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In the past I wrote an intro but ended up removing it, so let me do this again.

Much to learn, not much to boast, I mostly search the forum and find my answers without asking. Maybe I will even come up with something to share sometime. Lucid dreaming since forever, reading books, manifesting mundane fancies like a boss. Sometimes more awake, in touch with myself and my creative powers, sometimes more asleep, getting involved in some adventure and drama. Healing some traumas. Trying to figure out which way to go. Enjoying the ride. Daydreaming of Belial…


Hi everyone,

I am new in this kind of thing and I am really liking it. Not only because of the wonderful and interesting topics but I’ve experience the great power of King Belial and Grand Duke Danatalion with less than 24 hours after communicating with them.

I hope to learn more from our experts and as well share my great experience.

Let’s all do this together and share the word!


Welcome to BALG @rnja :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome to BALG @girlfromtheeast :slight_smile: Do you have any prior experience? What type of magick you like? Are you long in the path? Any struggles or anywhere more specific you think you need help with?


None at all. I’ve just been reading and interestingly, I cam to a site and I started my research from there.

So my question actually is, I drew the sigil on a piece of paper and drew drops of blood into it. Do I keep with me?


I’m interested in demonology which started when I decide to make a pact with a demon after studying and gathering info I decided that King Paimon is the best for me I have not performed any summoning yet since my knowledge is not complete so I seek help and a mentor to

be in touch with.


Oh my god!! Im from vienna as well and desperatly seeking for people involved in t he occult!
I actually planing to form a “coven” of people who want to learn about this.
Just add me on facebook and have a talk about magick.


Practice makes perfect. Naamah is the material girl.



Hello everyone! I introduced myself about a day ago, but made an entirely new topic because it got a bit long. My alias is Marigina, and I’m a 20 year-old who was raised Catholic but felt a different calling around the middle school years. This was around the same I time I slowly began to free myself from fear-mongering and dogmatic thought patterns while retaining the belief in a higher power.

I like various types of magick such as working with sigils, tarot divination (and other forms of divination), and Chaos Magick.

My current goals involve being able to use magick to help myself and those I care about while walking a path filled with self-improvement and gaining new knowledge. I know that I’ll be able to change my life and surroundings when I erase doubts and misconceptions about the world I live in, so one of my long-term goals is to incorporate magick into daily life to shape it in the long run. I also aspire to one day successfully be able to contact spirits both inside and outside of the dream world when I need to, and I’m willing to practice for as long as it take to be able to do this. I’ve already made some progress by coming in contact with Lucifer twice in the dream realm, and those experiences are positive ones I shall never forget.

My current struggles are living in a house that is not my own with family members who greatly disagree with the practices of the LHP. In this Christian household, I’m technically a “witch in the broom closet”. :woman_mage: I have to maintain the facade of the “wholesome confirmed Catholic” to keep suspicion away, as this mask is the only thing I have to keep them from realizing that my preferences will clash with their beliefs.
Money also isn’t super abundant, but I’m working on saving up for various things I need with the job I have since I currently do not have many bills to pay.

I look forward to a fascinating and wonderful time during my stay at this forum! :smiley_cat:


Hi everyone im rob ive never fone anything like this before but my current goap is knowledge and understanding ill be 18 soon and im about to attempt to summon paimon and i would like to speak with him im unsure how ot will go but he seemed like a safe option and he seems like he would have my answers


Hi, I’m SB, retired with no hobbies and want to improve my life, but neurological issues prevent me from socialising too much or taking volunteer work, etc.

I’m looking into sigils and possibly servitors for the very first time, although I have tried some of Damon Brand’s work before, without too much success.

So I’m a complete novice.

I noticed a previous post on creating a sexual servitor using a sigil. I have a sex doll I call Paige and would like to know if it is possible for a sexual servitor to inhabit the doll or if it’s better to keep them separate.

I understood the steps except for:
• Scry on her sigil
A set of steps for a complete beginner would be very much appreciated.





Based in the UK I am a long time believer but dip in and out of practice.

I have just posted a second thread looking for support. Long story short, I am a long time believer but have had no results or even evidence to support my beliefs.

Any ideas or help?


Hi everyone. I’m SB and I live in the Greater Manchester area.

In 2014/2015 I started reading Damon Brand’s work, to help alleviate or cure Cervical Dystonia, but didn’t get very far with that.

Nor have I got very far with LOA.

I’m now retired and, to start with, would like to use whatever method is appropriate to create a sexual servitor as I’m essentially housebound.


Your name
• Photos if you’re comfortable
• Kinds of magick you like
• Current goals
• Current struggles

Hi, I’m YeoKK I’m new to this forum. I’m here to search for the best suitable love magicks of any kind as long as I can get back my lost love, my current goals is to have her return back to me and love me like how it was before both break up.

I’m into magicks since young age as I’m half thai living in Singapore, I’ve been trying out some Thai magicks for quite awhile.

My current struggle is that I tried over 10 rituals from different masters but it didn’t show any result, even done the heartagram ritual I found here twice and it didn’t work (I still have multiple big sheets of heartagram papers if y’all living in Singapore and want it I can give u tho haha) and now she is currently in a relationship with a guy and I don’t want her to go with that other guy instead. Thus till this day I’m still searching for a correct love ritual to make her return to me.


Hello I am Biffy’s boy and I am a young man who is just trying to learn a little bit more about demonolatry and ceremonial magick. I want to learn as much as I can as I am still new to most thimgs!!! I hope we will all get along and learn some new things together.


Hello my name is Annabelle and my favorite kinds of magick are hermetic and anything along those lines. My goals are to become an artist full time and to become one with the forces of the universe. My struggles right now are apathy and depression.


Nice Eyes.


Hello, I just joined the forum. I’ve been interested in the occult since high school but recently started generating interests in Satanic/Luciferian/Goetic/Black magick, as well as Thelemic philosophy and practices… I’m planning on getting started with health and wellness spells, then moving onto love, career, and abundance workings.

Thanks for reading.



Welcome @devmoore1974. Please introduce yourself properly, as this post does not meet the requirements.


Thanks, Uncle Al. I appreciate the support. Any wisdom you can share would be appreciated.