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Welcome back @Pariah and welcome to all new people! Enjoy the ride! :wink:


It’s very clear in your energy field. Your words, your photo.


Thank you… The only thing apparent to me is the Chaos affinity.


I can see that. But if you harness that great energy and give it focus it will do great things for you, Lijen.


I agree with Samnu. If Li can focus their energy, great things can happen, greater than what can be seen now.


Hello my name is Taylor.
I recently finished up my time in herbal medicine school and am practicing botanical communication.
Definitely walking the right hand path, although I have done my research into the left hand path and am certainly not opposed to it.
Meditation is a big part of my life. Same with blood magick, spell casting (w/ major use of herbs) sigil magick and, invoking.
I spend a lot of time with death and am learning from a death doula in a sort of mentorship. As well as creating a relationship with the god Pan.

current struggle has been with astral projection and entering the jinn state… Despite my many and best efforts.

Hi everyone, may this will be a sufficient introduction. May we commune at some point :slight_smile:


Welcome to Wonderland everybody! Enjoy the ride! :wink:


Hey ! I’m new to this site . To be honest I haven’t been very strong in my magick convictions just dabbling here and there .I was a Christian at some point but a very weak in faith one at that ( I always had a major soft spot for Lucifer and I never believed what they taught us about the occult as well as pretty much everything else they taught us . ) I have never stopped speaking , researching or dabbling in this field even when I was a religious girl . I’ve had a plethora of paranormal experiences but I don’t love to talk about them even though I wish I would sometimes . Anyway maybe I’ll open up soon :slight_smile: Lucifer / Satan are part of my life and I’m looking into working with Lilith . I keep getting signs but I don’t know how to go about “working “ with spirits . I was a very gifted child / preteen but lost my abilities after a nasty encounter with a spirit … wish I could have them back :frowning: dont know why I’m here …really just like to learn and read about people’s experiences, opinions and advice . SO HI EVERYONE :slight_smile:


Okay so it’s been six months (maybe a little longer) since I finally stopped lurking on here and made a profile. I noticed I made my intro like six months ago, it needs to be updated, and honestly I wasn’t happy with it what so ever.
So hey guys ! I hope you all are having an amazing day/night. My name is Sam but you can call me Samantha I don’t care really either way. Well I’m almost 28 years old and I’ve been interested in anything paranormal my whole life. I mean since I can remember anyways. I’ve always loved spirits, aliens, ufos, Chaos magic, conspiracy theories. Everything. I was born and raised to go to church. My childhood is kind of blurry so I’m not sure what kind of church it was. I’m gonna guess catholic. But even though we weren’t supposed to sin, I would see my dad get drunk everyday and argue very bad with my mother. It was not good. I saw him point guns at her. Shoot it up at the ceiling. Pretty much always stress. So I spent a lot of my time (weekends, vacations from school, and every summer) with my grandma and my step granddad. But I saw him as my real one. So I’m gonna try to tl;dr y’all. My grandparents house was my only safe spot. I got bullied at school. If I was with my parents I was always scared my dad would kill us. So one day my grandpa was driving and he had a stroke driving. Thankfully I told my granny “CUT THE CAR OFF “. Thankfully no wreck. But he lost the use of his right side. So he couldn’t talk, only gibberish. Could hardly write. It was tough seeing him like that. But this after a while caused tension on both my grandparents and they started fighting. Ok I said I was trying to hurry. So Xmas eve night I can not remember why but they got in a fight. It got abusive. The stress caused my pops to have another stroke. But he fell and hit his head hard on the dresser. I hid in the dining room thinking to “god” why would you take away my only happy safe place. So that night is when I lost my faith. I’m not sure how old I was but maybe like 6-9. So that’s that part.
I’ve been having this feeling of being pulled into the LHP for a long time. Like it’s just amazing. I love learning everything I can. I spend as much time as I can reading on here, and books. So far I have only done some chaos magic. But I want to open my psychic senses so I can communicate with my guides and I want to learn how to hear demons and envoke them. I’ve been having a feeling in my stomach that Lucifer wants to work with me. Someone on here did tell me that so that made me feel validated a lot. But okay this is LONG. Please message me if you have any questions or anything. I want to make some friends so let’s do it. :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart::black_heart::crystal_ball::dragon: also I’ll add a pic of me. I know it’s a basic bitch mirror selfie okay guys please don’t come for me hhaha. Sorry if this was long, I don’t expect everyone to read it all


Hey! Welcome !!!


