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yeah thank you. we figured out a workaround but i was soon able to message my friend anyway


Hi. I’m Exile. Interested in ATR and Chinese spiritual practices. Have no experience practicing magick of any kind, and is only beginning to read on Palo Mayombe, Santeria, Ifa and other Yoruba traditions. Goal is to discover my own spirituality. Blockage is depression, lol.


Welcome @Exile1 :blush:


welcome everyone that posted an intro!


Hello everyone, i joined last year but only recently i’ve decided to share this intro. There’s truely some amazing people in the site and the respect and kindness is something to appreciate.
I’ve been into the occult for pretty much 3 years now, but i never really knew what or how to do many things, i’ve strugled with depresión and insecurity all my life but only after knowing of the true possibilities that this world has to offer i started to look forward. I follow the luciferian way or philosophy you may day because i haven’t been able to make any proper ritual or evocation, i’ve tried several meditation technics but couldn’t get very far, i say to my self that it is not time yet that i still have much to learn and resolve within my self.
But the comings and goings of daily life often absorb me and make me distracted.
My interest in the LHP where always in practical magick, in finding the way into changing my surroundings, and i had no idea of the things people are doing; i found one of koetings videos on youtube by chance, and after some investigation i realised ‘this is real’ so i went on gathering all the books i could find and trying some rituals, wich some succeded in some way and others didn’t, but all the information i gathered helped me to find a way to move on and always to try to learn and practise in order to become better, and in this 3 years my life has changed so much. However my heart longs to know and see that wich is unreasonable and invisible to meet with this incredible beings you talk about and learn from their infinite wisdom.

I’m looking forward to speak with all of you.





Please note The 21 Satanic Points, in your case:

VI. Never love anything so much you cannot see it die.

That said, I highly recommend all of the other Points as well.
And here these are, masquerading under the heading ‘Krishna Consciousness Party’.




I’ve been lurking this forum for a couple of months now and have decided to join, so that I am able to ask those with more knowledge and experience for advice if a situation requires this.
The reason I joined today is because the waxing moon is in the first mansion, a good time for all beginnings.
In my Magick I am ecletic and use whatever I come across. If it does the job, I add it to my repertoire.
Recently I have started to work with duke Sallos, by forming contact via his Enn and making his seal in copper.
I also have been working for years with the NAP system. Along with candlemagic and the occasional spell / ritual of my own design.
The mansions of the moon are a big component of my workings.

My current goals (obviously) are to come to terms with love and friendship. Being more or less autistic, this has proven to be a difficult subject in my entire life so far.

I hope to learn lots from all of you, and let there be peace between me and thee


My name is Eric
Still trying to figure out what kind of magic I like
I’m trying to learn who I truly am
I feel misunderstood by so many but here I feel comfortable


Anyone named after one of my fave spirits deserves a hello and welcome from me. Welcome!


I found these Points truly inspiring. I hope to master them all. thank you


My Name is Parasiel. I’m very new to the Left Hand Path. I’m Located in Southern Australia but was born in Northern spain. Im very interested in learning Vodoun, Astral travel, Siegel magic and learning more about evoking demons/spirits through Rituals. My ultimate Goal is to Ascend and become the best version of my self possible and do all I can to help Mankind and This Planet. My first Goal is to learn and become familiar with the basics of Vodoun. Seven Days ago I received a copy of the book “The Spider and the Green Butterfly” Second edition by E.A Koetting so my starting point is to work with this book which I have started and waiting for the January full Moon to commence Consecrating my new Altar. I welcome and Thank in advance any advice, tips or assistance fellow Forum members can give me in my Left hand path Journey.
I Thank the spirits for guiding me to the left hand path and to the Become a living God Community.


Welcome to to the BALG forum @Parasiel !


Pleased to meet you all. I´m from London and I´ve been studying and doing magic for almost 20 years now- from folk magic to aeclectic witchcraft, hoodoo and mostly, evocation. E.A. Koetting´s method came to me in a particularly dark (but interesting magic wise) time of my life (about 5 years ago) and I found his techniques to be fascinating, cut to the chase and effective. I am mostly interested in Wealth and Power magic right now, although I became quite profecient in love, healing and protection/attack spellcasting over the years.


Welcome to da forum, dis a good forum welcome to BALG my dudes and dudets


My name is Morningstar im a luciferian since past 4 years !! I’m Soilder & son of gods Specialised in spell casting and demonology , initiated into voodoo !! Right now I’m practicing tantra Magick and hoodoo !!


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Thank you brother let me know if you need help


I’d like a scan. Welcome!


salaam kenal! :slight_smile: