviour during my Invocation ritual that I would love to have your opinions on. Oh and I am a sceptic, I mean if I hadn’t been having all these freaky experiences which started after drawing my first ever Sigil - somehow ending up on the black magick path, I would think it was all a figment of my imagination. Am I a magickal soul or witch and just needed the right triggers to tap into the powers? Any exchange on Barbatos would be great as I sense that he is an old-fashioned Demon, or maybe strict. Also he seemed to lure me into wanting to get into a pact, just not like the feathery feeling of white magic at all.
Thanks Sidonia


Welcome to the BALG forum @Rachel, @Savoseta and @Sidonia!


Dear DarkestKnight, may I post my Invocation Ritual experience and Questions on that matter? If so where? The candle flames behaved strangely and I saw in the Google that there are Candle Magick Spells etc but cannot find the answer there. Also I have questions about ‘my’ demon Barbatos as I am a 1 month long practitioner of Magick!


Certainly. Just go to the main screen and click on the new topic button.


Hi! I’m Fern, I’m 21 and I’m from Brazil. I’ve been thinking of really practicing for a couple of years now (after being interested in magick all my life), but my knowledge is near zero so I thought entering a forum might help.

My mom says she talks to some spiritual guides, but I’m not really into what she follows. My paternal grandma practiced some things that I would count as being Umbanda. She used to tell me about gnomes and faeries, though.

I’m interested in working with demons, angels and gods. Basically the whole thing. I don’t know where to start :frowning: just wanted to try communicating with gods before jumping into summoning demons, y’know. But I do have some questions about the gods to ask, first, and some veeery basic things, so if anyone has the patience to answer me I’d be so grateful!

And any tutors welcomed!


Welcome to the forum!

Please avail yourself of the forum’s search function in the upper right. This forum is chock full of information on all aspects of magick, so I’m sure you will find what you are looking for :slight_smile:


Something should be done to stop Aussies joining BALG.

Al from outside of Sydney in Oz.


I’ve only seen a couple of aussies on here! Most of you guys seem to be from parts of Europe


Hi…my name is Stephanie. Im a Theistic Satanist. Im also a bloodline witch with O negative blood type. Ive always had a sense when there were spirits/demons around me. Ive always been extremely cautious to make a pact or evoke/invoke a demon because of my fears. I met a wonderful man who is my fiance/teacher and ive been preparing myself for almost 2 years and im now in the process of building my altar. For some reason ive always been drawn to Belial. My teacher isnt happy with my choice but i feel like he chose me. I feel no connection with any other entity. My teacher/ fiance has had success with many of the Goetia demons but doesnt really like Belial. Ive done my research and im aware that hes a hard guy to get what you need from.and he will demand a hefty “offering” to accept my pact. And i have no problems or fears concerning this. I know if he grants favor then i will be blessed with help from his many familiars. Its still gonna take me at least another month before im completely prepared because its got to be perfect because Belial doesnt suffer fools. But im getting all the necessary preparations. Im open to any suggestions from the experienced magicians in this forum. Hail Satan


Nice to meet colleagues from Germany!


Ja Danke :grinning: bin zwar halb Engländerin aber deutsche. …Live in a village in the Lüneburger Heide. … lots of Hügelgräber here. Da bist du die erste Hexe die ich begegnet bin :scream:


Ich war nie in der Umgebung von Lüneburg, das kann interessante künftige Reiseziel sein. Ich bin ein Hexer (ein Mann).