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Hello. I am from Europe and my name in English would be translated as Matthew.

I was about 16 years of age when I experienced the first glimpses of magic with Crowley’s works like the Liber Al and not long after that the Lavey’s Satanic Bible. Some time after that I got interested into Black Magick after reading Koetting’s book Baneful Magick which was released around 2008, and to this day it remains my favorite book of his. It was around this time that I experienced one of the darkest periods of my life, and the period of time when I actively engaged in Baneful Magic, with curses being the first operation of magic I ever performed.

Since then, many trials and errors on my path, even though I have used other magical practices and systems, the practicality of Koettings works has remained in my own ritual workings and operations ever since.


Hello every one :slight_smile:

I come from London where I’ve been living for many years.

I’m new to Magick and have been studying and documenting myself for over one month now.

I love some of the topics Koetting is bringing up on YouTube and I am keen on learning more.


Hi - nice to meet you all! Interesting profiles!

My name is Xavier (and yes I am an X-men fan haha! ) :smiley:

Considering myself to be one with the all and all in one- I favor working with myself from the perspective of seeing myself as the One.

Rama once said in a channeled message ‘when you are One - you can never lose’ .

Realizing that you are all that is - no more and no less - in oneness and equality with all life -empowers the sense of Oneness - and where Oneness is- power is absolute and total. There is no rival where there is one - there is just yourself purifying your environment or enhancing it.

So generally all my actions come as calling upon the source of all things within myself - (which I as ascended masters generally refer to as the I AM-presence) and commanding reality as such- standing for respect-love-oneness-equality-sovereighty-and peace- and also empowering the respect of these.

I usually work with anything in the Cosmos that the source in me and all extends for any specific tasks - which thus include Angels-demons-other extraterrestrial beings- anything that does the job.

If I may make a recommendation- where I based myself upon is the book
Life and teachings of the masters of the far east.

A book about Godhood/The God-nature which we ultimately are - ourselves - including physical immortality - levitation - physical teleportation- physical shapeshifting - mastery over all elements and ether - walking over water - and several more attributes - it is a practical workbook explaining the nature of reality as can be experienced - and enthroned by yourself.

I am also a huge fan of the X-men and any good superhero movie
Especially superman - man of steel!

Goals > the supreme - the absolute - the ultimate and the epic - as an absolute minimum and then go beyond that. Making the world a perfect paradisiac place to live for all - and help make sure that it stays that way.
Such thought comes with realizing that in oneness - we are all that is - and in it - the respect for life itself becomes absolute- a kind of respect that also is part of what unlocks ultimate Godlike power at the heart of creation - and witihn ourselves- as the other attributes.

Struggle-well though I would see them as expansion/transformation points to use a lighter word- anything that occurs (which may be daily - I ask in one of my circles)

• Your name
• Photos if you’re comfortable
• Kinds of magick you like
• Current goals
• Current struggles

I’ll start. I’m the co-creator of Become A Living God, my name is Timothy.

Note: your photo does not need to be as photoshopped as mine :slight_smile:

I’ve devoted my life to black magick, and my passion is to perfect the art of scrying. I’m currently writing a philosophical treatise on the ideology of the left hand path, which I’ll either include in Book 2 of Anthology of Sorcery, or release as a limited edition physical booklet.

I’m presently struggling to make deep contact with the Goetic demon, Vine, although I’ve received superficial indications he is acting on my behalf. I remain patient and persistent nonetheless.

Your turn, answer the same honest questions so we can receive your friendship.

Godlike Power,


My name is Daniel, I live in Stockholm and I’m new to magick. I am raised to a Roman Catholic family and they see demons as evil. I’m trying to get into black magick,blood magick, and so on.

I am not really comftorable to share photos of myself, sorry.

My goals are to expand my knowledge, learn the secrets of the ancients. Furthermore I am trying to get help from magical entities to improve my wealth and bind my own destiny.

I have no major struggles apart from needing to hear religious people tell me it is evil.

If you would like to help me, it would be very appreciated hit me up in PM.


