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No. As I said, it does not work the way it is portrayed in the movies or in books.

You’re 16. It is highly unlikely that what you feel for your special someone will last beyond a few years. That is simply human nature.

Physical immortality is possible, yes, but it is far from easy, and requires years of spiritual attainment and practice. There is no shortcut. You cannot just be bitten, or drink someone’s blood, and suddenly become immortal. If it were that easy, everyone would do it.

As a beginner, my advice to you is to start small, with meditation and psychic development, and then move on from there. To reach physical immortality you would be looking at decades of work. Fortunately, you’re still young, so if you really want to attain it, you have the decades to spare.


Thank you so very much for this information. Like I said i am very new and fresh to the topic…so thank you for pointing me into the right direction.:grinning:


Hey, my name is Daniel!
Since I was a kid that I was atratted to Dark Magic, I always prefered the Demons more than the Angels.
I am still discovering magic.
I just trying to initiate my Ascend by starting to see spirits and talk to them and being able to hear them talking back to me.
At this moment this is what I’m trying to do so yeah, it’s nice to be here!



What’s been expressed above is accurate. The more fanciful variant of vampirism is, to anyone’s knowledge, merely fictitious. The claims regarding you and your current are also, likely, accurate…as it’s very rare for young lovers to remain such throughout the course of their lives. Still, there have been exceptions to that general rule.

Regardless, with the goal you have in mind and your current age…what you desire will likely be awarded to you freely within the future. It’s been a ongoing endeavor within the scientific community to thwart the aging process and bring forth an age of biological immortality. Michio Kaku predicted, several years back, that we would achieve biological immortality in about forty years. From what I’ve seen, we’re ahead of schedule.

Young Blood

The above has likely been well known amongst the elite for a long, long, time…as it may be responsible for many of the more fanciful vampire myths of old that resulted in the much more popular concept we have today in film. It’s not a far stretch to imagine that royalty knew of this and would snatch the young from their peasants to ensure longevity…and it may explain both Elizabeth Báthory’s bloodlust and her imprisonment for being too reckless with their methods.

In combination to the above:

Anti-aging formula

NAD+ Supplements

NAD+ Supplements are available on market now, but they’re expensive.

Very Bold Scientist and an Ancient Bacteria

In combination to all of that, green tea promotes the production of an enzyme that repairs DNA damage, which is one factor to the aging process. Drinking it will help you maintain your youth for longer, ensuring that you live long enough to see when the aging process is put to a halt, or possibly reversed.

You don’t have to worry about any of this until you’re about twenty five years of age though, that’s your physical peak and when your body starts to go downhill. Either way, none of the above have anything to do with the metaphysical, but may ease your mind a bit when it comes to immortality…as you’re of an age that’s very likely to see it with or without the occult.


ahhh to be sixteen again, the heart and blood coursing with the obsessional love from youth and naivete. sigh…apple of my eye.

Yeah, Emily…not possible. Soulmates are, but immortality in the physical sense…not so much.


Hello to all… I go by spike it is a pleasure to have joined a forum such as this.
I have quite a bit of experience under my belt but everyone can learn something new every now and then.
I really would like to give a good at couple of scans if I have any takers?
But all in all glad to be here!








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