My biggest magickal block

Fear. I’m too scared of what could go wrong to do anything. Everyone always gives such good advice but I don’t use it because I’m scared of having to give something up. I’m scared of life becoming hard. Making mistakes. I’m scared. And I don’t know how to become brave. I know that I only ever ask for help and never do anything for myself. I can’t even say that I’m sorry because I don’t even know if I want to change


For some people, it takes being thrown into chaos to overcome fear. Some people only experience bravery when their whole world is turned upside down and they are left with a decision. To overcome or to drown.

An example would be, a loved one dying who fully supported the household operations. The one who is left behind has no choice but to step up and take the reins. Or lose everything. Possibly perish as well. As there is no one else in the world who can help them. That is an extreme example though. However, that’s what it takes for some people to become brave or strong. When the situation forces it, and there is no alternative or easy way out.


The first question i would ask then is do you have goals and dreams?
Second being how much growth is needed to reach these.
The third being is the fear of actually reaching these goals and materializing these dreams the thing stopping you.

“Fear of success” is a real thing that hinders many. It kept me from doing alot i wanted to for quite awhile.

A thing to remember is fear or rather the fears we deal with are gates to power. The greater the fear the greater the power on the other side. To step into real power can be terrifying for some. Because once you realize you have power you take on a mantle of responsibility. You become responsible for yourself.

The idea of “victimhood” is one that becomes shredded in the process as ones words,deeds and very thoughts mold their reality. This is the case in varying degrees for all but those who dive deep into their practices learn how to better mold their reality to reflect their vison and reach their desired reality.

Pass through the gate fear and let it pass through you and step into the power on the other side. There will be other fears because there will always be potential for more growth as a result new fears and new gates to power to pass through. But that is part of the fun.


I’m really fixing to cry. Are you saying that “saying fuck it I’mma dive into this no matter how bad it’ll be” is the best thing you can do. Assuming you are going to be better for it


At times yes. Cause there are times when we are the biggest block in our own path.
Im not saying to go with something huge to start.
I am saying if the fear is of the beginning, simply begin. In whichever system or current that calls to you. Start small but start. Success has a habit of snowballing into more success same as failure but it must have a beginning.


True lol

An example being you can do magick without evocation of spirits if that is a hurdle you need to work through first. Nothing wrong with building a foundation on your own power then reaching out for more later. That is what i did. I am a big DiY guy so learning or accepting help from spirits is a lesson i am learning lol or as azazel is apt to tell me “only a fool turns away from the words of those with wisdom he lacks and powers that would seek to elevate him to serve a mutual cause”


You are afraid because of aaaallllll that programming. It leaves you feeling weak, disempowered and afraid. What if they’re right??? Until you can successfully shed that baggage and deprogram yourself you are going to be like that deer in the headlights. That deer gets hit by the way. Unless it snaps it its senses and does what he needs to do to survive. When things in your life change enough to allow you to see then you will snap out of this frozen in fear state you find yourself in. You can also do some spells and rituals with the different entities you do know and trust, to break the bindings that hold you back and blind you. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You are not the only one who has had a hard time breaking free. Just breathe and keep trying. Your friend will help you! Lol! And love you regardless. By the way. I think you’re brave for coming here and admitting this. I know that was hard! But telling on yourself is actually the first stepnto recovery!! This is a big step whether you realize it or not!


for some of us,it takes time to understand more of life…Fear is a big obstacle and it is hard to surpass in some cases,but dont let the fear decide your life and nothing is really hard if you have a strong mind.

Life is Savage in all stages.
then you choose to be the sheep or the wolf,a sheep is scared and dumb and afraid of anything,the wofl can live alone and survive the obstacles.

religious people that tend to feel fear like this,because they are acostumed to be a sheep and always pray for a non-existing cunt that they called god lol


I’m at my best when the shit hits the fan, you might be too. :wink:


Don’t underestimate the power of those magickal words:

‘FUCK IT’ is super empowering, despite it seeming otherwise. For example:

  • FUCK IT I’m leaving this toxic relationship
  • FUCK IT if you don’t like me then it’s YOUR loss
  • FUCK IT I’m just gonna do what I want and if anyone gets mad then fuck them too
  • FUCK IT I’ll just apply for this job anyway - who knows? I might get a call back or I might not, but what do I have to lose?
  • FUCK IT I’ll volunteer to do the thing
  • FUCK IT I’m outta here
  • FUCK IT I’m just gonna light this incense and this candle and wank on this sigil and see what happens…

And if you’re so worried about fucking up royally, then maybe start with smaller spells. Or if you find working with Demons to be too intimidating, try working with Angels instead… or work with the elements… or personal/energetic manipulation magick… Maybe make some charms or work on your divination skills…

There are so many different forms of magick that you can do in the meantime until you have built up your confidence.

