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Welcome Black wolf :wolf:

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Welcome Mars ! We all are not as good at new things as we want until we learn better ways not to fail . Fortunately, you are amongst many successful magicians that will share thier successes.

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My name is Ratheesh from India.
I’m Eclectic Magician dabbled in various Magickal system like Tantra,Djinn Magick,Wicca
I’m practicing since 1 year,I joined this site to learn about demon magick
Hope I will learn a lot in this forum…

Hi I live in Ireland and have worked with Magick past few years,jist doing spells mainly for myself,pleased to meet you all

I think being forced to introduce myself is a little ridicolous. I won’t post here anymore.
I don’t want to tell you info that relates to me personally so I won’t bother you with my presence anymore.
These are guidelines I don’t like. Everybody should be free to share whatever information he wants to and keep quiet about the rest. So I’m out.

No worries, @Mondain I’m sorry you think our rules don’t apply to you, but they have served us quite well. I will close your account. Thanks for stopping by.


Hello everyone :slight_smile: I go by Luna on online platforms. I’ve always been connected to the spiritual realm since I was younger (around the time my mom committed suicide. ) I’ve always felt like an outsider as I’ve never had any friends and my family only sees me as Her daughter so they steer clear from me. I’ve recently been drawn to the darker side of things. It was actually my boyfriend, Red, who showed me things pertaining to demonology and Satanism. I’ve always identified as a wiccan (I’ve been practicing/learning for about a year. Prior I was raised Roman catholic) but he had a bunch of pentagram and Balphomet things and I felt instantly drawn to them so now I’m not quite sure what path I’m on. I do know Lilith is trying to connect with me but I’m not quite sure how to do that (it’s been a very eventful few weeks). My goals are to become more educated and fall into my power. I’ve always heard and seen things/people that weren’t there. I’ve always been connected with the other side. I just never accepted it and have been repressing it for years. When I was about 8, a woman at church walked up to me. grabbed my hand, and with the most terrified look she said “They show themselves to you but they aren’t angels. You are very favored.” and about a year and a half ago, a practicing witch (I believe she practices demonology?) randomly walked up to me (we were all at my friends small party) and she looked into my eyes, grabbed my upper arms and said “You are very powerful. But there’s something preventing you from coming into this. Find out what’s blocking you from meditating and you will be among the greats.”
I really wish I was making this all up. I’ve been so lost and confused for years. I’ve never known what it means to feel whole or happy. My entire life I’ve felt drained and empty. If anyone has any tips or guidance or anything they feel compelled to share, ANYTHING will help. I also have a very in depth storyline on how Lilith has been trying to connect with me for the past 2 weeks and even delivered a message through my boyfriend if anyone would like to hear about that. Thank you for accepting me into this community and I look forward to learning from all of you!

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Hi Luna, welcome to the forum :wave:t5:

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Thank You!

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Hello everyone. I’d like to remain somewhat anonymous on here, but I’m a 36yo woman from the USA. You can call me M. I’ve been into spirituality for many years. About 3 years ago I got into Neville Goddard and started experimenting with new thought principles, which have worked well for me, but I also somehow got drawn to magic at that time. I’ve been reading about magic for about 3 years but only recently started doing some workings; 6 months ago I (very successfully) completed a ritual from Gordon Winterfield’s Demons of Magick, last week I finished up the Master Curse from Winterfield’s Magickal Attack, and I’m currently working on 7 Occult Money Rituals by Henry Archer.

I don’t have a specific magical system, really. So far I’ve mostly learned about working with the Goetia, but to be honest I’m open to working with anyone or anything that gets results. My life is pretty good, but my intention with magic is to make my life amazing. So far I’ve done baneful workings, but now with that out of the way I’d really like to focus on money, love, and self-development.


Welcome to the forum @SisterM :wave:t5:


Welcome to the forum, have you learned any banishing, shielding or warding techniques yet? If not check out the beginners tutorials as those tools will be invaluable for you moving forward from what you’ve told us.

Once again welcome.

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I have not learned those techniques yet. Thanks so much for the recommendation!

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Here you go, this should help you out

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Hi there I’m Nachtvlinder! Since I was young I always felt intense drawn to witchcraft. But for some reason I never really pursued going deeper in it until now ( since my spiritual awakening lets say 5 months ago) So I am a newbie at this.

At this moment I only do Divination (Tarot), Love to use herbs in my daily life and work with the energy of crystals to heal my self. I feel very drawn to the spirit world but I am still doing my research on that topic, I am still finding out what kind of spirit work there is and witch spirit work suits me the best. I would love to learn more about it on this forum and find a path that suits me best.

If I could describe myself I would describe myself as someone who is constantly looking for the intensity in sensuality, intimacy, mysticism and euphoria in everything in and around me. Because that Is what makes me thrive and gives me a lot of power because it feels so me. So I guess my goal is becoming a goddess of these powers myself in my daily life and NEVER losing it again.

I hope there are higher beings/working paths who know exactly what I mean? so I guess my struggle rn is that I dont know how to deal with these intense desires In this patriarchy world as a newbie.

  • Love Nachtvlinder
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I’m from the US! Missed that part.

Hi all, I go by Mickey27 on other magick forums and would prefer to remain as anonymous as possible.

I have been a dabbler for at least ten years, tried my hand at everything under the sun from divination to evocation but nothing ever really stuck for me, the only things I have actively avoided have been any kind of LHP work(Christian upbringing :expressionless:) which I now find myself drawn to.

My goals are to shake up my life as I find myself nearing 40 and am nowhere near happy with what I have accomplished in either career or relationships. I also have a few health problems and shadow work issues that need addressing.


Welcome @I88K4S

Where are you from?

Do you have a current practice? If so, what?

Any experience in specific systems or traditions?

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Hi @DarkestKnight,

I live in South Africa. At the moment all I do is tarot divination and meditation as I had some serious parasite issues that persisted for a few years, all banishing techniques that previously worked for me failed to get rid of it but what finally worked was @Keteriya black’s little pony servitor Luna!

In terms of specific experience I have dabbled a great deal from Bardon to Kraig’s modern magick and lots of GOM material as well as Frater Malak’s works.


Hello, I am Aemilianus.

Rather my name be private but Jack is what I go by online. I’ve been involved in demonolatry off and on throughout my 6 years of magick. I have experience in creation of talismans and spirit vessels, and have done so for money in the past. I use them as anchors/idols in meditation and spell craft.

I’ve not been on a full magician life path but have periodically used magick for gaining an edge in studies, business and social relations. Recently I’ve come to a few online social platforms to document my findings and develop proficiency in gateway creation.

Happy to be here and hope to make some connections.

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