I think I just talked to Santa Muerte?

Ok, I’m a little buzzed/drunk & sleep-deprived, so bear with me, please.

Years ago, I had a near-death experience where I think I saw Death (he looked like the Grim Reaper, but without the scythe) & a Hellhound coming for me, in my mind’s eye, while in the ER. This has bothered me ever since then, because I don’t understand it. I’ve heard a few things about Santa Muerte, but have been seeing more things about her, lately. Basically, I’m interested in her & I think she’s interested in me, also. It’s like I could sense her presence, prompting me to contact her. She reminds me some of my deceased Grandma.

So, after watching some videos about her & crying, I went & grabbed myself a Hershey Bar, then thought she might like one, too. So I went back & got one for her. I put it on my file cabinet, not quite sure how I should make an offering to her, or if I was ready to. Spent some more time online & when I went to make myself some food, I suddenly decided to try offering her the chocolate bar & to talk to her, before I made my own food. I was wondering what to place the chocolate bar in, so it wouldn’t melt, but to also set it apart as sacred. The image of a bowl shaped like a flower I own flashed in my mind & I laughed, cause I know she put that image in my head.

So I went downstairs & wasn’t really sure how to do this. I know about the TGS & stuff, but I felt I didn’t need to do that. She was already here, ya know? I’m a chain-smoker (I am SO nicotine’s bitch!) & right now I’m smoking 2 diff brands because of money issues (I’m unemployed & can’t afford my preferred brand, anymore.) So I brought her 3 of my non-preferred, cheaper cigarettes, too. I debated which to offer/sacrifice. So I wanted to light a candle, but saw a Day of the Dead skull I had painted that lights up, so I put that on my altar. She asked me to pull out a chair for her, so I did. I lit a cigarette for her & one for myself. I opened & put the chocolate bar & other 3 cigs in the flower plate. There was liquor nearby & she said she wanted some. I poured her some rum. Then she said she didn’t want to drink alone & basically made me take a shot with her, LOL! I didn’t really want to, but I understand not wanting to drink alone & didn’t want to be rude. Now it’s 7am & I’m a buzzed, lol. She said the alcohol would also help me reach the state to talk with her better.

So I glanced at a used silver candle on a bookcase that I used to use for the Goddess & she wanted me to light it for her. I was surprised she would want a used one, but she said it was fine, if I took the top off. So I did. I was looking for an appropriate candle holder & she picked out a fancy girly one for votives (silver candle is a taper) & wanted me to use that. It had an old dime & penny in it & she wanted those, too, lol! While looking for my old athame to clean the candle holder, I felt like she was right behind me, looking over my shoulder into my “witchcraft cabinet” to see what else I had in there that she could claim, lol. She saw an old blue wine bottle I had & said I could use that for the candle holder instead. So I did.

I also found some old flower bulbs (2+ years old) that had actually started growing in the cabinet. She was like, “I want those, too.” LOL. So I agreed. She wants me to plant the little daffodils, but didn’t want the oh i forget the name - purple plant from Greek myth… it smells good. She was like, “Not that one. I don’'t want it.” So we chatted for a bit, while smoking together. She explained some things to me about my NDE, but not much. She said the Death being was Death, not Lucifer like I was beginning to suspect (I’ve been reading on here sometimes he comes hooded in a black robe.) Anyway, she said my biggest problem wasn’t even the Christian God, but how I think about religion & whatnot. Gently chastised me that I value my intellect, but my mind & thoughts are all over the place. Which I admitted. Said I needed to learn discipline & she could teach me. She said she had so much to teach me & I thanked her for that.

I asked her to please not kill either of my parents (I especially don’t get along with my mom) & she was offended & got up to leave. I apologized & started crying at one point & she hugged me. I actually could physically feel the force of her head on mine, cause I tried to raise my head & end the hug, but she wouldn’t let me, lol. She said she wasn’t done loving on me. Then she kissed my cheek and it was strange feeling her teeth against my cheek, instead of lips, but not scary or anything. Just different.

So, apparently I’ve agreed to let her cigarette & silver candle burn all the way down on my altar, unattended. I never leave anything burning unattended, but she said I had to learn to trust her, so ok. I’m also to bury the chocolate bar by my irises in the back yard, pour the rum there, & let 3 of my GOOD cigarettes (hehe) burn on top, sticking out of the soil like incense. Then plant the daffodil bulbs in a different place. As I was walking up the stairs, it dawned on me that the flower bulbs are another part of the (ahem) “circle of life” & I was so shocked they were actually growing in the cabinet before that it hadn’t come to my mind before that. That was pretty random, yet fits well.

So, um… I think I talked to Santa Muerte & she has a pretty good sense of humor – moreso than I thought she would.

Any of you that have had experiences with her, does this sound like her or am I just deluding myself? Anything else you want to say or suggest or ask, please do! Thank you!


Seems like her, especially her mannerisms. I work with her, but I do things differently.

Just go with it. :slight_smile: She’s a good 'un.


Thank you so much, @InfernalUnicorn! I was worried cause it just came together & felt so natural/effortless, that I figured I must be fooling myself or something. I haven’t done much “occult” stuff in years, so the fact I didn’t do a formal ritual, but just kinda threw this together slap-dash worried me. But I don’t think it was me. I think she was really reaching out to me & prodding me gently in the right directions. Thank you, again.