My name is not David Smith. I apologize, but if my appology’s not exepted that’s okay.
I’m from Europe, Serbia. Strange little coutry. Only domesic Orthox Christianity is good, everything else is just a pure evil. Actually, not that bad, to be honest.
I’m in my mid 40’s and I’m not an inexperienced. I starded reading Crowley as a teenager, practising kabbalah for ages, meditate a lot, OBE is something normal to me since my childhood, I have nothing against The New Age spirituality, atheism, etc.
I truly beleived in love and goodness only, avoiding all sorts of confrontations - my way of dealing with problems was to forgive and to understand. I’m not the saint, I know I was for sure made some other poeple lifes more painful, maybe unintentionally, but that’s the fact. And I know I didn’t want to make my life a bit harder to fix the problems I’ve made to others who coudn’t confronted me. Just unpleasant for both parts.
Why am I here? Mostly because my intuition tells me so. Part of me believes it’s just another fantasy sale, feeding my ego and filling someone elses bank account, but even just watching E.A.Koetting’s videos makes me feel stronger and better. I really don’t want to be just a nice guy any more. I must serve myself first, it’s my obligation.
Stabbed in a back from persons I loved and trusted so much made me feel numb. I’m really fed up being frustrated anymore.

Thank you for your time.


Hallo to all, my name is Anastasiya, a name I chose when I resurrected myself into a better version.

I have been studying magick since i was about 13 or 14, which makes it about a decade and a half now. My father was a Man of Power, but he gave up his Path when he met my mother.

I began with Celtic and Norse traditions, then became a proficient elemental mage. I was dedicated as a novice once to 5 historical Maker Gods, then renounced the shackles of religious interference with my Power. I still believe, but my religious beliefs have changed. I do a lot of spirit work, born, dead, and neverborn alike. I am also deeply intuitive, and I spend most days in a state of partial meditation.

This overview is by no means complete, as I learn everything I can get my senses on. I am here for that exact purpose: to learn.

Be Mighty,


Hello all,

maninthedark here so named because i am a man in a dark place :frowning:

Only began this journey a month or so ago but been avidly getting stuck in with a lot of divination some sigil work of my own designs which i really enjoy and simple spell work and candle magic.

Its strange this journey i am on just seems to fit if that makes sense i have always had an interest in magick and always thought there was something inside me wanting to come out now i get to explore it which is really exciting.

I was pretty unsure if this was for me as I have been a practicing Christian which in itself throws up all sorts of fears I’m sure i dont need to explain that one.

Really looking forward to learning as much as possible unfortunately I have to rely on what I can glean from the internet for now as due to circumstances I dont have a lot of money these days.

Theres a whole load more I could say but I dont think I need to go into my problems unless someone wants some practice cursing the absolute fucking shit out of a couple of people who have completely ruined my life for me i’m already working on it but any help would be gratefully received I cant really offer anything as I dont have a lot other than my gratitude to give as its all been taken away from me, i’m usually a kind and pleasant guy who wouldnt hurt anyone or anything but for these fucks I will absolutely make an exception I was told by my reader the other day that one of those who I have lost because of these people is my soul mate that I have had through multiple lives now I know why it hurts so bad.

Anyway see you round the forums.



Hi all!

I’m an award winning performing artist (film and music) and I’ve been sporadically learning and practicing Magick for over a decade now. From African systems to hinduism and flirts with Shamanism, recently I felt a strong call from the LHP. Simultaneously, I have been facing the most difficult and challenging times of my life (won’t go into detail) for a couple of years, and E.A. has helped a lot (yup, Hollywood ain’t easy folks!). Currently performing evocations on a daily basis and just honestly hoping to get my shit together as I am truly, truly exhausted.
Dark blessings to y’all!


