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Hello fellow magicians!
My name is Micah. Im 19, African-American and I live in Killeen, Texas .

I am a Satanist and became one after leaving Xianity somewhere around 2014(was a Xian for 11 years).

My passion is Music(I play Bass guitar, Acoustic/Electric guitar, Drums, and Keys). Its a part of me and who I am at the same time lol.

The area that Im currently working on(concerning magic) is Soul Travel and I am having great difficulty with it. I want to be able to master that then progress to Evocation and Divination.

My goals are to work with Norse Magic, Haitian Voodoo, Demonic Entities, and other Gods from indian religions like Shiva.(Ever thought about evoking Buddha? Lol)

In short, Im excited about my journey and appreciate the love from you guys.

P.S. Ill upload some pics later so you guys can see my face


Welcome Micah, It sounds like you have a plan there. I’m more than happy to help you out on your path of ascention as are many here, Cheers!


Don’t worry about us seeing your face friend. Show us your magickal face!

Welcome home.


Welcome to the forum! Great plan on your work. If you have any questions ask around or hit the PMs. I’m sure we’d be more than willing to help!


Hi, it’s a pleasure to have you here with us.

Feel free to ask questions, I am more than happy to help :slight_smile:


Thanks guys for the love!



My humble apologies to the moderator and all concerned for not introducing myself before I posted my first comment, but here I am. (I didn’t see the notice.)

I’m an African-American male from Washington, DC born and raised. and my introduction to magick is well, or all intents and purposes, interesting, and in many ways uncanny.

You see, I was the Sunday School nerd. I knew the whole Bible stories inside and out. The other kids were amazed at how I was able to answer all the questions right. Everything was good until I discovered science and technology. Then I kept asking questions. The Sunday School teacher started giving me that look on her face that said, “Shut up!” I took the hint. At a certain point around twelve, I guess “I dropped out” of the Baptist church.

I was already the nerd that hung out in the school library. My talent for science won me many science fairs from elementary school to high school. But I suck at math! Weird, I know. I also discovered that I’m a fairly decent writer. More on that later.

In high school, I discovered my city’s excellent public library system. Then, later at around 1998, these libraries started getting Internet access. Thanks to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. I have been doing transcendental meditation since junior high school (from an old library book). This, I think opened the gateway. Online and the public library, I found many books on the occult, mysticism, and metaphysics. By the way, all those books since disappeared. Weird, I know. Maybe people stole them. People do steal library books!

I got introduced to “Uncle Al” (Aleister Crowley) and his former student L. Ron Hubbard. (Yes, the Scientology guy.) I found the Goetia, a great book on Lucid Dreaming, Freemasonry, the Quran, and the Kabbalah. My Biblical training, I later found out came in handy. Did I mention that I had an uncle that was in the Moorish Science Temple? I’ll keep this short.

When I went to a bookstore, Barnes & Noble or Borders (I can’t remember which,) I bought copies of Donald Michael Kraig’s Modern Magick. This is the best book on magick around! It is actually used as a textbook at some universities. I later bought the Israel Regardie Middle Pillar book. To this day I use the LBRP ritual. It keeps me grounded and protected. I’m a master at lucid dreaming and visualization. I’m a fan of the Gallery of Magick books by Damon Brand. I tend to draw from different magickal traditions. Wicca, Chaos magick, Hoodoo, Voodoo, Kabbalah, Tarot, Egyptian magick, the Necronomicon, the LHP and the RHP. I am interested in the ancestral traditions of my African roots, being a Black male in America. (Not to be racist. Please don’t imply that.)

I have written two books and a blog. I make short videos, do graphic design, and some coding. And, made several attempts to write a novel. I have felt a force or the influence of the spirits when I write. I know that is a gift or talent that I was meant to have. A current goal of mine is to make money off my writing and art.

As for current struggles, they are mostly financial. I keep having dreams about financial success, but it doesn’t translate into the physical realm. As much as I visualize wealth and prosperity on the astral plane, I can’t seem to cause changes in my current reality. The richer I am in my dreams, the poorer I am, it seems. Does it have something to do with my past-life karma? Is my will not strong enough? Am I doing the wrong type of magick? Or, the wrong rituals? Or, the rituals wrong? What is the point of magick if there is no change occuring according to will? Uncle Al said, “Do as thou wilt, is the whole of the law.” What am I not doing?

