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Hello, I’m bird.
I’ve been practicing all kinds of magick for over 20 years and right now I’m working with the Goetia and learning more about the spirits and how to better evoke. I have a lot of practical experience with spell work and different systems of divination. I’m the most comfortable with Tarot. I’m from Saint Charles, Missouri and I’m not super comfortable with pictures of myself. Currently, I’m working on raising the energies associated with Jupiter in my space to help me have more successful evocations and working more on herbal magick with Prince Stolas. I’m struggling a little to catch the right planetary hours and just keeping focused overall but practice makes perfect.

Hello, my name is Nephandi. I have some recalled experiences performing magic going back to my earliest memories as a baby. Last year I read the Violet Throne and realized I was most likely born an Asetian Serpent vampire. As far as practicing, I was always interested in spirituality/meditation type things yet was also significantly affected by the societal brainwashing of religions, people around me, not understanding why I was different etc… I tried some things with publicly available materials on magic and have realized that I have some fundamental problem with magic systems based around Abrahamic spirituality (right-hand path). I remember being at a rock concert in the womb and feeling the magic current inherent here and I always viewed music as a way to change the world. I had no financial success with music and decided to jump all-in with magic some years ago ( I remain hopeful that my music creations are effective magic ). The powers of Set and chaos proceeded to expose weaknesses of my psyche, weaknesses of the way I lived life previously. I now invoke the deific mask of Set often and have come to know his fist pointing to the North from rites from the PGM ( like a shift from dueling partner to ally). I regularly use Sanskrit and Ancient Greek mantras, the ancient Greek vowels have great power. I try to get better at Hecate magic through epithets, masks and sorcery, I view this Goddess as Hecate-Isis/Aset. I really like PGM magic, ancient greek, and have had the most in-your-face supernatural experience after beginning with Ars Zoetia ( 66.6 feet of telekinesis ). I need to get better at astral projection and money magic primarily. I’m particularly interested in immortality, its various manifestations, turning back the aging process with magic hopefully, and finding what ascent from Worm to Godhood could mean for me, and where would I want that to go?

Hello, I am Hakim I study and practice Jinn magic and Arabic magic.
I translated a manuscript. It deals with some of the themes discussed here in the forum.
Will put up some samples of it here for consideration.

Welcome @Hakim

Where are you from?

How long have you practiced?

Do you follow a particular tradition?

What are your areas of magical interest?

Ruhaniyat tradition mostly. Knowledgeable in Sihr, some experience in Western esoteric including LHP.
I’m not sure what you mean by the last question, I am currently working the barhatiyah with high magic and the operations in this manuscript I’m translating.
I do exorcisms and spiritual healing practices within the Ruhaniyat tradition.

Also meditations and reiki level 3.

And how long have you been practicing?

On and off since 2005 seriously since 2016.

Hi everyone I am a natural witch, Magick isn’t something I went out to seek per se. I astral travelled alot as a child, and had strong capacity to read people’s thoughts it all slowed right down when I got into my teens. Until then alot of rather ‘magickal’ things were natural to me. The only thing I can think of is the fact that my ancestry does go back to a high priest of thebes. Yes I am Egyptian and have a loooong documented family tree. technically I have been with Magick all my life, and have read everything I can find on all things related, and well read in theosophy, theology and magick. At the heart of it I enjoy moulding my reality. I do want to learn more technical skills. I am especially interested in EA’s work and direct manifestation which he covered very briefly in one of his books ( can’t remember which). I really enjoy this forum, it’s brilliant even though I tend to be stealth most of the time. I wish there was a beginners and advanced access levels on the forum or a login system, because I would get alot more from it then.

Hello all. I’ve been a member of this forum under different name but have come back. I’m not the same and I’m not very different. I want to start start work with servitor and angels. I hope you will help me in my journey. Thank you

Hello, my name is Ana, I’ve used these forums a few years ago but don’t remember my account name so I am back on a new account. I haven’t been involved in the occult these past few years. I used to work with some spirits on and off, now I am more interested in dream work and working with angels. I’ve been involved in the occult on and off for about 8 years. I come back here to lurk and look for some basic advice. Thank you

hi have mainly just been reading , not doing . reason for joining forum is am under black magic attack

Welcome @Celene Please tell us about yourself.

