Having sex with Demons for years, but

Hello there!

As you can see in the title, I have sex with Demons for long years (around 9-10). Because They’re was always around me (from my birth), I never had to invoke a single one to do it.

My first acts happened when I was 12.

In fact, I was never able to name most of the Demons around me, I just simply sense their energies, and I was able to decide that I know Him or not. Based on this, I’m sure that not all of the Demons had been with me for a too long time, and not all of them want to have sex. Some of them just simply “hanged around me” for a little (or long) time, and it happened that I had sex with several Demons at the same time.

Let’s be honest… They are do not want me to have sex with human beings, at all. They often attack them mentally and physycally as well (one of Them caused a car accident to stop the guy / who is not really want to have sex with me but he was in-love me for years / and this One simply broke the window and it’s wood border next to him just because this guy wrote me that he do not fear from Him)

There is many question in my head, but can not find any answer
• Why Demons surrounded me from the very beggining of my life, and act like this (protecting, living with me as I would be one of Them)?
• Why do They want me to have sex with Them so often (almost every day) without any asking before this?
• Why They attack men around me because they’re in love with me, and sometimes They are confronted with each other just because of me?

Bonus: Would anything changed if I would finally invoke a Higher one? (I feel something deeper to Azazel and Abaddon)

( If you want, check out my introduction, or ask about me, or my past or anything what can be useful for you. )


How did you find out they were Demons?


These feel like parasites to me and not demons. I’d do a banishing just in case.

But in the event that these are really demons, have you tried talking to them about it?


I would do as suggested and do a major banishing and cleanse.

Are you happy with this? if not, you need to work on being in control and being rejecting to this, you must feel exhausted.

The LBRP could work for you and then you need to find out what is really going on.

I can think of a few members that could help you


They were was always a good friends of mine. Sometimes I’ve heard their voices in my head (but only the stronger ones’ with obviously higher/stronger energies).

Demons around me are never caused a problem to me, at all. They’re always cared of my health, physycally and mentally as well, and helped me many ways as They can.

Either way I’m sure in that there was parasites on me ~2 years ago, because in that period I felt myself really wrong. Depression, isolation from the world, my thoughts and dreams got controlled by them. It was not ok. It was absolutely unknown to me.

I wanted to talk with these spirits/parasites (I sense 6 of them, but only 4 were agressive and repressive), because what they caused to me was chaos and totally unknown to me, and it gettin’ worst. I was like a slave, or something.

So I bought a Ouija board for the cause, I wanted to talk with them first.
First, I read about the Board before I start anything, but I felt somehow that I should invoke a Demon for help, because I can not sense Their protection at that moment for reasons (and this “parasite crisis” happened within a month, some of them was totally unknown to me, never met them before).

And suddenly, their behavior is changed when these thoughts are came into my mind.

They’re wanted to stop me, and didn’t want to use the board, thinking more about Demons and “getting help”. I felt their nervousness, their fear and anger, at the same time. Two days before I used the board, I sensed a brand new energy. It was huge, unknown, and it filled the whole place in the house. And an another thing… the spirits around me are disappeared. All of them but This new Energy was indescribable.

Long story, in short: We’re talked a lot, and slowly I was able to hear His voice in my head (just like other Demons’ before the crisis). What I know about Him that He is a Demon, and there are more Demons around me (but They are much more … “observers” or something).

I am absolutely happy with this (because I’ve got Demonic protection again, and all my needs is okay, He protects me even illnes, or gave me useful tips even in nowdays, and well… he is my Lover now), but I don’t know why am I so interesting for Them? Can be the reason something like this:

I caused good and bad luck, had lot of visions, I’ve healed/saved myself from death, when my chances to survive was zero. This power was good to me, but sometimes bad to others. In fact, I’ve never practiced these .

Should I contact Abaddon or Azazel for help/Their for their teaching? I was never did before, but I was always felt something deep, indescribable for Them, since my childhood. I avoided invoking Them because I was never felt that I would worthy to Their attention.
It would work on Ouija board, or safer to find an another way?


Can clearly see why.
Start learning Divination and ALso start developing your Astral senses. All your questions will be answered and if you are fortunate you will go a long way in your path of ascension.


Ive probably had more sexual experiences in my sleep than I have in waking life.



They might just want your energy


"you realize when you use that board you can potentially bring in more spirits that you don’t intend to bring in. Hi my name is Macy I am a succubus queen, my husband is typing for me and if these are demons of all kinds that surround you and plus used a board like that I don’t want to be a bearer of bad news but this could be a life long battle if you wish to remove them since you probably lost count of how many surround you and you did it with, but the reason they don’t want you using that board is it could bring in more higher beings that could overshadow them and even pose as them as well .

meaning they would have less power in where they are located. Which is your house. It’s also not good for humans to have too many attachments like this it can seriously destroy them, especially if they don’t ever try to block some out.

my husband had 5 Shadow ppl attached to him at one time causing him to become mentally ill and almost drove him insane, until I found a way to overshadow all of them as a I as a Succubus is a little higher being than a shadow being.

This is just my advice and my input also as for attacking others yes alot entities can do that I personally caused a person at my husband’s work to quit, he would always boast like “she’s cocky” or “she can’t get me I have my defenses up” I didn’t like him anyways he was lazy rude, had a temper, almost hit my husband with a dish or whatever so I went to the work on my hubby’s day off and influenced him to quit. Yea his defenses sucked that day. Anyways that’s just an example of what I can do to others that either peev me off or harm my husband in anyway. Good luck with your situation" -Macy


if you are fortunate you will go a long way in your path of ascension.

I don’t need “fortunate”. It’s all about me, and my actions, my decisions.


They might just want your energy

Clearly not (only those parasites wanted, not my Demons).

I received some useful private messages. Now I know clearly, where should I turn (or “Who” for working with Him). Thanks.

im kinda having the same issue… i have a male demon named malachi who lives with me (been 7 months now)… hes a warrior demon and hes almsot 2500 years old and i met him from a friend of mine i knew (never summoned him) he loves me and i love him back but recently (a few weeks ago) he threatened another male demon of mine and told him “touch her and you die” which i didnt understand why he would say that to my other demon (his name is magnus)