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Hello my name is amanda and im seeking guidance from someone in the real vampire community not a reborn or someone with a medical condition or a role player their are those out their who have been around for centuries and any one with real and true abilities knows this i happen to because i was witness to my love being turned but thats another post im here ultimately to weed through all the bs and delusional people to find those who are like my love who can help get me connected with the female who is supposed to be my teacher and mentor and prepare me for the turning process before she reunites me with my love so that i can begin this process with her



I read your post and felt like I’d written it.
“My entire life has always been about being and learning on my own. From even back in school when all the other children were spending an enormous amount of time trying to fit in and be with one another… I was the one who…” Yeah, I know what you’re getting at.
"So here I am… Looking for others who too have fallen off the beaten path… " There’s a lot of us here.

The lhp is inherently a lonely one. That’s the nature of our path.

Here’s something that took me fucking years and so much wasted effort and money until I realised it, so hold it dear to your heart: If your Magick isn’t fun you’re not doing it right!

Good luck and remember that the lhp is one of action, not reading. Hope that helps.



Semper Fidelis! I served in the Marine Corps from 2012-2016! Great to see more of us on here!


My name is Cindy. I have been a blind christian all 46 years of my life so i dont know enough about any other way to speak with any knowledge. My goal is to start lLIVING my life finally. Struggles at the moment are not having enough information and information overload when i research causing confusion. However, what started me on this path was being drawn immediately and strongly to Belial as soon as I read his name.


Welcome and enjoy the ride! :wink:
Also, please remember to use search-option in the right hand corner of the page. It will give a lot of answers to your questions. Thank you! :slight_smile:

These two sets of links collated by practicing magicians may be of interest:

And I put my information and experiences with Belial in this thread:

Hello All ,
I am very new on this site . Can someone explain to me how to use the 6th and 7th books of Moses ?
I did like use it for good fortunes


Hi @doug, welcome, and please tell us a bit more about yourself in an intro here, and mean while I’ll send you some links, look for a green icon, top right of the screen. :+1:

Hey everybody. I’m new to the site. I’m 20 yrs of age and an ex-Pentecostal Christian. About three years ago I dropped out of being a worship leader and preacher in the Church of God organization because I felt that the majority of people were content with faith in dogma, whereas I was looking for real supernatural phenomena. Immediately after I dabbled in some Satanism here, a little Voodoo there, lots of energy work, and I’ve only recently hopped into dedicated practice and application of the Left Hand Path. I like to put a lot of E.A.’s book and video teachings into practice, and they’ve brought me some awesome results in my life and in myself as a person. I’m excited for the journey ahead, glad to be here on the forums, and wishing the best of luck for all of you in your magickal development :stuck_out_tongue:

Right now I’m primarily working on vampirism, baneful magick, evocation, and some candle magick or sigil magick when I need minor/immediate changes in my life. The giant I’m currently tackling is the task of getting myself to see the spirits I evoke. I’m pretty sensitive to where I can feel, see, and hear energy, but communicating with the spirits once they are present is still somewhat difficult. Anybody have any suggestions?


Hey my name is energy I am interested in christian magick. My goal is to become as good as I can in magic.


Surprisingly there are a few of ya. Welcome to the family


Hello. I began w earth magick at a young age. That evolved into satanism and revealed to me my first demon. Conquoring fear led to some pretty intense stuff and now i walk with it. I am more interested in reading than posting. I read all i can and see the acquisition of knowledge to be an ongoing quest that is never over. It is about the journey not the outcome. “Outcome” implies an end and this trip we’re on doesn’t come w one of those. So existance is just an ongoing progression of energy or spirit. And there are countless other energies or forces existing along side us on higher levels. These are what i believe are mistakenly and unfairly villified as “demons”. It is simply communing w the energies and spirits. I have always been drawn to the dark and to “female” spirits. I always remain respectful and never try to “command” or “summon” but rather invite and allow myself to be the receptical if it pleases. Well thats my story. I hope to learn much here. Thank you


Hi everyone,
I’m in the UK and been reading this forum for a couple of months but decided to finally join! I’ve been practising magick since 2004 - started out in Hoodoo, then took a break completely for a few years for various reasons. Found myself drawn back to the magickal path in 2015 and feel Ive grown a lot since then. I’ve been expanding my knowledge of different types of magick - discovered the Gallery of Magick approach last year, which hugely expanded my knowledge and development and then the NAP system soon after. And as you may guess from my name, I’ve always been drawn to Lilith. I’m a woman and feel an affinity for her as I feel we have much in common.

However I’ve always been drawn to the darker side of magick and I guess what is called The LHP. Im also very interested in the Chaos Magick approach and enjoy combining different styles in my rituals. I’ve become very interested in demonology the last few months, in particular since reading Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield. I then discovered E.A. Koetting and now working my way through his books. I have read with interest the excellent and informative posts on this forum and look forward to engaging with you all and learning more! I love reading Lady Eva’s posts btw! Good to find another lady interested in this path who is so knowledgeable.


Hello my name is Jiwè I am 26 years old. I have been studying basically history this world of “spirituality” For 6 years now, but mostly Egyptian stuff. I had my first astral projection that I’m aware of 4 years ago and I thought I died seeing myself standing next to my body when I was basically wide awake reading a book. That made me go on the journey I’m on now to awaken my true godself and master myself. I want to practice all that will advance me to becoming a god. I have no wicked intentions nor do I care to be a saint in the traditional terms. I’ve always been told and felt that I could be very powerful and great. So now I’m on that journey. I just ordered the book to become a living god so I’m ready to see where this takes me. Thank you all for you time.


Hey My name is Logan. Not really comfortable with sharing photos.

I’m not really sure what sort of magick I like, I haven’t researched it that much. I am interested in black magick, and I would also like to communicate with Lucifer, but I’m fucking terrified. My goals? As of right now it’s just to learn and experience magick and figure out more about myself. My current struggles is mostly to do with doubt. I’m a fairly skeptical person at the best of times, but I want to give magick a chance, as I think the reward will be absolutely worth it.

Thanks, and if anyone wants to message me and give a bit of a run down that would be brilliant.


You’re not alone, there’s a thread ongoing about this subject right now, and once you’ve read it, feel free to begin your own thread if you want more advice:


Time to introduce myself:

I’m Adam, saw the youtube video’s about two-three years ago and I was hooked.

I started reading about a variety of subjects.
Followed my intuition and discovered some great things about Magick.

I’m an amateur and I’m here to learn from each other.
And at a giving time I’m ready for initiation.

If you have any questions please send me a direct message.

I’m from Amsterdam


Hello, everyone.
I’m Daniel, 26 years old, and I’m from Brazil.

I’ve been reading about the Occult for a few years. Tried Goetia without much success (well, I kinda got what I wanted but it was subtle) but I feel attracted to many types of magick.

I run a business in my city (a beauty salon) and I look for advices to make it grow and get more customers, because it’s been really slower than it was a few months later and I feel I need a push.



Hi everyone, I’m new here and I’m going to introduce myself.

My name is Moira, I’m practically 20. I describe myself as a lesbian girl in a boy’s body (yeah, transgender)

I’m new to this, I just have a few months of theory. But what I want to practice is the evocation and invocation of Goetia spirits. Specifically of Gremory.

I’m struggling with evocation, cause I only have make a few weak invocation.

Well, that’s all. Hope we get along well.
I. L. U.


Thanks Fuego.

I have began by working with the sigil of Bael, provided by Lady Eva with some great success.

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