Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum

@DutchAussie777 … Look up Stephanie Connelly’s book Modern Demonology … A lot of information in there.

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I am doing an introduction now so I can introduce myself and get this out of the way.

My name is Zephaniel Swain and I am new to magick. I have had a great interest in magick but never really acted on that impulse to try it due to the fact that I don’t have many resources.

I don’t know what types of magick there are so I can’t really list what type(s) of magick interests me.

My goal are mainly just to get good at magick or at least at least decent at it.

My struggle is my lack of resources besides gemstones and basic materials that most people have (paper, pencil, water, the internet etc.)


Hey DutchAussie. Yes, there is a small but important difference, one is on the side of ‘good’, and one considered to be on the side of ‘evil’, even though both were in the Near East (Iraq, Iran, etc).
One is the Charioteer of the Clouds, and one is a Storm God. I apologize, but at the moment I forget which is which. Ba’El in Hebrew could mean ‘Father God’, so I believe the Epic of Baal actually refers to BaEl.

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You dont need that many resources to work with, some on this forum use no tools or materials to produce result.
Tools are like training wheels they can help you to get the correct focus and get in ”the zone”.
For starters you can go a far way with paper, pens and some candles.
Start with what you got and If you want more tools get new once as you go but dont feel you cant start since you are lacking tools and resources thats a normal pitfall to not start at all.


Welcome. You don’t need much to start. If all you have is pencil and paper, look up Sigil Magic we have plenty of info and so does YouTube. Good luck to you and your journey on your path! :blush:


Hello! I am Crazydog330,
I enjoy many types of magic, having primarily studied hermetic alchemy as I tend to be kind of a shut in. I suppose my magical journey began with theurgy, at first of christian and later of greek gods. While studying I came across a book of spells which seemed to not require the efforts of the gods at all, and such begun my investigation into candle and sylvan magic. During my late high school years I had a lot of free time on my hands, being homeschooled, and used this time to investigate every book I could find on the occult in our local library, which is how I discovered hermeticism. In college I continued my studies, and there I discovered balg and begun studying EA’s grimoires to learn evocation, which was something I had not particularly focused on before.
In general I prefer energy workings where you empower your own spirit and then use that energy for spell working over summoning a spirit to go do it instead, but I have learned I have many limitations which inherent spirits do not.
Currently my goals are perfecting a form of alchemy which can be used to ensure immortality, and studying to learn all I can about the world and the spirits in it. Eventually, I hope to open my own arcane library.


Welcome. This is a good community, so I’m sure you’ll soon get the hang of it.


Girl welcome! You will totally kick ass!!! The people on here are not only warm welcoming but extremely knowledgeable about all things of the occult…and helpful!!!

You got the look… now put that shit out there and be YOU!!! Easier said than done…I know…lol

Come to PA and we can go out sometime …lots of chicks who I could just choke…grrrr
stay focused and you will achieve whatever you desire!!! Your eyes say it all…Killing it. :wink:




Always here to lend a helping hand up. If you need assistance and if I’m knowledgeable in what your seeking, I’ll help anyway I can. Never hesitate to ask.

Phil a/k/a Alan Elohim

Something will always call to you…sit still and mediate…ask. It always comes from within!!! So beautiful and brave ---- you will illuminate your path.

Love the fact that you are studying the arts…great!!! Perfect.

They will always be able to help you on this forum…just ask specific ?'s and you will be amazed at the amount of love, answers, and truth you will receive…

Best wishes!!!



Hello all, my preferred name is Alita Road, not my legal one but maybe one day i’ll be able to incorporate it in.

The kinds of Magick I like, well I’m fascinated by every one I’ve been introduced to. I started out in Christian Dogma but at 17 moved into a Wiccan group. They called themselves Wiccan but their behavior and attitude was anything but. Eventually in my twenties their nasty, Holier Then Thu attitude had me looking else where.

I treaded water for a while before discovering Celtic Magick then having The Morrigan call me last year. I am also starting on basic alchemy with guidance from Anubis who’s been with me since I left Wicca.
I’ve recently had Loki make himself known so in the future i’ll be studying Norse Magick as well.

I haven’t worked with Demons but do not have problems with them. I’ve found S. Connelly’s work very interesting and plan to get some of her books.
I honestly find all forms of Magick and Science fascinating. I guess my current attitude is more on the Chaotic side. I have a very “use what works for you” philosophy.

One thing I’ve always had since i was very young was strong ties to animals and animal spirits. Most spirits I talk to are animal and it’s been a part of my life for so long that i have an aversion to using animals in my personal spellwork (I have no issue with others doing it, everyone I’ve ever spoken too has shown the animal spirit nothing but respect. After all we all die and i feel the cycles of death and rebirth are vital to life). I just have such strong ties the idea upsets them greatly and i feel it.

My Goals are always to learn and have a complete life with my family. I am an artist and an amateur fiction writer all while working 40 hours a week. I’ve always been a pen, pencil and paper artist so now I’m working on a new medium, the Tablet and oh is it exciting. I’m using it to bring out my feelings on different aspects of Magick. I’ve tried to bring my feelings, insights and even just questions into video format but it just doesn’t fit for me while my artwork has always been Me.
It is where my expressions will go in the future. My artwork i hope will become my legacy to leave behind.

For struggles well life is always a struggle, nothing’s ever come easy but with more practice in Magick I’ve found the road blocks less and less. What i want, i guess, is becoming who i want to be instead of dragging my knuckles in a back breaking job where i’m someone’s servant instead of being my own master.

A couple of pieces I’ve done.

Me goofing off one December

and me goofing off with my son Shiro because he wouldn’t stop trying to photo bomb me lol.

It’s nice to meet you all.


I was told i had to comment on this thread.
So here it goes.
I have been practicing magick and occult things for about 6 years.
I was able to grasp all of the concepts of magick and occult knowledge that most people would need quite a few years to learn; when i learned all of these things within a year or slightly more.
(I’m not bragging i am just telling the truth).
But anyways i jumped around from Wicca and Paganism to the Draconic path to Satanism to many other paths. No path seems to fit me because i can’t follow something or someone its just in my nature.
But when i learned about what evocation and invocation actually was because i never even knew what they were for a while (that sort of thing is almost taboo among Wiccan and lighter path people; no ofense though. I mean it is kind of known but not talked about in detail). Anyways once i learned the concepts of evocation and invocation then i quickly began learning how to evoke spirits. It took me maybe a 2 months of on again off again “work” with evocation. But i soon realized i could summon spirits by just saying their name or even concentrating on their consciousness.
I also learned that i had a natural gift for telepathic communication with spirits. I basically mastered this in about 2 months of on again off again “work.” Now this is not to say that telepathic communication can be thwarted greatly by external forces as well as your mind. All it takes is the will power to do it and the ability to know who is saying what.
Anyways i progressed from that point and kept learning more things because everyone always will learn new things about the occult world that they didn’t know before.
But that is about it. I won’t get into more detail about anything else related to occult things.
But i am an INFG personality type. I am a quiet person who enjoys nature and animals (except for snakes, rats, mice, big spiders and insects).
There is a lot more about me than this but i think its enough information for me to be considered an “active” member of BALG.
Have a wonderful day,
Diana E.


I’m Mariah Ernest, I’m 21 years old. I love Magick where your voice and intent are the main tools. I love working with Yuma. My current goal is not a unique goal, I desire to become wealthy. I’m currently struggling with bills, and deciding if I want to eat today or have water tomorrow. I’ve tried money spells with the ideal and constant thinking that they’ll work, but they never do. I need help on what to do.


@Urear we have a thread of tried-and-tested methods that have worked for members, you may have already seen this but I’ll drop the link just in case. :smiley:

@anon48957109, have you ever trained in core shamanism?

That relies heavily upon working with animal spirits during the initiatory stages, and can be taken further down that route once mastery of the basic is acquired.

I did a kind of brain-dump of the various ways in which being a magician can assist in care of one’s own critters :smiley: in this post: Dogs and energies - #4 by Lady_Eva.

I have a tutorial for this method typed out, reply to my greetings PM if you’d like a copy to try it out. :+1:

@ElenaMaeva there’s a thread about MBTI personality types here, you may find it interesting? Your MBTI.


Hello, I’m Shashi from India. I’m a goddess worshipper, joined this forum to know more about secrets of the Goddess.


Hi everyone LHP witch here :slight_smile: This is my new account …


TYVM I’ll check those links out.
I’ve tried looking into Shamanism but all I ever got was read Ted Andrews or you can’t be a Shaman. It was hard getting people to understand I wanted to learn about it not label myself a Shaman.

I have a feeling I’ll get more honest advise from this forum then I’ve gotten from other places.

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People in the core shamanism world can get VERY inverse-snobbish about that! :rofl:

It’s like, it annoys everyone, everyone can see through it, and yet they keep kind of virtuously stating “oh no, one must not call oneslf such a title” - really weird.

It’s just a technique, and I’d discovered/created something like it for myself by the time I was nine years old. :roll_eyes:

Anyway I’ll send you the tutorial and that might be useful. :+1:


Hey. I’m OrbitalSRS.

I have been into Occult on-and-off for several years and I can feel heavy wave of “on” period knocking on my door again. My main goals are to attain knowledge and power.

I don’t have much else to say at this moment. It’s nice to meet you.


Hi, I’ve been lurking this forum for a couple of months now. I first started practicing about 10 years ago. I started with DMK Modern magick, moved onto hoodoo ala Cat Yronwood, candle magick, law of attraction, NAP, Gallery of Magick both angels & demons, plus I’ve tried the works of many other authors as well. But I still very much feel like a complete beginner. I started off out of curiosity I guess and began working more seriously about 4years ago.

I am not comfortable revealing my true identity for personal reasons. Lately I’ve been working a lot more with the demons through Gordon Winterfield’s book. I found this forum through a search and have found lots of helpful info for making better contact and improving my abilities. I like E.A.'s work that I’ve read so far except that he talks a little too much for me and I get distracted. I read his divination work and part of the Mastering Evocation.

I’ve been working with Paimon lately and promised him a thanks on a forum so I’ll be making a post for that. I’m also trying to open my senses, and I have a dire situation that I’ve been working on.