Hey there!
My name is Elise, I just completed EA’s Evocation course, and I am totally loving learning all of this. I have ALWAYS been drawn to witchcraft. Always had a sense of knowledge of power. That there is a way to tap into that. Always been open minded, and although I am a “lightworker”, I understand that importance of learning and being open minded and I really like much of what EA is teaching a offering. I’m kinda on an EA/magical endeavors binge atm. I want to take more of his courses and find more references for information. I am a hereditary witch, although my mother call herself a Christian, she has the ability to speak things into being and she does rituals which yield results. She just does it differently and call sit “God”. She even killed someone just by speaking it into being. She basically did a banishing and the woman suddenly has terminal cancer and was dead in two weeks. I suddenly had the knowing that we come from a line of witches and she did not deny that. Nor does she deny the validity of what that means. So, I am not certain why I have always been drawn to this path. I am a pretty decent healer in my business and i realize that healing goes about the same way as witchcraft or magick. I am also an expert in the laws of attraction and i see magick as an extension of that. I am glad that I can come here to ask questions and get reliable information. Thank you all for being here!!


Hello all,
I’m Virtue and I’m an Australian who lives in London. I am a practising magician, have been for many years. I guess my practise is a little unusual as I have been taught by spirit almost exclusively. Some fairly negative family circumstances created an environment where spirit assisted me from a very early age, they stepped in to help and I’ve grown with them ever since I was a small child. Now I write my own spells, ritual practises and other forms of magic and I take my practise seriously. Its funny though, I can still remember being 6 or 7 years old and burying stones in particular parts of the garden. God knows what I was doing!! Still, I have an amazing spiritual team, some of which I have been working with from childhood and some more recent. I love working with spirit as I’m always keen to learn more. Currently in London I work with the dead, with hauntings and sorting out trapped spirits etc. I didn’t really want to be a medium but in haunted London and with my magical abilities, it’s was given. Forced I know! I’m also a painter and a writer (although the writer a bit fledgling) I also paint the dead in spirit form as I tend to paint everything significant to my life. I guess that’s about it really… Hi again to everyone and I’m looking forward to some interesting postings.


Forgotten to write here…

Hi my name is Zamael and live in Sweden, Im a mystic but out of boredom I usually experiment with magic, especially mixing traditions, mostly I practise kabbalah (merkavah tradition) and have studied under a rabbi, also initiated into tantra by a bona fide tantrik guru. Mostly practising enochian magic and runes with a touch of chaosmagic. I have been doing magic for over 20 years and magic come naturally for me because my ancestral background; acestors of witches streching back to 1131. Because of my mysticism I have reached the point where I want to be, so I dont have any goals with magic except be less bored.


At last! :o)


[quote=“Lady Eva, post:867, topic:3232”]At last! :o)


OMG that’s the cutest little thing ever


I am from India. I am a big EA koetting fan. I like his no bullshit attitude towards magick and ascent. I kind of wonder how can a person like EA give others tools for personal ascent without hesitation and live a humble family life at the same time.
I started with new age stuff and when I reached here I was suffering from tremendous amount of paranoid religious fears. Still getting them off as they come back from time to time like ocd. I have worked the tantric system to an extent mainly yantra and Bija mantras,energy work, some astral projection ,EA’s system of goetic magick.

I would definitely love to learn from the experienced members of the forum about magickal mastery, the greater reality ,personality development and general wisdom for life.


Hey everyone. My name is Scott. I live in the midwest of the United States. I have been studying the occult off and on for a good chunk of my life. It started when I had an ex girlfriend that was Wiccan, and she would talk about it. I got interested and started doing my own research into it, and everything with the occult.
I have mainly done candle magick, sympathetic magick, and started working with sigils. I would love to get to work with the goetic demons, but I know right now that is beyond what I can do because I have a hard time clearing my head completely. That is one of my main challenges right now, I meditate by usually sound and smell, but I seem to have built up a small immunity to what I would normally use.
I’m attracted to the darker side of magick because of what it can accomplish.


Why hallo thar.
My name is Mikal. I’ve been lurking the forum for a while and finally gained the confidence to post. I like the feel and discussion of this forum and intend on staying for a hot minute. Maybe not posting often, but the info here is great. Insofar as practicing magick, I can tell you I’m a newcomer to this, though not new to meditation or energy manipulation by any means. I guess I’d say I’m more of a follower of the RHP, but I’m starting to see and agree more with LHP philosophies.

