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Hello everyone, my name is Paocha. I live in India. I have never done a ritual as my community and family forbids me. But i know for sure that this is my only way to change myself. I would like to learn more about black magick and demons. My greatest goal is to be wealthy, famous as well as a great guitarist. I am still looking for a mentor who can help me.
Note : I am very bad in english so my comments may sometimes seem to be rude but it will never be my intention to be unkind to the family. Thank you


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Thank you sir


Huh, welp, here goes!

I use the name blightwall…well, I suck at thinking of names and decided it would be both easier to use a gaming tag and somehow thought it fitting.

On that note, I came here in search of answers to spirits. I personally dont really use the term succubus all that often and instead refer to them as spirits of love but do so since I’ve found that most ppl I’ve talked to dont know the difference. I have ALOT of questions regarding them. And secondly, I have been exposed to some paranormal activity since I was a kid. Alot of which went away until a few years ago when I got interested into succubuses and in a way, think i opened comms to them. 2 of them im fairly sure of although I think there might have been a 3rd.

I have tried a few forms of meditation (and I do seek to improve either the method or perhaps explore a different and better one), I have tried lucid dreaming and found it to be pretty tiring but alittle research suggests it could very well be that I’m trying to use something I’ve never used before, thus why I would end up tired. Hhhmmm…not much else atm.

No other particular topics in magics, although I would love to talk about my interactions with spirits and see what everyone thinks. Pretty ordinary I suppose by the looks of things when I compare myself to alot of members here. I’m a very open minded person about alot of things and though I may keep to myself at times, I do find that asking questions does keep me from trouble. But at times have undoubtedly dived in, the explorer in me searching for new heights.

Not much else. Open to questions if anyone has any.


welcome @Blightwall!


Hello everyone. I have some background in magic, being witchcraft and afro rituals/philosophy.
I’ve been to many religions to see what they had to say. They have told me too many things that never ever became true. I have no reason to follow any religion.
I started with black magic last year (2018) but I had heard about it much before that - I just didn’t know there was a way of doing it without “selling your soul”.
On the other hand, one of the masters I most attracted to is EA Koetting. So I may end up doing something similar to what he did - I have too many reasons to not want to follow ‘Jehovah’.
I am not evil and don’t live with evil intentions.
I am white and female.


Apologies for the delay(I finally discovered the purple M).

Thank you.

You are Celtic in faith?


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Hi there all.

I am from the Southern most part of Africa, have been on the LHP for a solid year to the day actually,although I firmly believe that I have been in some sort of a contact or contacted with a spirit /spirits since early childhood. Reasons for that is still obviously unknown. I have always had a huge fascination, drawing or pulling towards to the occult. The past year I have been studying up on basic knowledge all over the Internet and gratefully came across BALG, I have actually been casually reading for countless hours on the forum and probably thousands of topics. Would just as well like to say that I sincerely regard most of you all with much respect as sorcerers and there definitely is more power on here than probably collectively on earth!!! I have a keen interest in all types of black magick, I have been working internally with a few over the past two or so months, if not a bit longer. Including Lucifer, King Paimon and Astarte. Who all by the way have massively assisted my efforts in various ways!!! Looking forward to learning more and growing as a magician with the likes and powers of members on this forum. Respect to all. Greetings.


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Mr. Timothy,
Thank You for your intro.
I’m TT. Brought up total Christian. Lutheran. Yet, I’ve had the questions all my life. Yea, those ones.
So, for years now, I have studied theosophy, (Blavatsky etc) as well as many other ‘cult info vaults’. I’m just looking for truth. And it can only be found in the highest planes of the Akash. Magick is one of the avenues I am pursuing at the moment, although I have not done any evocations etc. I have Eric’s ebook and the first evo I want to do is retribution. But, I am a bit confused as to the whole process. See, I got this dude online that I have purchased software from but he keeps upping the price and lying to me. I feel that I’ll never receive the software. So, a part of me says that I should cause chaos in some manner to him and his business but then I want him to give me the software of gimme my money back. This would b my first test of Eric’s circle and ebook instructions. If anyone has any input on this matter or further questions, please let me know. Happy to b here! —TT


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Hi, I am not sure if you mentioned this at all in your introduction but, are you by any chance a vampire? I am seeking help, I wish to be an immortal vampire. Please, if you are or if you possibly know someone who is, reply back to me?


Welcome @Emily_Godby. Please follow the forum requirements and post your own introduction. Tell us a bit about you, and any magical experience you may have.


Okay, well…hi. My name is Emily Marie Godby. I’m 16 years old. My friends call me by my middle name (Marie). I am very new to magic, but I would love to learn more about it. I am mainly here because I am in search of some…aid. I am looking for someone to help me in a vampire transformation. I have been infatuated with the concept since I was 5 years old. I wish to be an immortal creature of the night. I have tried to find help before…but all people want is money and I don’t have any. So if you are able to help me I would be ever so grateful. I do not wish to become a vampire simply because they are “pretty” or “cool”, I desire to be this because I am in love. I am in love with someone who I want to be with forever, literally. I want to be a vampire so that way I can transform him to be like me. So that way we can live and love each other for all of eternity. If anyone has anyway that they could help me then, please, don"t hesitate. I will be waiting.


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Sadly, real world vampirism is not like it is in fiction. You will not be able to “live forever.” And as a romantic notion as it is, love will not last forever either.


Greetings fellow mortals I am Erin but you can just call me kiko. I like to summon random stuff with my friend but so far nothing has really worked, I don’t know if I’m doing it wrong or if it’s just the spell that is wrong but I would love some tips and/ or actually working spells. :smile:


Oh…well do you know of any way that I could make that possible?


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All spells work. It is far more often the fault of the magician than the spell. You need to spend some time developing the skills necessary for magick. Use the search function for tips on meditation, and psychic development.


Ok thanks