Baby steps - you’ll get there eventually :wink:


Here is the thing about fear of failure; every single person on Earth that has ever become successful in anything has fallen on their ass along the way. It’s cool, it’s expected and if you are an apt student you will learn the more from your failures than you do your successes. This holds true both in the physical and metaphysical contexts.

Would I say fuck it and dive in? No, but I am the cautious type. But I absolutely endorse taking a first step. Any first step. So if you are afraid of failing in magick or life, I suggest testing the waters. Pick a lower risk goal and tackle it. If you fail it will not be monumental. If you succeed you will have raised the bar a bit. Baby steps. Magick wise, experimenting with simple operations builds to the advanced ones, so there is that, too. No need to stress yourself out by fearing to fail at great things when you have still to conquer the mundane ones. No need to stress yourself out about failing in mundane areas either; most people do, and they don’t have the bonus of magick to help them back on their feet again.


Damn, I just plagerized half of your comment, lol. Sorry, didn’t see it until after I typed…

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If you’re afraid do something else, like stamp collecting. Everything is dangerous. Try sigilization. Not much can go wrong given that you’re using the power of your own subconscious. Magick is dangerous. I know from personal experience, but so is crossing the road. Imagine all of the worst possible thing that could occur and dwell upon these constantly, until they lose their power over you.

All that said, try Sigils. It’s great fun and you’ll learn a lot – particularly if you keep a Magickal journal.



“It isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.”

That quote has much to say about fear.


Fear exists, my opinion is just get used to it, eventually it will turn into excitement and the sign that something useful lies on the other side of it.

Brave, IMO, is not exactly a thing in the way that love or fear are concrete things, it’s the moment when you choose not to let the fear stop you.

This is good - “brave” is a choice, and you have total control and dominion over making that choice.

Bravery is kind of the absence of taking orders from fear, and choosing to obey whatever higher principle, goal, or other desire brought you to be confronted by it.

If you wait for, or expect, the fear to go away, it never will - think of it as a forum troll getting fed lots of lovely attention, it will persist because it’s doing its job of making you adapt our actions.

Don’t fear fear, because if you work long enough to avoid it or not feel it, one day it will pop up and take you by surprise, and maybe make you lose out on some major goal.

It’s just there. :man_shrugging:

Get used to it, investigate what it’s trying to tell you, then move on with what you wanted to do anyway, subject to all reasonable precautions.

JMO! :wink:


So basically “there is nothing to fear but fear itself” has a very literal meaning

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It truly does. :smiley:

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FUCK IT! That was a good post!


Please allow me to share my experience. For years i was connected to a “demon” (i really hate some words. Demon being one. And summon. Ugghh). Problem was i didnt quite grasp it. Things occurring that were bizarre, odd thoughts popping up “out of nowhere” (again i apologize), lucid-very lucid dreams as far back as i can remember in this form- all these things i misunderstood. When this being finally started manifesting itself about 15 years ago for real i was scared. Was convinced i was in danger, being toyed with as a lion plays w a mouse for sport before eating it. When i started to have ideas pop into my head i realized i was being communicated with on a different level. “Come with me” “im not your enemy” “you will not be hurt”. I thought these were lies. And then one day the events in my life finally made me say my own FUCK IT (great post btw) and just face it. I said fuck it, if this is the end so be it. Im not going to be afraid. Here i am, come get me

And guess what happened. It was not the end. It was a new beginning. I found that by trancending fear and freeing myself (fuck it) i was stepping further along my journey. What i feared was actually just the unknown. There was never any danger. But (another great post i will reference) they say ignorance is bliss. Yes and no. With knowledge comes responsibility. When something comes along that changes what you know it is your responsibility to alter what you DO to jive w what is now known. I see so many ppl learn something new and go on with their preconceived notion of life w no regard for what they learned. Thats why i said it was a new beginning. Yes i took a step and progressed, but it showed me a whole different “realm” of knowledge and experience and BEING that i knew nothing about. One step reveals that there is another, and another.

My point being- what is called lucifer may seem scary. But once you give in and “lose yoursekf” to it you will see that “he” was there all along. Yes, some are not very pleasant at all. But what is called “Lucifer” isnt one of them. In your own time and at your own pace you will come to see that. Realizing something is there to commune with is like approaching a starting line. The next step is to “go”. Im confident you will hear your own personal “starting gun” and race off toward new knowledge, connections and experiences. I wish you the best and hope you enjoy your journey.

Please understand this is based on what i experienced. It may be different for you. These are basically my opinions and not trying to preach or tell you what to do. I am just relaying my own journey because i think it parallels what you are giong through. I may be totally wrong but you asked, i believe, for this kind of conversation. I really hope i “helped” in some small way. Good luck, fellow traveller