Also: I hear spirits on the regular. No need to evoke or invoke them, I can call out to them flat-out (I practically never do this, as I feel it’s disrespectful and annoying to spirits. Evocation is kind of like ringing a doorbell before you enter, I feel.)

This ability (and malady) came upon me several years ago when I accidentally evoked my first spirit, a wind goddess in Tibetan buddhism. I could feel her presence while I was meditating and asked for her help with enlightenment. A few days later, I received a Shaktipat and my kundalini blew up on me for seveal years. I can’t see auras or really do anything amazing, except talk to spirits in passing. Kind of a shitty Siddhi, but it’s all I’ve got, aside from being particularly sensitive to energy or lack thereof.
I’ve spoken with Raphael and Dionysus before, both being very patient with me and my new-ness to working with spirits. I hope you all have the same reaction.


Hello, my name is Seth and I am from Michigan. I use to be an Evangelical Christian until I became spiritual during high school. Ever since then I’ve been into spell casting and meditation, and other types of spiritual practices. I love to go out into the forest and meditate. My main spiritual goal for the past few years has been trying to bring back my twin flame which is one of the things that caused me to be spiritual in the first place. I was never very much into the whole new age right wing path craze that seems to have consumed the spiritual community. People who think you can just let go of everything and be happy. I see spirituality as something that should be practical and fun and improve your life both internally and externally and get you what you desire most. This is why I started following the left hand path and using black magic. It is my goal to ascend to sovereignty power rather than being a slave to the spiritual powers and hierarchies that be. This is what lead me to Black Magic and eventually to discover EA Koetting.


Hi everyone! I’m Draco, I’ve been apart of the occult for a few months and I can’t wait to familiarize myself with the forum and you all! :slight_smile:


Hi, you can call me LiquidThunder, I’ve been dabbling into the occult for around two years now but never got serious into practice. I have some practice with energy working though. I won’t participate that much in the forums as I have little practical experience. Most of the time I feel like my head is full of useful theoretical knowledge that I don’t apply.

I have mixed beliefs of what could be considered the Right Hand Path and the Left Hand Path which is a division in which I don’t believe. Also I have a thing for Jesus Christ, Mary, Angels and Saints but not from a religious moralist point of view, more like a “preparatory immersion thing” as Eric puts it, since I was raised a Catholic. I also don’t fear and am interested in Demons, as well as concepts and entities of other cultural backgrounds and egregors.

And by the moment I’m doing the indigo ray meditation from one of the latest videos of Eric. Will be two weeks on monday and I don’t know if I’ve achieved the state where I quiet my mind, but I can already feel some “pressure” on my 3rd eye area.

My goals and interests are, by order of priorities:

  1. Meet my own needs, desires and success in life through magick.
  2. Help the people around me.
  3. Evocation and Soul Travel.
  4. Other abilities and ultimately Ascent,
  5. Past lifes and astrology.
  6. Contribute to the BALG community with content, participating in group magickal projects (I have seen some interesting things going here).

Also some politics which I’ve found is not a taboo theme here.

To finish, I have a question. I read on a Theistic Satanist site (won’t mention its name because I don’t want to be a spammer, although they have a thread here and are well known) that when a planet is retrograde, spells trying to effect things ruled by said planet will “inevitably fail or result in disaster”. I never read about that in any other place so I don’t know if I should take it but I’ve never either seen it debunked anywhere so I don’t know what to think. Any thoughts? If anyone has something on this please PM me or answer here, as you like.

Power to y’all :muscle:


Heya my name is tempest.
I’m a longtime lurker of the forum and feel it’s time to introduce myself. Always been interested in Magick.
Right now I’m working to get my theta gamma sync connection stronger.
Ended up on this site after searching on ways to create and become a god through various techniques.
Interested in all types of magics yet drawn to the lhp.
Interested in hacking the reality source code to turn opportunities to my favor and manipulate my realty to suit my wishes.
Thanks and glad to be here and meet you all.