US military?

should i join the US military? i want to help them blow up islam but i dont like taking orders, plus i lake that it will get me fit. plus i could use a little self disiplin, if im honest.

Do some divination on that first, some guys on the forum give readings from time to time. Look into that first.

good idea.

What’s your own experience with divination for yourself?

If you don’t like orders then certainly don’t join the military. Performing seemingly pointless activities ’ because you’ve been told to ’ will be part of the training. You’ll be expected to follow any instructions immediately and without question.


Well if you like to join the US military, and don’t want to take orders, how about summoning one of the infernal Generals from Hell Sargintanis wouldn’t he command the infernal armies in Hell he might be able to make you a General in the US military, without having to start at the bottom.

I would not join, in my honest opinion. I tried to join several years ago. Then the recruiter turned on me and said that I was too fat!

While I have respect for the U.S. Armed Forces (Go Army, Hooah!), I wouldn’t join.

There are other ways to oppose Islamic terrorism. As far as getting fit, run, bike, swim, lift some weights. Do cross-training. If you are practicing magick or any other spiritual discipline, you need self-discipline.

The military for all it’s worth is a type of cult, hive mentality. Don’t bother with it.


Its not about learning to take orders, its about learning to trust others automatically. Its also about learning when NOT to automatically trust. The military is a group of people that looks EXACTLY like a family, with all the loyalty and infighting that goes with it. Taking orders in mundane or seemingly useless tasks prepares you to take orders when you’re frightened, tired, angry, and otherwise not at your peak mental performance. Taking orders prepares you to trust that a strategist or tactician can see more of what’s going on and knows what you are up against. Taking orders prepares you to do your job so well that you come home and your enemy does not. There is a reason that militaries world wide have functioned this way for millennia.

Taking orders also properly prepares you to GIVE orders when your time comes. There is a reason Non-Commissioned Officers get more respect from the lower grades than the Commissioner Officers do.

These two cents have been brought to you by a headstrong Leo who did join the Air Force Auxilliary and learned to fly under military training as a teen. Also, this particular Leo has an extremely strong family tradition of military service, including Commissioned and Non-Commissioned personnel alike. Military SERVICE is not for everyone, but IS at least good for everyone who tries it.


In 99% of civilian situations that’s a useful attutude, but the 1% in a combat situation where you stop to ponder whether your ego and better judgement agree with the order you just got, it could get you and your friends killed, or stuck breathing and eating through tubes, with no limbs, for the rest of your life.

And if you can’t take ofers, you’ll never be in a position in that specific context to give them, either.

Source of my experience - military people in family, and friends, also actually being involved in specific types of spiritual combat, where much the same rules applied, funny enough.

So this may not be for you, but why not train up in some baneful magick using djinn (specifically) with this as your goal?

You can eat all the nacho & dips you like, or alternatively tie it in with getting fit and becoming a muscle-bound beast, not really have to take orders in the same way, and, maybe still do some SERIOUS damage. :slight_smile:

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yha i think you guys are right. thx

Essentially, every organization behaves like the army. There’s a pyramidal chain of command with a punishment-function for those who deviate…well, that’s the ideal. Any company that makes any good and competes for market share has to have a General, staff with rank, has to plan, strategize, defend, attack rivals and keep the internal chain of command intact or it goes under and the enemy fucks you over, battle by battle.

The fact that e.g. Coca Cola or Suzuki are household names now and are massively successful is indicative of the hidden organizational prowess they had over the other companies lost to history that got slaughtered on the former’s rise to the top.

I’m nodding… :slight_smile:

Learning to think as one, act as one, varies in the extent to which this is healthy, for both individual and group, and also varies depending on context - if people, things, are literally tyring to kill you, your entire theatre will be ridiculously small, isolated (no matter what or who loves you, and what or who you fight with) and you need to not create a schism between you and the whatever has your back and sees a bigger picture.

This has been my experience of certain kinds of spiritual conflict, warfare, which I in NO way compare to the material kind, but nonetheless things and people have actually tried to kill me, and I’ve had to fight in various ways for my life and victory, so I’m not fucking about, either.

Thinking as one, with one goal, is also the desired state for one’s spiritual servants and allies, again to different extents, depending on your goal and who and what you’re working with.

Sorry for the essay, “it just happened.” :wink:

(Salute for anyone who gets that reference.)


While I understand the role of discipline and acting in a loyal, unified manner, we must not forget the role of the individual.

(Commander) James Bond could get a lot done alone. And, in some cases, more than a bunch of British soldiers. On the streets, you can smell a bunch of cops coming and not see the informant/undercover standing right beside you. Understand?

While I can see General @Lady_Eva’s fervor for the “LHP Army”, :smile: one should also see the option being an individual and going alone.

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It depends if you want to make a career out of it because once you join up you sign your rights off as a citizen and they pretty much own your ass. That brings me to the question as to why you’re on this forum since I did not read your intro bio yet. If you consider yourself a magician/sorcerer or strive to become on then it probably may work for you as long as you integrate both the militant and magickal lifestyles. In other words are you trying to become a fuckin’ ninja or what? Ninjas practice magick too!

I’m not talking fantasy, I’m actually being sincere with you. Have you ever heard of Michael Aquino?

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[quote=“cyberseeker, post:13, topic:11519”]
While I can see General @Lady_Eva’s fervor for the “LHP Army”, :smile: one should also see the option being an individual and going alone.[/quote]

lol!! I want a sharp-looking uniform and shiny boots now… :smiley:

There are very few occasions when working as one unit is necessary, I just described them for context on why overcoming the desire to question something can occasionally be necessary, even essential, when working towards a larger goal.

In most instances it is indeed antithetical to the kind of mindset for sorcery, and the LHP in general. :slight_smile:

April 4, 2017, 2:33 am
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