Where are you from?

No experience at all?

If you have no experience in maigck, then how do you know you’re under magical attack?

due to reading , have some idea what am dealing with , in addition person behind this blatently let me know what they did . psychic enough to see group .

very little experience

am in uk

Hi I’m claire. I’m 28
I am from germany and I’d rather not tell my real name.
I like to read about things about black magic but usually ask for advice. I am not really into learning I stumbled on across this forum and I’ve been a silent reader since 4 or 5 years.

And Idk if I am off topic or not but I am currently (more like been since early 2021) struggling with a very scary and stressful situation and I didn’t get any help for it at all. It’s about energy stalkers or online stalkers, who are using either psychic powers, magic or mind control tools against me (the person once said they are hypnotizing me) (I doubt it) so at first in the early on was this neighbor talking to me trough psychic/telepathy (I could hear him he spoke to me/tormented me/mentally r@ped and used gaslightning making me a victim he also mentally tortured me forcing the truth out of me giving me headaches he could read in my mind if i was lying like a true intention spell or kind of magic. I also screamed out of nowhere etc. I am not schizophrenic this person was trying to make me mentally ill/questioning my reality/sanity so I heard him talking to me and that was the last day of me being myself my memories where gone my life was cut short I was suffering with amnesia and memory blockages. I was so scared that i reseted my phone and all precious things, playlists, contacts, and pictures were erased and so my memories with it.
He applied pressure like on me talking to him to control and to manipulate me (cutting me off/silencing me my tongue muscle/forhead area was really hurting so he could brainwash me annoyed not letting me finish a sentence in my head. And not now more like since 4 months since “the voices stopped” (not since then more earlier back then) I’ve got a monotone closed offish personality (“gifted too and me having !my freedom back”) (it wasn’t myself/feels like not myself it goes perfectly and reminds me of me losing the grip/touch of reality from being tortured mentally. So it drove me so insane today. I think it’s a female neighbor who has a grudge on me playing with me mentally (she doesn’t talk but she plays with my emotions/stalks me online like a energy sucking vampire like he/she plays with my tarot reading she can change my energy and my personality/ he or she (magician idk) doesn’t like it when I am myself, they make me bling and poof memory gone. The color red and black call me to them and behind it is a evil spirit i think satan he is evil so good is evil and evil is good kinda thing. I have nightmares and evil beings being there at night stalking me and them interfering in my dreams. I think i am being manipulated by a hypno/mind control/magician or psychic one is sucking my energy and the other likes to make me their victim like controlling my body and spirit like a evil psychopath would do. This stalker knows my name, face etc. And theyr’e doing it on purpose after they got me soft like candy wraped around their finger They bully me my behavior/appearance trough energy/screen monitor (my phone and other devices) Idk who this might be since 3 years (I sound crazy but people like us who are affected by this know
its real and that it happens “yes in your head” they are anonymous.

So i have this question how can this be what is this? And why are they doing this to me? I’m suffering so much from this :confused:
How can this be solved? Does someone know? I Need help please :frowning:
I want this removed!
I would be glad if someone’s helping me thnx! <3 :slight_smile:

You can address me as “CA”. I’m from Russia. The main branch of my practice is Chaos Magic, or I could call it “Drowning in the Abyss”. In addition to this I practice both Klipotic and Sephirotic magic, and work with the energies of the Kimbanda. All these practices allow me to strengthen the astral body by augmenting it with copies of the patterns I have learned.

I discover for myself and in the future for others the vastness of the Abyss; those energies that are under the structure of Tiamat.

Contacting different spirits and Gods, I gradually collect data about their manifestations, “personalities”, different practices for realization of the most intimate and unnatural desires.

In the future I plan to finish my own grimoire, devoid of the limitations of this or that tradition when interacting with spirits.

“Desecrating life as such.”

Welcome @ChaAr

How long have you practiced?

I have been practicing for about three months, while studying various occult literature to increase my level of understanding and theoretical background, understanding where a particular tradition comes from and how it is practiced.

I’m sorry @Kurdan_elNegro but please do your intro in English. It is a rule of this forum that all posts must be in English as it is the common language used here and helps to facilitate moderation.

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