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Well it sounds legit to me. I know SM tends to choose who she works with by “calling” to those she wants to help. For me, I was alerted to her calling via a Tarot reader who also works with her. And so it began. :slight_smile:

The thing I would caution you about is, don’t make promises you can’t or don’t want to keep. She values honour/integrity. If you say you’re gonna get her something - get it. If you know you’d like to give her a bunch of flowers for instance, but you know you need to wait a week to have the money for it, explain that to her. As long as you are clear in your intentions, and about your circumstances, she will be fine.

Break a promise and she will take back what she gave you.


I understand. Thank you so much for the advice! :blush:

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I’ve been drawn to Santa Muerte for a while and I want to evoke her myself, however I’m wondering if/when I should because I’ve heard she doesn’t like when other deities are put on the same task as her, and I was planning to evoke a demon too. Would you know anything about that?

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I really don’t know, as I just met her this morning. I was worried about that, too, but I’m reading an article now that says she’s ok with other spirits. @InfernalUnicorn would know more than me.

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@Whatsername, here’s the article I was talking about. Be sure to scroll down & read the comments section. I hope this helps!


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She doesn’t like to share an altar. She requires her own altar. It’s probably not a good idea to put multiple deities on the same task, unless they’re performing different parts of the task. Im my case, I have like 4 layers of protection and SM is one layer. That’s an example. You can evoke any spirit you like whilst you work with SM, she doesn’t have an issue with that ime.

Also, it’s a good idea to set up an amparo, and learn about tributas.

Conjureman Ali has an ebook about how to work with SM.


Thank you! :grin:


Some witches have more affinity with the Lord of Death, Qayin El Señor de la Muerte. His wife is Qalmana has power over the Death too.

Qayin is Lilith’s son so they connect with witches easily and effortlessly. Is very powerful and his sigil is easy to draw but very powerful :wink:

Santa Muerte the mexican cult can be accessed by mundanes too.


Santa Muerte is a passionately compassionate Goddess. According to her I attracted her attention moving into a neighborhood where she held vigilance, she will find those she likes, as she said. She has granted me a boon or two when she saw fit.
But in my own musings, it often seems most Gods and Goddess “just don’t get it” when it comes to living here on Earth. They aren’t wrong in their perspective aspects or sphere on influence, to be sure, but things aren’t always so laid out here. But she does, knows how things are not so cut and dry. How people and circumstances can get things muddied up, we get caught up in it all, and despite doing our best or what we got to do, it can be just as painful as anything else. But to a heart attuned to her she would walk with us during our joys, and our sorrows. They attribute many names and titles to her, for Santa Muerte is as many faceted as the spirit of humanity that she holds so dear and turns none away. Some even deign to call her by names and titles attributed to the dregs society, but while she is not afraid to be forceful and dispense justice, she forsakes no one.


To me, SM is like that family member who otherwise lets you get on with things, but she’s there watching your back for you, when you need her. :wink:


Sounds just like her! You know, it’s funny because I stumbled across your page looking through a sigil thread and came across your Santa Muerte post. I’ve been worshiping her for about a year now and her presence is always comforting and motherly like. She’s great with protection and I find her very easy to talk to. I’m freshly new here so coming across your post was a very reassuring. I also love your page, I think your posts are very helpful :blush:

I can relate too! I was called upon her through a tarot reading. I was in need of clarification and by chance I happened to run across this brujo’s page. I read all of his testimonials that he posted and I felt he was legit. I’ve never had a reading done by a brujo/bruja before so I took my chances. He had a lot of stuff up about santa Muerte and his own deep personal experiences concerning dealing with his own inner darkness which I felt I related to. I’ve been battling depression for a long time and a lot of sadness due to heartbreaks off and on with one particular guy that’s been getting heavy within the last year. But how he described how you can use your dark for good fascinated me cause I resonated with it. And he brought up Santa muerte a lot. When I found out who she was a year ago through another bruja I was like okay cool. But I wasn’t attracted to the whole skeleton thing at the time. I just started on my spiritual path and I was looking for something that I can work with it turn to for more guidance. I don’t know…long story short I did my reading, from the brujo two weeks ago. I was a little scared cause I thought it was all gonna be the same thing everyone or everything said. But I told myself to focus and take into consideration anything he’s telling me. Why would he lie? Especially about santa muerte? I got my reading done and as he was talking to me normal he would refer to get as “spirit”… He said "spirit WANTS to help you… You will not suffer anymore more… " When I was sitting there at the end of the session reflecting everything I kept thinking about HER. I felt a sense of weightlessness and security like no other as if something was lifted off my heart. I’ve never felt this from ANY spirit or deity that I’ve attempted to try to work with. Then I started crying tears of joy. That’s when I wanted to know WHO is this Santa muerte? All I kept thinking about was “SHE wants to help you…” How can I turn that down. The more I learned about her the more I got seduced and within less than 24 hours I made up my mind that I was gonna give my heart to her. I was gonna trust. And EVER since then she has saved my sanity and then some. :pray: