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Hi everyone. I’m Alona from Manchester England and I’m new to actual magick as such but not new to my path and personal growth uncomfortable as it can be I am grateful for it. Looking to learn more from people here, and share what I might know or have experienced if relevant. Iv been drawn hear so it must hold something of value for me or someone else or both in some way. Look forward to getting to know people and learning and understanding more.


Hi really would like to learn more from you sounds like you have a lot of knowledge but not sure how to send messages to your inbox ??


Hi. I’ve been dabbling in various things for a couple years. I am emphatic and have been having obes for a while (a lot of which end in sex). I am interested in the left hand path for evolution, power, healing, communicating with spirits, and destroying the parasitic oppressors of humanity. I like taking things to the extreme and am very open minded. Right now I’m focusing on developing more of my psychic senses and on entering a theta state at will as this will be a gateway to other abilities. I also resonate with the teachings of belial, lucifer, azazel and other dark gods teaching people to reclaim their sovereignty and power and plan to work with them. One other thing i wish to achieve is to reclaim all my lost memories and powers as i incarnated on earth.


good to see you on here too cuz, enjoy :joy:


Thank you cuz :grinning:

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New member here. I’ve been reading for awhile, but felt it would be nice to have an account here.

I’m currently working on evoking Azazel.

I’ve done sigil magick before, with only random success, but otherwise I read far more magick than I do actually practicing it. I hope to really change things by getting into evocation/invocation proper, which is easier said than done.


Hi, I’ve just created an account here and I’m not sure if I’m posting in the correct place? I’m replying to this post as I couldn’t find any way of creating my own new post. Please let me know if I’ve made a mistake someone! Also, I’m fairly new to this whole subject and haven’t yet cast any spells or anything of the sort. I have a fair amount of books that I’ve been studying but don’t know where to go next. I’d be extremely grateful if someone could give me any ideas of where to go next. Thanks :grin::star_of_david:


PA the land of total boredom…and total fuckery. Ehhh lol




You’re in exactly the right place.




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I’ll have a look around the forum now for info on how to work with Baal, as well as Leviathan.

I am not all that familiar with evoking/invoking spirits. Manifesting my intention, magickally, tends to come very naturally.


They come when you think about them or call out to them. If you’re not swift with evocation, invocation works just as well.

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Life Changing Magic

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Yes, especially true for the areas I’m most familiar with.

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Chloe, take what interests you the very most and pursue that whole heartedly … that’s the best advice I can give. Make a list and go through it thoughtfully and it helps in developing long and short term goals. There is a reason Your drawn to the specific studies that appeal to you most.

Phil a/k/a Alan Elohim

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Hey, I’d love to be able to assist you in your pursuit of knowledge as well as any other BALG members new or old :slight_smile:
I will go ahead and send you a PM


Hello Brothers & Sisters,

My screen name here on the forum is SuaSponte, I am presently located in the Pacific NW. I prefer to keep a very low profile both online and off, and as a result I tend to read more than post…most of the time.
The kind of magick I practice I generally refer to as energy manipulation & practical magick, which at times can be as black as it gets. I do my best to maintain a balanced approach to all my actions, and always look at the bigger strategic picture in everything I do.
I am presently studying from EAs complete ebook collection, and I am also fan of Lon Milo Duquette’s materials as well.
What I appreciate most about the BALG site/channel & products is that they seem to operate under what I call “Big Boy Rules…”, which to me means that information is made available to be used as we see fit…guided by our own personal ethics.
I love to learn, and I am presently digging deep into a personal study of charging and anchoring various mudras to specific levels of consciousness.
I am very grateful a forum like this exist, and I look forward to sharing ideas and continuing to learn.


Welcome and enjoy the ride! :wink:


Is there any difference between Ba’al and Bael?

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Thank you for the welcome. I am glad to be here.