Im Zachary Green.

I’m into Thelema, The Order of the Golden Dawn, Buddhism, Haitian Voodou, Goetic Magic, and Toltec Shamanism.
My current Goals are to increase my library, and stay into ,my studies!
Current struggle: Trying to limit my drinking. (Im a bartender at two bars)
Thank you!
Much love :slight_smile:


I hear puzzle-boxes can help with drinking for some people. Nice to have you.


Im debashis from India…
I’m interested in love magick…
My current goal is to bring back love in my long distance relationship…
She seems to have lost all the feelings for me…
Before she used to talk hours now she doesn’t call or initiatiate any chat…
Probably she’s seeing other guys too…
She tells me that she loves me but I see no sign…
It’s getting worse day by day…

So I’d like to have her all the passion and feelings and honesty in a relationship,I’d like to be with her in a long term and committed basis…


Hi all, my name is Luky, I have just joined. I am from the UK, I am 22 years old. I wish to build a relationship with Clauneck, become friends with him and improve my life. Please feel free to get in touch with me.


Hi Dr. Bliss here.

I’ve been practicing magick since I was about 15 or 16.
I’m most comfortable with divination via Tarot. Candles, Herbs and stones are my thing. I fall into an eclectic-Kitchen Witch category, but I hate labeling myself, no matter the subject of interest.
I’m currently interested in studying and practicing more ceremonial and trance magick.

My current goals are, more money, more recognition. Im an Artist and would like to do that full time and not worry about where the money will come from, or if it will come when i need it. So far I’ve been able to stay well above water. Im just ready to start sailing soon.

My sister recently passed away suddenly which sparked a new interest in mediumship to try and communicate with her other human and non-human intelligences. Im in communication almost daily with 3 separate entities, 2 of which are Angels.

After feeling a strong urge (a feeling that lasted what seemed like months) to see the film Hereditary, I’ve been fascinated with the spirit that starred in the film, King Paimon, and have been trying to find more books about them and records of their rituals. So far I’ve only found stories from people who claim to work closely with the spirit.
The patron spirits I’ve dedicated myself to, years ago, are Aphrodite and Adonis. Though when I choose to work with any Divine being, which is rare, it’s usually Aphrodite.

I haven’t practiced magick with a group in years, probably not since I started. And the few times I have, it was only a ceremony for an Esbat or Sabbat without any personal intention or goal in mind. I enjoy spending time with the Radical Faries, they’re a fun group, though most are not practicing magick. Im currently living in Hamburg, Germany, so the language barrier is a thing when it comes to connecting with the magickal community here, and the few witches I’ve met so far are…boring. And I haven’t met any witch or magickaly inclined person that has an interest in expanding their occult knowledge and practice what they study.

So thats all for now. Im excited to be here! If anyone can link me to some good books on King Paimon and other spirits of Old Mesopotamia, that would be amazing.

Best Regards,

Dr. Bliss


Hi all my name is Sandra, I’m new here and not very advanced in the ways of magic
I do follow LOA and believe the universe will give us what we ask
At the moment I’m struggling with a lost love and came here for some advice.
I’m excited to start a new journey with you all and hope to make some new friends :hugs:


Hi!! Welcome officially !:heart:


Thank you!!! :heart_eyes:


Hi, I’m Matouš! New in magic, altough I can say that currently I prefer Dragon Rouge and Old Norse magic within rather pragmatic chaos-magical framework. I am also intrigued in coping ideas from my socio-anthropological/egyptological/cuneiform academic studies with the ritual magic itself.
Current goals: Explore what this world has to offer

Wonderful place
Thank you for letting me in


Start with luciferian sorcery