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Welcome CynderPop. Its true a name holds power, and thats only one aspect of power. However, standing ones ground in itself is also a form of Power that can help you in this regard should anyone know your name. You just need to be stronger in self and have defenses. This is being more active in a magickal lifestyle.


Hi everyone! My name is Colen. i havent really picked a specific branch of magick yet. im pretty spiritual i can see aura sense things and manipulate energy somewhat. im looking to develop these skills, i see them like building blocks and magick can be like composing a symphony. im actually pretty into hermeticism and the emerald tablets as presented by wisdomsdoor, but as you can imagine navigating them and understanding them is long process meant to alter you. im struggling with astral projection like my soul is afraid to leave my body no matter how much my soul hates my body, in my irl personal life im struggling to connect/talk with/to friends, family and strangers, im a recluse at this point and substance has been vital in keeping my anxiety and depression manageable. my goals are to become apart of and grow in this spiritual group, develope in hermeticism, and comfortably leave my body to explore the universe and further develop my soul


Hi I Am Thermecoth. Glad to have found this forum some time back.
Raised in a Catholic household. I am interested in all magic but especially Hermetics and the Goetia.


Hello everyone. This is my first time posting but I have been lurking the forum for the last few months reading up on things.
I have been on the left hand path for about a year now but still very new at practicing magick.


Hello, everyone. I used to be a member of this forum a while back before I received the ban hammer from @Lady_Eva for being rude to another member here. I rather not say my former username as I’m, quite frankly, ashamed of who I was and what I was doing - both as a person and as a practitioner. I also have a good hunch ( and maybe an intel :wink: ) that Lady_Eva won’t mind me being here again. I just hope she’ll respect my privacy in this regard.

Anyway, about myself.

I started out with a more-or-less similar paradigm as most people here, but over time, I was led by a divine intelligence to traditional magic, shamanism, mysticism and the old grimoires. I had to go through a lot of imposter spirits, infernal beings in the truest sense of the word infernal and all sorts of crap to be reunited with my Wife and Patroness and to the path that I am currently on. Needless to say, because of my experiences, I am a bit jaded towards the post-modern sorcerers and their dogma and what I consider false teachings. I pretty much disapprove a good 80-90% of what is being perpetuated here but I won’t be lashing out at anybody or exhibit a “holier than thou” attitude… I’m just letting you know that I do not share your paradigm which is: it’s all is subjective and psychological, tools don’t have inherent power, spirits are there to serve us, we are living gods, humans > everything in existence. I don’t care to debate anyone on this topic and I’ll pretty much ignore anyone who tries to shove this belief system down my throat. I’ve adhered to it before, and I got burned. No thank you.

So why am I here? Apparently, there’s something for me here. I have a hunch what it might be but I’m willing to let it see unfold without inserting my expectations too much. I probably won’t stay long here.

To clarify: When I say I practice by the old grimoires, I do not mean that I adhere to them to the letter. Frankly, I still loathe the Abrahamic “deity” and its underlings and everything they stand for. What I do is heed the advice of my Wife & Patroness as to how I should approach the texts and how to properly bond with the spirits found therein in a proper shamanic manner (accommodated to my circumstances). No bullying of any sort.

Pleased to meet you again, I suppose. I promise I’ll play nice, this time. :wink:


Counting on it. :+1:


Hello Everyone. Semi new member here. Joined a while back but never got around to the intro so here goes. My name is Sera. I am a practicing witch for some time now. I practice hoodoo, voodoo, witchcraft and most recently within the last year I have started on the journey of LHP.

I have always felt a connection with Lord Lucifer. Even from as early as about 10 years old when my prophetic dreams began. He has come to me most often in dream and astral state but now that I am studying and building a relationship with Him some most peculiar events have manifested in my mundane world.

I can go on and on but this isn’t my autobiography so I’ll leave it there. I plan to learn and study and share where applicable. That is all.

