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I also forgot to mention I worked with the 72 infernal djinn for a period of about 6 months, but I found their power to be extremely destructive and since my current intent is to build myself up instead of tearing down things that are troublesome I decided to take a leave of absence from their chaos
Also I didn’t answer your other question
I do not follow any one specific path or tradition
I like to take my knowledge from as many sources as possible and too many paths claim to be the one which is right

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And roughly how long have you practiced? You haven’t answered that part lol

Thank you :slight_smile:

Well, the thing I’m trying to say is, I don’t exactly put the creation of thought forms into a certain box. Some might call it magick, some might call it a natural logical thing, and some might call it something else. I’m not much for boxes and labels. Also, I’m new to this, so a just a few weeks.

Anything and everything metaphysical is interesting to me :slight_smile:


Hello, Im 20 years old and use the name the OneUnderTheSun magickally. It represents to me learning useful techniques from all practices and incorporating them. I have been reading about magick for about 3 years through books and youtube , miracle of NAP, Gallery of Magick series,and Frater Xavier(Mind and Magick on youtube) .
My interest began with trying to influence people and start on a path to wealth.
I first started really practicing about 1 year ago and found the most success with the traditional western ceremonial magick that Frater Xavier teaches.
But my interest in demonolatry began when reading the “Demons of Magick” from the Gallery Of Magick series.
Ive begun reading Evoking Eternity and my goal with evocation is to bring me wealth to use to help my family’s financial problems.Im interested in working with Beleth, Dantaylion,and Gremori.

Thank you for your time.

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I’ve been practicing for about 3 years in the traditional sense, but I’ve known I had magic since I was 15 and it expressed itself regularly in my teen years by just following my will without me doing it intentionally.

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im 20 new into the occult, always had an interest in it, always learning and evolving!

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Welcome @CyanPhoenix Please tell us about yourself. This post doesn’t tell us anything about you and doesn’t really meet our requirement for a proper itnroduction.

Where are you from?

Do you have any practical experience in magick?

If you do, what do you practice, and how long have you practiced it?

If not, what areas of magick are you interested in learning?

I’ve been practicing magic on and off since I was 13. I’m 26 now.
I’m into East Asian magic. Thank you for having me. :slight_smile:


Hello BALG folk. Just introducing myself. I’m from Boston. I’ve been lurking here for quite awhile. I found BALG while looking for a more newbie friendly magick forum as the first forum I found was Studio Arcanis after I discovered The Miracle of New Avatar Power. That’s a great forum, but not as active as this one.

I’ve always been interested in the occult and the nuns had to have a conference with my parents about my “unhealthy interest in witches” :rofl I practiced Wicca many years ago, but it never really felt like a great fit so I stopped. I’m pretty well versed in various New Thought authors such as Ernest Holmes, Neville Goddard, Florence Scovel Shinn and Catherine Ponder and NAP’s testimonials reminded me a lot of that style of writing. I bought the new reprint, but I tracked down the original hardcover for a good price too so I’m glad to have that! I’ve been using NAP for about a year or so and have had really excellent success with it. I’m interested in other forms of magical practice as well. Right now I have some of the pathworking books such as LHD. I’m interested in the Angels of Omnipotence book, but haven’t practiced with it yet. I keep seeing references to a book club for that book, but have not seen a link to it when searching so if anyone wants to hook me up that would be great.

My main three goals at the moment – developing a daily practice, reading Books I - IV of Agrippa (have the new Black Letter Press translations which are so much easier to read!), trying to figure out if this pathworking style in LHD and Tempest books will work for me. I have not had much success with LHD, but I feel like I need to dig into my desired results a bit more. I find I am less successful when I have mixed feelings about what I want my results to be. I am mostly performing work aimed at workplace goals, i.e. getting rid of assholes, etc. :slight_smile:

Anywhere, here’s my cats :slight_smile: :heart_eyes:

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• Your magick name: Marune Prince (honestly I don’t have one but if I do this would be it)
• Kinds of magick you like: Chaos Magick (Other things that are in my interest are Reiki, Crystals, Spirit attunement/initiation I have Archangel Michael and Duchess Bime)

• Current ambitions: Self-mastery of my energy work and Financial Freedom,
• Current struggles: Entity problems, self discipline, toxic environment

I’m from Southeast Asia


Welcome @MarunePrince

How long have you practiced?

Do you have experience in any specific systems or traditions outside of the Chaos Magick paradigm?

It’s over 6 years, since my attunement with Kundalini Reiki. It’s not a solid experience though. Sigils and servitors, just a couple of years with resources available online. I’m looking forward to learn much more and move forward in my path. Hopefully =)

Thank you for doing an introduction as requested @Wern

Where are you from?

What, exactly, do you practice, and how long have you been practicing?

Do you follow any specific system or tradition?

Hello good people.
My name is Oden, im a musician from the north who has been dedicated to occult and esoteric practice and research for many years.
I have no specifik practice or special type of magical path that i follow anymore, i have my own traditions and practices that i have created for myself. (inspired by kabbalah/Qliphoth and norse magic practices)

My biggest ambition is to one day raise a temple, up in the mountains of Norway, and let it be a place much like an ashram, where we will live of the land and dedicate ourselves to our individual and collective ascent. As a hunter and wanderer, i feel this is my future.

Blessed be.

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Im new to forum posting so hopefully this is the right spot to introduce myself.
I gew up in the back country and hills of West Virginia. I spent as much time as possible in the woods while growing up. Im more at home than anywhere else.
When iwas around 10, i discovered the library. All the books i brought home were on the paranormal, the occult, esoteric studies, dream interpretation, obes, astrology and tarot. I had my first obe at age 11. I knew then that I had volumes to learn about magick and physics.
I bought my first book on magick around 15 and set out to learn alll i could. I went to Germany for 3 years and studied with various groups there. I tend to gravitate towards Norse foklore. I also lived in Cairo for several years and especially love the drama in Egyptian magick. Before coming back to the US, i lived 3 years in the English countryside about 2 hours north of London. I studied Crowley while there and spent alot of time in London with various psychics and tarot readers. It was in London that I started getting more into Luciferism, Theosophy, Dion Fortune, Blavasky, Dee, ect. I had read about the while in Germany but my brain was already saturated and I didnt absorb much of it. I also developed a fierce appetite for quantum physics. I knew i could marry the two, science and magick, if I looked hard enough.
Fast forward 10 years and everyone is talking about “The Secret” ( ironic that its not a secret at all) about manifesting your desires and the world seems on the precipice of discovering how magick and quantum physics are part and parcel of the same idea.
Wierdly, i stumbled upon E.A books after a Scientologist tried unsuccessfully to recruit me. I was doing more research and saw how Hubbard had a relationship with Crowley and Parsons from from JPL. They performed a ritual called Babylon Working and opened a doorway and let an entity named LAM come in.
This brought me full circle back to E A.s books and philosophies. I love the name Become A Living God. You go from victim to victor as you learn how to take responsibility for your life and how to change it to be what you want.
Working with demons is a different and new path for me. Im enjoying the books and exercises and resonate with much of what is written within them. This is the point that I am at and this is my introduction to who i am…so far.


A beautiful introduction.
Welcome :innocent:

Thank you for the welcome and the invite to introduce myself.


My name is Dan from Hermannstadt I have no experience and I’m in big trouble so I’m here for professional help.

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And how long have you been practising @Wern ?

Welcome @Wern

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