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I chose the name Luci Fauve as the name for magick existence or in better words as the name of my core. It is obviously not the name that the world around me knows me by. Luci Fauve was a character that I developed in my teens and almost forgot about. It’s also the time when I came across magick. It wasn’t the way most people do and I wasn’t fully aware what world I opened my mind to though that world was always kind to me, the world of demons. The world of angels is another story.

Going a few years forward (I wish it was few but it was more than that) I was forced to go back to black magick and demons because I needed a protection from a spiritual attack that lasted way too long and was very difficult to identify for what it was. And as many of you might know, there is no turning back once you gaze fully into the abyss. Through that I started to find knowledge that I have forgot about over the years. My magick is not ritual. Anytime I try to perform rituals they don’t work. It’s more about intuition and creating the direct connection. I created an altar in the astral sphere with help of Raum though I didn’t know that’s what it was at first. My strongest known connection is with Asmodeus as I created that link years ago, pretty unknowingly, and he helped to get me out of the attack mentioned. My experience with magick is that there are serious of events that don’t make much sense in isolation until the dots connect and you see the full picture. Then your view of the world is shifted. I am also hypnotherapist which is another form of magick that of course I wasn’t aware of when I started to practice it. I’m fascinated with human brain, with helping people to find power and isolate their fears. And i really still don’t understand what this freaking world is about:)


Salutations! I’m rather new to this world since dipping my toe in the waters since August and taking the plunge in October. This app has been so helpful in lessening the learning curve!
So far, I’ve found kinship with voodoo, hoodoo, divination, and Black Magic in terms of summoning demons for help and comfort.
My current goal is to become very strong in love magic. Love is the most important thing in the world to me, yet the most illusive, so it is where my heart and focus lies.
My current struggles definitely have to do with patience and knowing how to progress. Patience has never been one of my virtues, but I recognize it is pinnacle to magic. This is particularly true with love magic, as well. I am also struggling with reconciling my strong Christian upbringing with my current path, as it has caused quite a bit of strife with my family.


Welcome to BALG, @TheBlondeBrujo, @LuciFauve, and @JustPayingMyFee! Enjoy the ride!


Thank you, like the Whore of Babylon riding the seven-headed beast, I’m sure I will :smile:


hello, my name is joelcyn and i am still new to this magical things, i need support from you guys :slight_smile: thanks

*fyi i am interested to learn white magic and also love spell


Name is Alex, but I’m alright with a lot of other things that I get called regularly.

Current goals are to turn my life around completely. I’ve had some pretty supernatural experiences and inexplicable things happen over the past couple years. Been drawn to these corners more and more.

Struggling with stagnation and entering a new phase of life.


I am Gemma, I live in the UK and I am a mother of 4. I have struggled with depression, motivation and addiction (smoking, social media) for a few years. I got into feng shui, and I have been lighting lots of incense and trying to use spiritual pagan practices to help. Last week I had an urge to research satanism and I truly believe this is the path for me.

My goals right now include quitting smoking, declutter my home, make more money, be a better mother, get back into running and yoga, wear make up everyday,

read the satanic bible, and eat healthier food.


Hello I am Martin I am 24 years old And i wanna study Magic my goal Is to be successful musician i am from the Europe


Hello I am Kayla I like psionics, reiki, and am interested in soul travel. I need to know how to reply to threads as I have a lot of questions! Thank you.

I’ m going to introduce myself again. I AM Notatr0ll. And I am into energy work and interested in soul travel. I am here because I’ve had the mind fucking of a lifetime. It all started when I met this guy in college who’s name i won’t release. He told me he was a half demon then said later he was a male siren and he knew how to make women super horny with his mind. He shared a video of Ea Koetting about energy vampires. And thats how I found out about Becoming a living God. I believe I am possessed by him but I don’t know. Are there people who are non human walking this earth?

My struggles are fear emotions and energy work for self healing. I want to be brave.

Who know about psionics and remote abilities? How does it work?


Hello everyone!
I been studying everything in the world and finds out that everything is (almost always ) the opposite of what you been told. Dosnt matter what we talk about. So everything i did think i know about politics, religion, biochemistry, economy, psychology and so on was straight up Bullsh**.
And there are obvious reasons for that…
Same goes with magic. Because the establishment says; Magic is crap… that means Magic is real.
They say lives comes from the south, with means it comes from the north. And i can prove it to be true. Most religious belief system is a bad copy on our north, much more sophisticated system, witch tell us more then the Bibel can ever do. The Bibel falls shot and seems colorless beside Asatro for examlpe (its not just asatro, all old nature-based magical philosophies)
Guess this is one reason elites and goverments tried so hard to destroy everything about it.
In history it seems like no one can tyrannically enslave white people. So this is why they try to kill our culture, identity and so on. And its scary close to succeed. Everything is connected. Its easy to see why the “emigration” is happening, and feminism… when you study our 3 dimensional world.