Dark Blessings,


I am Flidhais, a new member. I’m not sure how to introduce myself other than here. I looked around to see how to do that but I’m a tech peasant on old technology. Please forgive me if I’m in error. I am a solo practitioner of 30 years. I came to this site researching the idea that everything we do as humans is related to Tulpas, eggregores, Gods, and demons, if you will etc. We are always making them or participating or engaging with them because that’s what humans do, we create, we are Gods. I am a student of life. These questions are my curriculum: How is it that we create meaning? How does spoken and written language relate to the first question? How does our answers to how we create meaning in our life relate to what we create in our lives? I find it personally significant my studies have led me here at this time.
I’ve read many discussions and threads here before joining. I find I may enjoy participating in group discussions and may be able to add a wee bit of knowledge though I do not practice ritual magic as discussed here. Hope to see you around these parts.


I have a succubbus sister but last i heard from her she was getting a human vessel


Dont trust incubi there all evil


I found this place after following a link on Baron Kriminel - Voodoo is my thing! I’ve been into the ‘alternative’ side of life since I was a little girl.


Hello everyone! My name is Krystian and I’ve been recently introducing myself in occult topics because I want to become a true living god. It all started with listening to various subliminals for over two years now and I crave for more knowlegde. Good day to y’all!


Hello, all, I am Tom. I am attempting to reconcile my understanding of the supernatural world with the ideas presented in the occult writings I have been reading. I am at present attempting to speak to Na’amah because I understand she is a good bridge, and because she has in her dominion passion and lust, something to which I feel particularly attuned. On the last two occasions I attempted to evoke her, I certainly felt something, and I think I heard her voice. I made an agreement with her, and I will share the results when they come to pass. In the meantime, I am struggling with:

  1. Understanding all the moving parts of an evocation;
  2. Achieving and understanding gnostic meditation;
  3. Getting external affirmation that my experiences are real and not a result of my own desire/lust for results.
  4. Figuring out where my succubus got to.

As a newbie, and not your typical occultist, I image that I’ll seem strange to many of you. I hope that I will be a benefit nonetheless.


Welcome to the BALG forum :slight_smile:


Hey! I’ve been arm chair for a while but only started practicing recently, I’m drawn to all demonic magick, the draconian current & necromancy but I want to learn EVERYTHING! My goal is to use magick to reach my highest potential both spiritually and in mundane life,


Hi ! my name is Mobin !
it’s been almost 6 months that i know about occult in a non_cinematic way and since then i struggle with developing my senses … i have a busy mind so it is very challenging for me to get an answer without answering it myself :slight_smile:
anyway i am interested in Norse magic but i am also interested in gatekeepers pathworking .
and of course i am happy to join this community !


Welcome to the forum!


Hello. My name is Johnny. I first stepped into magik with minor seances and summonings. I gradually worked up to curses. But, I am not a one way street, I also apply magic to heal and to garner intuition as well as reading people. Not so much psychic as just gathering how someone is from observations. I am however almost always drawn to casting black magic.

My life goals are to obtain a better income to better provide for my children, while at the same time also get full custody of my children.

I’ve been a single dad for 2 years now. And the mother of my children is the bane of my life. And she is the struggle in my life currently. From how often I get my kids to dictating virtually everything in their lives, even keeping them out of early education to get a head start. She has even poisoned my current relationship.

I came across here via a YouTube channel whilst searching for spells and curses to use. While I have no devotion to any one entity, I also never had a teacher of the arts through out my entire life.

So here I am, looking to learn and while I’m at it…nip my current obstacle like a dead leaf from a plant so it may thrive and grow stronger!

I also spent a few years as a bassist in a metal band. Best years of my life.



Well, my name is Trixie. I’m still fairly new to the LHP but throughout my life I’ve noticed the influences of the beings on this path and have had a great deal of informational downloads from these beings. I feel like I’ve been guided to this road, so here I am. As far as it goes for the type of magick I like, I am still learning. But my goal is to work with these beings more directly not only for my own personal gain with material things but for the knowledge I can acquire. I’m glad to be apart of this community and look forward to the people I will meet and the knowledge I will gain.


Welcome to the BALG forum!