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Nice “metafore” (spelling?) about video games!
For me it’s more a invisible force that pulls me in this direction. I did try to flee, a few times, but when I try to live normally… it will last for some time, but then… booom… life’s upside down and I learned some new truth of live.
Now it’s time to digg deeper into the occult then ever before.

Best regards

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Just got hit big time as well. Now the struggle man. Hope someone educated can help you. :slight_smile:

Hello, my name-you can call me Mani after the norse god of the moon. I am into all sorts of practises of magick as I started off with runic magick and then eventually fell into more and more of the spirit magick such as invocation of the gods.
My goal is to become my true self, the one I know is real and not fallen under the illusions of mankind’s religions and as for my struggles, my struggles are those that have told me “oh you’re a liar” “oh your beliefs are crazy” but to them I say, I know who I am


Our god of the north is the first I’ll be digging in to as well. Maybe the only thing I do? How knows… Because of my heritage, bloodline and respect for our own gods.
Any nobie tips?
Have you started to bring forth any god yet?

Odin is a very chill, laid back energy.


Hi, I am Claudia, I’m 39 and Iiving in Germany. I’m a complete and utter newbie to the dark arts, but more than eager to learn.

I‘ve been an atheist since my 14th birthday. Jesus and God just didn‘t sit right with me. A victim of childhood sexual abuse and domestic violence, I asked myself how God, or the apparently “child-friendly” Jesus could allow such devastating stuff to happen. I dabbled in Tarot, astrology and numerology for a couple of years in my youth and the occult has always held a great fascination for me.

At the moment I’m going through an extreme crisis in my life. My husband moved out and is now in a relationship with another women. I love him still and I don’t want to divorce him, although he wants us to. I can’t give up on him since he is the love of my life. And somewhere deep inside I know he will return. It’s an intuition, nothing more.

However, I got drawn to the dark arts via the law of attraction. I found the LOA to be a bit frustrating and, apparently, I wasn’t alone. I’m curiously starting to explore black magic now. I already tried to evoke Lord Dantalion and I might have been successful. Time will tell.

This is a whole new world full of opportunities opening up to me. I’d like to win back my husband’s love, but taking the left-hand path is also a conscious decision that has nothing to do with my relationship goals. I want to heal. And this might just be the medicine I need. Anyways, thanks for having me. This is a great forum. Lots of love.


Hello all. Ive been here for a while.Nice to meet you all.

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If you have been here “a while” then you know more is required in an introduction (your profile says your account was created Dec. 12, 4 days ago).


Yes. You are right. I did it when I post it my first post here. I did not know I should do it immediately when I register. Thanks for reminder.


I don’t really know what I want out of this. I’m just curious.

I really don’t know too much about the world except what I get to read on the internet and the libraries around here.

My mother was really religious but had to work a lot. My father was never there, so I had to spend a lot of time by myself and had to learn to fight early.

I guess I just want to see how people practicing occult arts actually do it besides what I had to teach myself.

I really don’t know if I practice magik. I would call it mentalism. I seem to be really good at knowing what a person is thinking or feeling, especially if I can touch her/him. I can also get impressions when I pick up things.

I guess that’s about it for my introduction. I hope to learn a lot.


Hello, im new here. new to all of this actually call me crimson that’s what my allies is because i feel comfortable with that name more so then my birth name. i stumbled upon this website and felt drawn so i decided to join, my fsmily is basicly extremely religious and the kind that forces what they believe down your throat or disowns you condemns you to hell i never agreed to that,i never felt like anyone is better then another or had any right to bother anyone whpm has there own beliefts don’t really have any experience beside the fact i feel like something is drawn to me, something i cant place i was scared a bit but found myself excited at the same time, ive had simular experience for the past few years like someone or something has been calling out to me in my ear dreams and such thought Maybe i was crazy or somethings but ive read some post here and they’ve experienced things like myself i would love some help and guidance in this area. as im a complete newbie, and was looking into lucifism or wicca possibly both draw me :slight_smile: thanks!


Thank you, and welcome to the BALG forum!

Hi! You told us:

Can you fill us in a bit on your background, why you took up magick to solve problems, etc? this isn;t “homework” - it;s so people can reply more usefully. Cheers! :+1:


Of course.My name is Nancy. I’ve been practicing magic from couple of years. Goetia for a first time. I think magic is natural, as air. It is important to me to say that magic, for me is something that can help you in your routine life. I find this forum very useful, with a lot of personal experiences and opinions. I do not have current struggles at the moment. My goals are to get known to Goetia.


Yea that’s my big thing, I was a Christian for 14 yrs not by choice it was what I grew up with. From when I was about 10 I could see that our religions nowadays even way back when they first came about were ass backwards. I’ve prayed and prayed about numerous things to “god” and never once have I had a response or had help in what I prayed for. The first time I ever did a sigil ritual with bune I had a response in 2 days, then with sitiri I can tell he helps with the ladies lmao, and now I’m starting to work with Lucifer and I cant help but feel his presence. I’ve never experienced spiritual power until now. I’m glad my mind and eyes were opened and I’m glad to be here, I feel like I’m doing what I’m meant to do.


Hello everybody. I go by RedHead. I am a 27 year old male. I’m usually pretty awful at these intros but I will try and cover all of my bases. I am very new to all of this, never done any of it before and I stumbled across this forum. Ever since I have I can not stop reading and being amazed. I really want to learn! What brought me here was losing my ex fiancé to a breakup and wanting desperately to get her back. As time has gone onive tried anything I could think of and nothing helped…either me nor the situation. Finally I stumbled into the world of the supernatural and have been obsessed since then. So any tips, tricks, advice is more than welcome!


Welcome to the forum!


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Hi, my name is Derek. I am interested in necromancy and astral vampirism. Although I have been reading works by EA Koetting, S. Connolly, Michael Ford and others, I am still very new in my practice, mostly because I live with family. However, I have been practicing basic exercises like meditation on the death current, attempting to go into the theta-gamma sync, astral vampirism, and water scrying. I am working to improve my abilities as a necromancer through continued research and practice. My main goals are to ascend into godhood and break the cycle of reincarnation.


Welcome friend :blush:

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