I like to reconnect to my ancestors and there belief- systems. And stand up with perfectly clear information against the left evil forces. So i need your help getting started. Were to start and so on. Iam a beginner in this.
My family have genes in Sweden for as long there have existed life here in the north and i always been drawn to mystical stuff.

Happy to find this path and i hope its the same the other way around!

God Jul snart :slight_smile:

Best regards


I’m kimztai. I’m a skinny potato-chips addict on a vegan diet & a chronic masturbator.All I really wanted was to escape from everything, but now I don’t know … maybe just ruin the fucking world? My current goals are to increase my lifeforce and eliminate my addictions, or be addicted to something more healthy and less destructive. In long term I aspire to master Psychic Vampyrism, Mind Reading & Controlling. Sorry for my poor English.


My name is Jared I actually just got into magick and I honestly am starting to like all of it not just certain parts, but I’m really into the demonology part of it. I want to learn how to summon spirits and entities to learn from them. My struggles right now as just starting out is just learning the basics but I’m trying to teach myself as best I can so I can eventually evoke one of the 72 out of the goetia, bune has been really calling to me.


Wow! What an intro!



Welcome to the forum!!!
Everyone i didn’t see because i was away.


Hello. My name is Jackson, but that’s less important than my purpose in joining. I’ve been lurking these forums for over a month, so I figured it was time to make a profile on here… I’ve been trying to work with the spirits to bring an ex back. I’ve done my best to do evocations, I’ve tried a layered love spell, and I’ve basically been putting huge amounts of my mental energy into this every day, meditating and trying to make some contact… I’ve recently been able to slip into what I assume is a tgs state and make contact with a couple of the spirits I’ve been trying to for a while, along with one that I didn’t expect to appear… I plan to share my whole story once things work out, not only as encouragement for newcomers, but as thanks to the spirits who’ve helped me. It was one of the offerings I made when I first started down this path, spreading the word of their power so that others may come to work with them.

Current goal is to bring my lost love back to me. This is the most important thing in my life at the moment, and I will stop at nothing to get her back. I’ve done all I can by myself, so I’ve turned to the occult for help… I truly hope I can get some assistance from the experienced practitioners on here if I’m unable to make this happen with my own Magick, my own energy… There has been no change, but I was able to make contact very recently for the first time in a tgs state, so I’m hopeful.

Current struggles are that I haven’t been able to make any real contact up until recently. That and my general inexperience, which has lead to me doubting myself and undoubtedly fucked my Magick up from the start. I can say that I’m getting more confident after a recent breakthrough I had… I don’t want to share specifics just yet, as that’s one of the things I have promised the spirits as payment, and I don’t want to pay before the job is done. I mean, I already make offerings of blood and wine regularly, I don’t want to give everything up for free.

My experience in this was zero before I stumbled upon this forum in desperation of finding a way to bring back my lost love. I’ve learned so much since then, and I plan to continue learning once I’ve been able to force her back to me. I’m not entirely sure what else to put here, but I look forward to getting to know those of you that I’ve been watching from the shadows over the past month or so :slight_smile:


Unsure if I did it correctly, and I saw in that image that’s linked to this thread to reply to the first post, so here I am. The introduction I wrote out is above :slight_smile:


Hello Everyone,

I’m Michelle and I’m basically the classic newbie when it comes to magic. As of now I have been trying to study on different subjects that connect to magic so I can have some sort of solid foundation.

The best form of magic that I became quickly interested in is astral magic.

My current goal is to learn as much as I can about magic in general.

Current struggle is trying to find enough time to do so…



Welcome @Eibwen_glab & @Michelle_Mukabana.


Thank You.



Hello everyone, I am Eli or Elizabeth and I was once Jewish until I stumbled upon magick. At first I was following the Jew-Wiccan religion and using white magick. I was afraid of the darkness and even though I had always had dark urges. I was afraid of them and tried to hold myself back. Then I slowly began to see that true power had come from black magick. I, then, decided to leave Judaism and walk on the left hand path. I had learned that my ancestors had worked with the ancient gods and not Yahweh. I see that they were ascending as I am now. I now work with Azazel, my urges of darkness free to explore and dive within my power as a god. I wish to learn all that I can and become a living god with power to control my life as well as the world around it.

I have been cursed which prevents my magick from working well and is destroying my life by a magickian who is unknown to me and as well as my energy being drained by a former of friend of mine. I don’t know how put up defenses or how to remove curses. I am currently looking into this and trying to figure out my current course of action. Can anyone help me?