Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum


Ok. How long have you been practicing? What are you looking to find here😊


Hand-me-down practitioner, several solo years in the Order of the Golden Dawn. Hermetic ascension. Everything I’m searching for is no new secret to the amestad arms trade, namely the rest of the best kamerian Synergy capsules came with me out of deep 6. Kamedsa hanera kameran unger fame just to start off. Hope to feel and get a mate and just revenge.


Nice :blush:. I wish you all the best :heart:


Thank you:)


Hello, my name is Dara and I currently have no religion at this time, so I am exploring my options. I am a spiritkeeper who likes to work primarily with the Djinn as well as Sanguine Vampires. I have been practicing on and off since 2016 and recently came across someone in particular who wants a blood pact with me, though I cannot share this individual’s name. I like Hoodoo in particular but am not picky when it comes to magickal practices which suit my needs. My current goal is to form a lifelong relationship with the entity in question and get to know them better, and learn more about myself along the way. My current struggle is that I have a curse in the form of a malicious entity that will need to be removed as soon as possible. Despite this, I try to keep my head up and thanks to one of my spirit guides, the malicious entity’s influence has so far waivered to where I don’t experience sudden headaches, nausea, sleep disturbances, etc.

Best Wishes to All,


What is your order?


I currently do not have one. I am merely a spiritkeeper seeking hidden knowledge from those who came before me


My name is Logan.
I like chaos magick and summoning(even though i have little experience in both)
Wanting to build up to summoning a succubi (for a relationship hopefully)
I am struggling with a lot since knowledge is not very plentiful on websites as of what to do

Hello :grin: Currently learning to open my third eye (the resource I’ve been following is the Psychonaut Field Guide


Hi there, I can understand you, since I’m also from India, I’m practicing this from 1 and half years,so if you need any help,I can assist you and point you into right direction.


Holy snap batman. That’s some good stuff you found there! #instantfav


What is the good stuff?


The psychonaut field guide and from DA no doubt! Seems very beginner oriented and friendly enough from what I’m seeing.


alrighty, thanks. I do have a question.


Hey Jason…actually where are from ? In India where ?


What do you think you’re doing, Emperor? I told you to introduce yourself, not chat idly in the intro thread.


Hello…everyone… my name is Alen. I’m India…I’m new to this Left hand path and black magic. Please forgive me if I make any mistake, it will only be because my lack of knowledge and inexperience.


As I’m knowledgeable in chaos magick and spirit evocation/invocation, so don’t hesitate to ask any questions to me.


Thank you for the offer. I have already done some spirit magick, with summoning a succubus, over all an eyeopener for sure.


Hi guys x ive posted a hello but think it might not be in the correct place. Oops. Will be updating my profile tommorow as its 1am here in England. xxx ps if anyone needs a chew toy to practice on, my ex is a complete ahole. Me and my daughter are struggling like hell at the moment. He owes us 5K in childsupport but a solictor told me as my girl is now 18 and our arrangement wasnt in writing, thats it. Now hes landed on his feet with a rich girlfriend and it pees me off. Even though my daughter has an eating disorder, this ahole mockingly asked her if she was pregnant in front of all of her friends in town. ?!?? So much more. He is very abusive and made my life and my kids lives hell. Im trying to learn myself how to make him get whats coming to him but im really new and was told sometimes people offer to do a ritual. I cant afford to pay for one. I have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndome and depression so I cant work at the minute so I have a limited income. Ive spent my life trying to do good, in philosophy, in religion, and in life but theres only toi much abusel a person can take. Its got me nowhere, and hoping this year of exploration down the LHP will help solidify, reclaim or even forge my own path.
Kind regards and I wish you all a happy, healthy and successful new year. (A littlr late but hey, still is kind of new :slight_smile:


Hello! My name is Cynder, or you can call me Sally. Neither of them are my real name, btw. Sally is my nickname my fam gave me and my witch name is Cynder.

I don’t give my name out to strangers because it holds so much power.

I’ve started my journey to become a germanic, eclectic witch when I was young. Well, learning as much as I can to implement what I learned into my craft.
I usually scry, perform hoodoo, wyrdwork, and any type of magic that involves hands-on activities.

In the future I aim to be just a sorceress that can harness power, nothing more. Unless another opertunity arises.

However right now, I’m currently being harassed by an incubus. Not knowing if it is good or evil.
So I’ll have to sort that out in the meantime.
Visualization is a big struggle as well. I can only scry with a specific items right now and it irritates me.