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I have no clue how this works, but I’ll just give it a shot. I’m probably doing it wrong, I don’t know how to post to this thread. But practice makes perfect, right?

Hi, I’m Jasmin, fairly new to the LHP. I started practicing magick in 2017(with no success so far), I guess that would make it one of my biggest struggles. But I won’t give up, since I believe in myself. It just didn’t work out for me, as of now.
I gotta work on myself more. I know that I am the problem. It’s very hard to learn everything on my own, since I don’t have a community/ master that I can talk to, that can give me advices and teach me things. I just stumbled on this forum out of nowhere or maybe because one of the demons that I’ve been trying to summon, led me to this? Who knows, but I’m very thankful for it. I hope I can achieve my goals and have great bonds with the demons of my choice. I’m working with the goetia, but just with some parts of it, since I don’t see myself wanting to have power over demons and make them obey me.

I guess that’s enough for my introduction.
Oh btw, I’m German/Thai, so if any Germans or Thais wanna help out a fellow German/Thai, hit me up.
I will probably regret posting my picture but here goes nothing.

PS: I love this forum so far because everyone seems very genuine and serious about it, all other forums that I discovered were more like making fun of my beliefs, trolls or just bullshit-talk. Happy to have found this one.
Take care!



Welcome to the forum!



To Know.
To Will.
To Dare.
To Remain Silent.

P.s. The secrets will continue to guard themselves.


My name is Thomas, I´m ex-christian, and i live in Slovakia. So, from the beginning. My desire for long time (i think 4 years) was get a girlfriend. I asked god many times, prayed etc. but it did not happen. Some time ago i have decided i don´t want to wait anymore. I have asked Lucifer for his help. Two times i panicked and prayed to god to save me from him. But my desire was still here. Then 2 weeks ago I have asked again. This time it have been different. I don´t still have a girlfriend but I know Lucifer is giving me not what i want but what I need. But i´ll explain it in different topic. Now my goal is to just work with Lucifer and other Goetia demons.


Welcome. Beautiful photo.
Also i always loved jasmine flowers
Um I’m not flirting just saying


I realized in my intro thread that I didn’t really highlight the areas of magick I have experience/expertise in. So I figure I’ll do that here (& maybe add it to my profile, too.)

The only time I practiced magick consistently was as a Wiccan in my teenage years. I’ve been serious about magick since I was about 13 or 14 years old, so I’ve been studying & practicing for 25 or 26 years, now. (Much MUCH more studying than practicing, in truth. So I have a lot of “book-learning,” but not an awful lot of practical experience, I’m afraid.)

I’ve done some Ceremonial Magick in my time, but I find all the prep work & extensiveness of it a bit too rigid & artificial. I guess I’m more of an intuitive magick user. I have the most experience with divination (mainly Tarot & dream interpretation), astrology, necromancy, & sympathetic magick (mainly candle magick & herbalism/herb magick). I haven’t practiced too much since my 20’s, but I’ve started, again. I’m still gathering my supplies & working out my path for this stage of my life.

I’ve recently come into contact with Santa Muerte & I’m concentrating on building that relationship.


That was almost like reading my own bio.



Really? Cool. Thank you! :smile:

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Hello you can call me Ekanz. I was introduced to magic from a friend and have invoked a few entities recently. My goals are to not fear all the dark magic and find the truth within. I currently struggle with being grounded in reality as I use many drugs. I am still a beginner and am excited to learn more of what is to come in the future!

Thank you and peace be with you all.


Hi there,

I have, but still in the process of understanding it all.



Indeed, I feel like this forum here, there’s actual help and people who care…



Hi y’all can call me HIRO my real name is Jacob and I’m a beginner to magic and hope to learn a lot from this forum and improve as a magic practitioner.



I’m somewhat new to magic, having only done so for about a year. I primarily do greenwitchery, as I have good relationships with a lot of plants. I’m also a polytheist, and so my relationships with my deities are incredibly important to me. Nice to meet you all!


Welcome, @Ulv :slight_smile: (one of my dads names is Ulv, what a nice coincidence)

Hi everybody I’m andyEmm2 I’ve been interested in magic and occult subjects for years but only theorectically. I now wish to get practical. My present interests include qlippoth, evocation, scrying, demons and daemons, etc.


Welcome to the community Andy

Thanks for the welcome Damian.

Might I say you should check out one of my topics I posted. I hand out free aura readings if you ever want a reading. Think of it as a welcome gift.

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Hi everyone. My name is Sandy. Im not much familiar with any magic but hoping to learn every new thing in this forum. Nice to meet you all!


im john, so i tell myself. idk what you call manifestater as magick per se. i am quite comfotable with the path or discovery and coming into the self actualization of co-creating my reality. i dont feel struggles are real, i feel all struggles are resisting ones true nature. i just became to this stage of direction in acc

ordence with what i am prepared for.