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Ohh, Will you teach me how to do?


If you wanna learn @Aman_Sharma i suggest you start to read threads in the beginner section of the forum, ppl on the forum are usually willing to help by giving tips and guidance but the work you will have to do yourself that nothing we can do for you and even If we could Why would we? If you wanna be a god you must take charge of tour life and destiny. So as i said start in the beginner section and make use of the search function if you get stuck most problem you may get i bet someone else allready asked about.


Oh, where’s that section


Push on the 3 paralel lines up in the right corner then choose new magician section.


And then.?


Hi guys, OceanLabyrinth here :slight_smile:

I live in the North East of England. I seem to have been drawn to the LHP interests only very recently. I’ve always been searching for something that is more than myself yet still part of myself and trying to find the tools and insight to find that bridge, so to speak.

For the past 48hrs I’ve been on this website just drinking it all up and lurking like a spider in the background. I’m not sure where I fit in on this path but I’m CERTAIN I’m in my ‘neighborhood’, so to speak! I know I have to eradicate a lot of my programming and fears but, isn’t that the damn point if they are already holding you back? To transcend out of our limited cages that we’ve been given? If that’s blasphemous, then someone please, slap me silly with a wet oven glove, now, because I clearly deserve it!


or hit the magnifying glass and search what you want to learn about, if you can’t find anything about something make a new topic asking about it.


Hi. I’m VioletLotus. i’ve been into mainly all types of magic since i was little but i’ve only recently been interested in demons and the occult. I’m happy to be here.


welcome to BALG @VioletLotus!


Hi! :smiley:




you all are so nice!! :blush: :smile:


Violet you also very nice


Hi, i’m Solous, i live in tunisia, i just want to learn about magick, but if i were to select a type, it would be evocation
i hope i would have a nice experiance here


Hi Solous! How are you? :smile:


Fine, thank you for asking


Hello everyone!
Jugi is my nickname given me by gf.

My active magical journey begun this year. I have been feeling allways that life as it is isnt so interesting. I have meditated earlier and had talks whit cosmic entities. I could say that they were bodhisattavas, but still I didnt feel it to be my thing. Then I started to do kundalini meditation, first came the dead, then my late grandma(who as I know was a witch), she invades my normal dreams just to check up on me. Then came the greenish Dragon eye. It looked me without any emotion, just looking me.

Doing lesser black magic has been working also quite well.
I asked Duke Sallos to bring a super sexy black haired nympho in my life. 3-4 months later such a lady came into my life. But problem is that I got back whit ex during. But magical here is that is okay for my GF…

Ladilok I asked to help my gf to be more sexual and be my personal pornstar. Got what I asked.
And other lesser magic but still happening so keeping it still hidden :slight_smile:

Not sure but I think some Demons like drugs. Because where Im from drugs arent so big thing. I give some of my stash usually to demons.

Im mostly interested in pact making to make me better.
Had great experience whit Azazel. It was my first pact. I allowed him to speak in my mind whit my own voice and show me things that he sees fit. I wrote most things down. He showed me how he sees me (attached pic)

He also told me that I can use simpleton as I please. I added that with same kindness what I show to animals.
Last night that Azza (as he made me say his name couple times) spoke to me in his own language. Sounded maybe (and really big maybe) between arabic and farsi. Then he said it in away that I could understand, he had a good run whit me and he is pleased.
For me Azza was red god of war. He also gave me a totem animal, he put it in my chest. A black Doperman dog like small statue.

Now working whit King Paimon. Pact was very similar, but I gave King Paimon bit more priviliges.
So far he has thought me things to raise my kid better, fix my relationship whit my gf. And suddenly Im again interested in photography, and Im quite good in it. (This writing seems to bit better english than normal, because english is my third language. So thanks King Paimon.
After I made the pact whit King Paimon, I gave him tequila, honey and a bit of cannabis. He felt happy whit my small offering.

Goals… Not really any specific goals, just want to be the God that I am and help and learn from those who are in same path.

Also interesting thing. I was travelling in far east and local healer/ witch saw me and stopped. We been now talking since alot. She told that she keeps seeing a golden lion everywhere and then I looked up and to her description it is Beur. She is now pondering if to invite him.


Hello BALG community! My name is Spencer and I’m 23. My spiritual journey has led me here, to learn more about kundalini, magick, and Lucifer. I have been meditating without guidance since I was a kid. I learned that meditating helped me have control over my thoughts and impulses. As I have gotten older, I have been teaching myself about kundalini, the energy centers, the unified/quantum field, and how kundalini moves through our anatomy. I have ALWAYS been a huge reader of bible prophecy and historical conspiracies. I have had a fascination with the pineal gland, since I was around 16, which has driven my curiosity. I have been in a constant battle with faith, because of my attachments to the Bible. Here recently, my attachment has faded, from having revelations about how the universe works and that the Bible was preventing my happiness, by instilling fear into me. This past year I have been successful with overcoming fears and anxiety, that are related to preventing my will. The will of my soul is to become a musician, who spreads positive messages that can heal the listener, if they pick up on my esoteric lyrics. I have always wanted to play a part in provoking a global revolution. One that is based on overthrowing the elite, and saving my fellow slaves. Because of this, I feel like Lucifer has always been trying to contact me. I have had a lot of incidents where reality was bent, like magick, and Lucifer felt very close. Since coming to this forum and reading about people’s relationships with Lucifer, I have decided that I want to contact him. I want to learn from him and communicate with him. I’m afraid to just jump into alliance with him, but I want to see if I feel comfortable with his energy. Anyways, that’s enough rambling :slight_smile:. Please feel free to ask me questions! I’m here to converse and learn. Thank you guys!


Hello everyone :slight_smile:

i’m Athena_shade and i’m new on here.
I’m 21 years old and have been researching/practicing magic for 5 years now, so i’m still kind of a newbie … :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m a closeted witch and still live with my parents.
My interests are:

I’m always looking to expand my knowledge of the craft, so i thought this was the perfect forum to do it on :slight_smile:
One of my first posts will be me sharing the problem i have been having , and asking you guys for your opinion and suggestions.


Hello everyone. My name is Ryan. Im from Ontario Canada. I practice Daemonolatry. I’ve been researching the occult for the last 15 years and practising for the last 5.