Thank you for reading this long introduction.

Peace and blessings to all!


Thanks for the intro – and don’t worry, we just changed software and the new automated greeting doesn’t mention intros, it’s all a bit chaotic for now! But we’ll sort it out. :slight_smile:

Meanwhile, there’s a lot of great information available on this site, you might find these links useful to begin with:

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Hi my name is Connor Flood and I have been doing left hand path work for a year now at the moment I just doing a ICT course hopefully to get lot of money and to get a nice car and my favourite demon is Azazel. once there is a 17 year old man who loved life (the joker) who is very powerful and no one can touch him. But yet no know him he is just a Outcast ever word is power to the mind.:no_mouth:


Hi Connor, I’m new here as well. My name is Michele and I’ve been doing LHP work for over 20 years.
I usually work with the Lesser Key of Solomon and evoke Watchers. I think my Watcher either quit on me or just went for a looooong coffee break.
Lately I haven’t been able to do much because every curve ball life could possibly throw at a person has hit me hard, so I need to work on getting my focus back in order to resume my work.
I used to work the psychic fairs (yes, I still laugh about that too) doing psychometry - for some reason metal objects seem to work best. I freaked too many people out and stopped getting invited back as I was also told it was “for entertainment purposes only”.
Happy to be here to learn from all of you as we never stop learning. It is an honor to be amongst kindred spirits.

And yes, that horrible pun was intended.


Mine too! :grin:


Hey, Cyberrend here,

Ever since I was a child I was able to see and hear spirits both of the dead, and of the living who would leave their bodies when they rested. To me there was no distinction between “their world” and “our world” and they would just be as clear to me as you would be if you were sat with me in an 80s style bar.
Growing up I have had many strong experiences which include: astral travel, being contacted by entities of all sorts in my dreams, being contacted by living people in my dreams and discovering that they remember the entire experience (gotta love validation) and some animal communication.

The thing is most of my abilities seemed to just happen in the moment, mostly triggered by emotional stimulus, for the most part I had very little control over the experience at all, and as quite a few people may find some of my abilities got filtered out and repressed, sometimes out of fear, because I was brought up in a Roman catholic family… so when I was a kid the context of those beliefs made me doubt or fear what had happened… looking back there was nothing to fear at all!

In my early teens I started reading about magic but again I was held back by the programing I recieved as a child, its only when I hit my 20 that I finally broke my chains and started learning chaos magick, I became a practitioner, and that opened my eyes, I realised that dogma was my enemy and it needed to be exorcised. I now understand that I am free to do and learn as I will So here I am:

I’m here for a few reasons:

  1. I want to grab hold of the reigns in my spiritual and physical life, so far ive been focussing so much on my physical life that I feel I’ve neglected my spiritual evolution too much.
  2. I want to be able to access, explore and truly master the abilities that I know I had.
  3. To be a part of a community of people who have the desire for spiritual growth and are actually doing something about it… I have no bias when it comes to the left or right hand paths.
  4. To expand my magical skill sets
  5. To engage in discussion and exploration of hell EVERYTHING! I spend too much time every day surrounded by people who flat out agree with consensus reality, and people who try to enforce their doctrines on others, i see it in a way as a challenge for me to never let myself back down, I do believe there’s a lesson in everything but not in a karmic way.

• Your name
• Photos if you’re comfortable
• Kinds of magick you like
°From which “path” i have come
• Current goals
• Current struggles

Warning: if you can’t digest my sometimes pretty bad english: don’t read it at all,
or at least do not harass me with bullshit. THANKS!

oOo The name is?/was? Richard.

oOo Photos? Not yet :flushed: … we just met and… WHY ARE YOUR PANTS DOWN?!!
Just kidding, i got problems with my system so i was forced to switch to something cheap like “slax”.

oOo Which kind of magick? […] Good question.
~Well, of course: black magic, and… well it seems logickly to me:
that every magick is actually “black” in nature, because there is no way not to produce (at least a little) change, and its allways “serving” your desires. -Whatever that should be.
Even if YOUR desire is to serve some monster from “heaven”.

