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Hello everyone. My name is Ryan. Im from Ontario Canada. I practice Daemonolatry. I’ve been researching the occult for the last 15 years and practising for the last 5.


Hello I am Ogrick


Hey im new here. mainly interested in necromancy, Qayinitic shit, etc


Welcome to BALG, @LightoftheDarkness, @Ogrick, and @Falciferian! Enjoy the ride! :slight_smile:


i was here before mate. decided to come back after a break.


Was your previous account closed? Is that why the name change?


deleted it. but regretted doing so because this is the best forum


Got it. Well, welcome back then! :slight_smile:


none like it tbh


Hi, am new here. From the Caribbean, Practice Hindu black magick for the past 25 years. Hope to learn something new here.


Good day,
I’m totally new at this. In my country, many people practice Obeah. Its really interesting to me and I would like to know more about this. I have some experience in it but nothing to bragg abut. Nice meeting u all.


I am Stephen, a 32 degree Mason and esoteric “dabbler”. Looking to up my game from someone who studies to one who practices. I have enjoyed the Masonic path but 99% of all the rituals are presented without much meaning. Most Masons are “dabblers” and know little about anything they are preforming. Of course all these rituals were taken, diluted and modified by Albert Pike, for the modern lodge. I remember after reading Morals and Dogma I thought, “Man I need to find the sources of this info and study that!”.

I have had many positive experiences with lucid dreaming when I was younger, and like many played around with a Ouija board and Tarot cards but nothing serious. I read Crowley when I was 18. During that time I had several unusual experiences that included being visited by something when I was sick with a fever. At the time I believed I was just hallucinating. Then several times it reoccured, whenever I felt a bit feverish. After many months of lucid dream exploration I had an out of body experience that frightened me and I stopped all occult dabbling at that time.

But this stuff has always called me.

I am a full time physician in Florida, (what I do not who I am) I have written several books, including the Philosophical Physician, which “gently” touches on some very neophyte magic. I am interested in the dark arts to better my abilities, in healing, in my business and in my personal evolution. E.A’s approach and explanations spoke directly to me and now, I am no longer afraid of the dark…

I am a beginner with a lot to learn. More to come.


Thanks @DarkestKnight


Hi. I’m veeery bad at talking about myself so my introduction will probably be short… I have been doing magick for some years now, and before that, some years of heavy meditation and such. My main interest lies in runes(!) and norse gods like Odin, Loki, Gullveig, and the other primordial beings with their roots in Ginnungagap. But my biggest experience in this field lies in invoking the runes, where I have had huge success. I am also VERY interested in demons and the Qliphoth, which I have experience in to some extent. I have also done some Kundalini yoga. Magically, I seem to stand on a crossroad right now where these 3 paths complement each other. I am not much for forums and social media, so my presence here may be somewhat limited. I even think I used to have an account here some years ago… It will be fun to talk to many of the great people here :slight_smile:

Best regards!


I think this is where i introduce myself. Hi.


Yes, this is the right place, but please tell us a bit more about yourself and your magical experience than a simple “hi.”


Hello! Ever since I was a child the occult interested me. I remember making ouija boards, looking for ghosts, and saying odd things into the mirror of a dark bathroom. Unfortunately I wasn’t gifted with any abilities besides empathy. I strayed away for a while but found my way back. About a year and a half or two years ago I began to get this undeniable urge to dive into the world of spirit communication, magick, shamanic journeying, and craving the help and companionship of entities not of this world. I’ve never felt anything like this. This urge has been strong enough to tear my life apart. It’s all I can think about, but at the same time I can’t get anywhere or make any progress. I begged and pleaded with my guides, god even, to help me because I am MISERABLE and have no idea what’s happening. In my darkest times I called out to anyone for help but I feel I’ve been abandoned or punished or cursed. The way things in my life have been going make me think so. Almost every day I have a fight with myself about wanting to go on the left hand path but at the same time not wanting to let myself. I’m done fighting this hunger inside myself. Its all I can think about and so my regular life has come to feel like a personal hell. I have punished myself hoping that one day I would be freed but everyday gets worse. I’ve askwd for help, for signs, anything really but haven’t gotten anything. I’m done asking for help and waiting. I want to have the power to help myself when I want. I’m ready to meet people and entities that I can learn from so I can actually see some results. To me it feels that this is my life’s purpose and I have figured that’s why it won’t go away. Even with the torture it’s caused me it still feels right and I can’t inagine my life any other way. I have nightmares about living the rest of my life like this, a normal person in this normal world. It’s just not right for me. The part about me not being able to make any progress at all I don’t get but I’m not ok with waiting in pure misery.

My life has been turned upside down by this urge along with the unfortunate events happening in my life but I’m not here to cry and complain, just to finally make progress. I really hope this is the place that can help me. Sorry for the book but I figured it was important. I feel a little relieved just by doing this. I’m ready.


I am Liz, I am really strange. I struggle with a lot. I don’t have social media, don’t really speak with people so I’m still learning how to be human, which I feel I fail miserably at. (No joke) you would have to meet me to understand. I could say a lot about what I am or what I’m not. But at this point, I’m already bored.


Welcome to the Family Liz, if you have any questions feel free to ask and i could pm you


Thank you :grinning: