Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum


Thank you once again. I have given much thought to what you have shared with me. I have been reading some of your responses to others. You seem highly intuitive, and fair. You promote common sense and self more than anything. It is something I can respect. I aim to gain the Member status in hopes of speaking with you more via PM.


I look forward to that, Lijen.


Hi Everyone,

I used to read these forums which seemed like a really long time ago. I was still very new to the information I had being discovering and took some time off to make sense of it all. I’ve been caught between Star teachings/philosophies and that of the earthly realm. I’ve realized that it is never ending and there seems to be a huge gap between what is ideal and that which is practical for everyday human existence. My short term goals are simple, to continue to raise my personal energy and meet more people through this forum. Thanks for reading. See you on the other side.


Hello my name is Vixen, one I gave myself years ago when I first started getting into magick. Light magick such as Wicca has never worked for me or made a lot of sense so I have finally decided to embrace my darker side. I’m not really new to this but I’ve never been much of a practitioner. My husband, though, has always followed Dagon and the LHP. I’m excited to make some changes in my life and look forward to learning from this forum and gaining the power to have the life I desire. Thanks all.


Hi I am Shade
Studying witchcraft for 3 years practicing it for 2
My dream job is to achieve total mastery over of all negative entities… and get paid for it…
I am doing regular meditation each day 4-5 times.
And yes I have dedicated my soul Satan
And have come in contact with other demons…
I do see them mostly as positive beings but I’m kinda the skeptical sort… but hey won’t find myself at this pint in life if I weren’t…shrugs


Welcome to Wonderland, BALG that is! Enjoy the ride! :wink:


Hey there Zac, goo to meet you. My name is Scott. I have really become serious into delving deeep into the LHP. I have yet to evoke or anything but I know with practice perhaps I can reach into that draconian current. I purchased the Awakening Lucifer book and absolutely loved it. Still going back in forth reading. I have attempted to conduct some rituals but I don’t know, I somehow am blocked. I have yet to go into that theta phase. I am going this weekend on a camping trip and will try some shrooms for the first time. I don’t know what to expect, just want to explore myself and find that connection with Lucifer an other Gods and Goddesses. Well it good to meet you Zach. Here’s to further knowledge on our path towards ascension. Oh yea, how is the evocation course? I really think I should take it too. Hopefully… NO. One day I will take it as well. Well, take care now.


Hey there Bijan, welcome. I’m new as well but interestingly enough, everything you mentioned above is what I have been constantly being pulled towards. I even looked up a copy of the Zoroastrian book that someone translated and found out how costly it could be. But I think it in parts is not that much. Maybe I can find a copy online but then again, I would wonder about quality. Anyways, welcome and I’ll chat with you later. Cheers… oh and I used to have a bowler hat but not too long ago I gave it away :frowning: lol but anyways, keep being you brotha. peace.


Hi, there. My name is Tatsu, not real, it I do not think that the real is important. Tatsu is in Japanese I think it was something as a dragon, I liked it so :grin::grin:.

I am not new to magic just in the forum. I like Dragon magic quite a lot so yeah here comes the name
Almost 30 years and big nerd :yum:

New Magician Help

Hey everyone, my name is Matthew. I’ve been on and off with magick practices over the years. In the past I never knew what I was doing until I began more heavy research on magick, Gods, Angels, evocations, invocations, spells, and the astral realm/ spirit realm.
As of recent I’m still trying to educate myself of on what and what not to do when making contact with a spirit for guidance or power.

My goals regarding magick are become more clairvoyant, and to learn how to scry my crystal ball effortlessly. I’ve also been trying to step out of my body and astral project, to explore realms and dimensions and hopefully meet angels and higher spirits for guidance and enlightenment. I’d like to work on opening my mind’s eye and maintaining keeping it open.
I’d like to use my magick in helping me one day become a successful model and actor I’ve always felt like I was a star, hate to sound so starry eyed haha.

I have an internal struggle where I feel stuck mentally. I can be a heavy procrastinator and that’s a habit I’m trying to break. I sometimes get depressed when I think about the goals I haven’t accomplished by now, and I feel like time keeps flying by me. I just want the things I desire to just manifest and happen already. I get fed up with being patient but patience is truly all I have.

I’m hoping to meet friendly like minded people who can enlighten me and broaden my perspectives on magick in general and teachers who can help with advice, tips, tricks, and secrets on the art of magick and how I can take advantage of it to get what I want out of life.


Hello, for now I am only comfortable with using the name Lilith on here.

I enjoy exploring the left hand path for all it has to offer.

One of my current goals are to learn more about Runic Magick.

My current struggles would be dealing with an entity that is creating a lot of destruction in my life lately.


I am Bane and consider myself to already be somewhat of a living God. I was approached by the Demon Dagon as a child and later began following and accepting his teachings. I now call him Master as he has literally kept me from dying on many occasions. I also relate as an Odinist, but my true calling is in the realm of darkness. I have cast many spells, some of which have come back to bite me, but were worth it in the long run. My encounter with the Demon Dagon happened in the 70’s so I am not new to this path and feel comfortable in his shadow utilizing his power through myself. I hope to engage with like minded people and discover new technics to help in my advancement in the dark arts. Thank you for having me.


Good day, Minerva Cruz my pseudoname. I’m a new member here I came across in this site in search on how or who to call for urgent money matters. I’m a solo parent, unfortunately unemployed due to bad credit, my business not doing well also my few bucks in forex market almost got wiped out due to sudden drop in usd. Im in the brink of giving up but still hanging on hope someone or entity can help me. I’m not an expert in any magic or invocation.


Not a new member anymore just hadn’t posted, but my name is Marilyn, I am a Spiritual Satanist, I plan on one day writing and publishing my own book on Satanic witchcraft. Currently dealing with money and health issues as well as enemies. Signed up late 2017 and mostly used this as a resource but I’m finally comfortable with posting.


Hi Everyone,

I started following the forum from the last few months. I am struggling to get back my ex girl friend who broke up around 3 months back. I wanted to take help of members here to cast love spell to get her back. I am always open for advice from friends here :slight_smile:


I’ve actually read it all :wink:


Same here. Both regarding the book and issues.


Any luck? I’m new to magick and have had success as fuck in this. Best way for me was to take some Lsd and lay down a circle. After use safe and do a banishing before ritual. Once that’s done get some frankincense or white coppal resin and charcoal disk get that resin shmoke going. After that sit down in circle light candles and have into the gods sigil. Any questions lmk we can figure those out together lmfao


That’s really sweet of you thank you :blush:


Greetings all, I introduce myself as an occult voyeur and I am the most recent vein.

On my twelfth year (1983)? I discovered LeVay’s bible and was never the same. As I grew and learned some of life’s lessons, one thing always remained, the yearning for the path of shadow.

Maturity brought gains and fails as do most. I didn’t truly rediscover my burning until a massive wave of disease and loss. With pain, gain… Blaugh, But I did discover art and metal sculpting that held sanity and lead me to a path of ultimate solitude.

Gravity has brought my ego to dust, tender pride stands strong, I think that’s safe. Chivalry might be dead, my instincts command and beg for universal courtesy until feathers are bent.

Recently (2 years) I began recollecting reads for the long walk. I’ve read works by E.A., Mason, Frater, Scavr, Gettings, Winterfield, and Rudd. I have not performed a ritual in 34 years, my teenage rambles had not the fires that I now can exert. And yet I hold fear… I despise the hypocrisy of organized religion. But as a atom in infinity, I need to believe in a force of wisdom and power. Im a humble listener and learner, and I look forward to sharing my growth with you all. Cheers!