And i read also some books from mystics, who seem pick pieces out of context of pretty much everything big, like: the three diseases: Islam, christianity, the jews +kabbala,
but also buddhism. ~Those people actually believe that black magick is just banefull magick
°~(-_- ‘’)~° fffffffffffffffffff…

oOo My past.

Nihilism in an ultra pessimistic way, with not a goal, but with the idea to die with 40/45years in a great fight and a lots of lost collateral.

Later gave islam and some insanity me the very needed ‘push’ to keep going.

Later i came to mythology and stuff, because (don’t fucking laugh) i believed strongly in vampires, and i kept the idea of travelling gods, who just passed every point on earth,
so thats why all those stories are similar in nature, rituals or even names.

But i left that idea behind, and all the prints about the norse, egyptian, greek and wicca gods…

I came to buddhism, i was impressed by its truth because:
pure buddhism is no believe and no religion, its just a way to look at things more clearly,

Everthing that changes is not your self, so watch everything(meditate) until it fades and the eternal self is everything that is left. But you can not see or touch the self, you can just BE the self.

But the circumsstances, my “oh so bad karma” were not “good enough” so that i could get to asia.

While being depressed with the truth, that i can not reach out for eternity, and while reading desperatly the palikanon, i came to the book of light
~pretty much scientific, in fact the most is explainable with science.

Karma was described as something good -but it is not something natural!?
~the Maha Chohan rules over the Lipika, and those Lipika rule over YOU,

And they don’t got karma themselves, but they are not perfect, because they exist in the world, therefore it is arbitrariness.

-The self/essence doesn’t do anything!
Its the personality! But the personality DIES, and another, the new one gets its “bill”?!


Another flaw: The book of light is to much injected with buddhism, so it is intendet to guide you to leave the world, AND it doesn’t tell everything,
otherwise “some oh so bad black magician” could use the knowledge how our universe is build (one of many) for “evil” purposes. And they tell about the demons, but not how they became demons in the first place, and they didn’t told how the mamo chohan became the devil, and they didn’t told about what happens to the masters, after their “job” is done. And more…
~And it was pretty weird to read “sections of black magick” and after those parts came like a half page full of the mantra, so nothing “evil” is coming to you.

Yes, yes ~i became pretty “enlighted”, but there were allways my gravings and lust such.
Later i was getting an idea, build upon something “Adamon von Eden” told by his writings.

The possiblity to jump from current to current, from dimension to dimension in order to reach out for eternity.

Realities, and what believe really means:

An believe is an thought which repeats itsself.
(And if in context with the subconsciousness:)
Believe is, what picture, feeling or thought has been repeated enough,
so it is echoing eternaly in the subconsciousness.

Believe can put you in prison, but also can free you.<

Here some (german) texts from Adamon:

The moment i changed to darkness were, as i read about the time as “4 have become 5”

the principle of
=> the spirit, the essence is eternal, from an darkness beyond light and shadow, the nothingness, the “space” beyond the world/ nirvanapuram.

The eternal comes in the matter/chaos to learn its truth, and will finally come back.
=we do not belong to this world

the principle of

The spirit may be eternal, but that is what the matter is build of.
~it is the spirit who awakens in the chaos he is.

=Nirvana is just an unplugged/sleep-like state, there is only matter(=spirit)
The awakened spirit wraps itsself in “sleeping” spirit.

This idea is may not very well presented by me, 'cause of my not so well english,
but it explains why the book of light has told, that there is the possibility “to fall out of Nirvana”: BECAUSE RULING FORCES ARE RE-AWAKENING YOU!

~I never have spoken to “Alakthan” but i guess that he?/it? thinks similar about our existence.

We are meant to be.

oOo Current goals:

Immortality. (keep the “eternal dance” going, for that i have to keep my identity)
Gain Power.
Gain Knowledge.
An own shooting range. :open_mouth:

BUT: before i can do/get any of that:

°°°MONEY, enough to life, eat, and to bribe some stupid bureaucrats who wanna mess with me.
~To buy land, for building altars and to grow food and stuff.

°°°Learn this whole evocation thing, abilities and such.

°°°Learn how to feed on people.

°°°Learn how to manipulate people.

oOo Struggle: Paypal is still mugging me for some reason.
I currently just work occasionally, for the half of the minimum-wage
Still trapped in this stupid family and city. (i wanna/need to get out of this mess, to flee in some rural area)
‘Something’ keeps me from meditating.
No money to buy the books and circles.
(currently just enought for the spider and the green butterfly and the 7 grimoires, but i have to wait until next month or so ~again, cause paypal)
I don’t have a gun. ~I hope that magick will bring me one AND become my “gun”.

P.S.: For those you didn’t get what i was writing above:

It seems logickly to me, that the very, eternal and indiscribable essence, can be symbolized as the CHAOS STAR. We are matter, but use matter the same time.
~No one is innocent, because even if you re in an nirvanic state, you are part of that whole chaos. There is no escape, so do the only thing which is left: follow the eternal dance:
have fun, seek knowledge and power, fucking fuck XD and enjoy being.

If you are eternaly bored, like buddha: do something stupid! Create something, or take a nirvanic nap, but secure your butt(i mean ego) from vanishing.

DO-NOT-GET-ALL-THE-KNOWLEDGE-AT-ONCE, or at least not that fast!
Its an eternal dance, not some bored standing around.
~If you know everthing about this universe, somehow, than GO to another!
Keep going! Keep “dancing”.

Have a nice day, evening or wank. :stuck_out_tongue:


23 year old male looking to get back lost time either through possession or through time travel. Both of these are said to be the most difficult arts of any lineage, I only started about a month ago getting really into the occult I was hoping I could find some type of mentor. I’ve been told chaos magick and ceremonial magick were the two I should focus on first but before any of those comes meditation. I’ve been looking into various mantras to try and attain siddhi I’ve only gotten my mala beads two days ago so I can’t really expect anything yet. I’ve also been experimenting with lucid dreaming and only a little bit of wicca. I would really like some help if anyone could provide it thank you.


Well then - here goes nothin’.

I’m an upstart Conduit from the southern United States, by the pseudonym Araverus. I also go by several random titles on the Otherside, but those don’t matter.

I have reflected for a very long time on the nature of the universe, and stumbled into the esoterica of Contra-singularity Chaos Magick, For a good while I’ve grown to become a puppet of the omniscience, hoping to bring the end that must come. My main secondary magickal passions lie in alchemy, particularly the use of spirits as ingredients of power amplification and redox, and in linguistic magicks (writing things in gibberish I can’t understand to do whatever they do, basically).

Currently I am forging tools to acquire any power I can scrap from any plane, and consuming all kinds of spirits for processing and ability enhancement.

Expect weird shit from me.


I liked that. We’re similar. Expect me to come along and introduce you to some things.
Kzath Karbelmnia Sephyrsoth Gramnado


Thanks. ~I allready half-ass-started this magick-thing, back then.
But while this time in buddhism and esoteric, i pretty much lost all of those few things i had,
because my goal changed that time from becoming an undead, to reach out for nirvana ->to left the world or to at least switch to the astral plane.
But at least do i still understand the concepts and ideas.

So it would be very kind of you to teach me something ;3

By the way: Maybe is it because my “re-newbiehood”, but i’m kinda impressed by the abilities you mentioned. :open_mouth:


Hello my name is Rhea. I’m from the United States the Midwest to be exact. I’m just getting into this magik thing. I am really into black magik, fire spells to be exact, candles, incense, and that type of stuff.


Hi everybody, I’m Partogi from Indonesia. I’m a total newbie to all stuffs in this forum and I’d like to learn more.

Currently I have struggles about belief in God and Christianity. I’m currently a Christian not because I found Christianity is true, but rather because I’m scared if there’s hell after death. Even if there’s only a slightest chance that hell exist, I’d definitely be a Christian.

My goal is simple: to learn the truth about reality.

That’s all!


My name is Rachel. My sister is also on this forum (balor). I primarily practice black magic. I focus on astral projection, demon possession, and hoodoo. I’m from the midwest.