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In my experience, astral projection and evoking demons to visible appearance is akin to imagination, an active imagination, not necessarily visible like a physical object. It seems to me you r successful, don’t doubt it. Also look into chaos magick, it sounds like that is what u r practicing anyway.


Really, I don’t know. I would like to answer the question for you, but I have no answer.

I just don’t really know. When I read through the posts here, I have the feeling that everything is somehow different with me. As if I were rolling up the whole subject from behind. Do you knwo what I mean?


Greetings! :smiley:

We have some greast info here for ways to get started:

And I’ll be sending you a message shortly with lots of useful links & info in. :sunny:


Hey guys, I’m Felix . A new guy to the practices of magick and with a lot of passion to learn from others.

Started my occult journey at 18, currently 19 and wanting to learn and experience this side of the world. I am constantly reading and learning from different authors .

All my life I felt drawn to the occult since my childhood, I could feel that something was in my room and watching over me , then at 16 I had my first encounter , that marked me and made me interact with other spirits.
I was introduced to this by a subreddit (r/demonolatrypractices).
I hope this info is useful.

Good luck everybody !!


Welcome, Felix.


It would be great. Thank you so much :smiley:

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Hi there @Felix123 :wave:t5: Welcome to the forum. You can learn a great deal here, just make good use of the search function. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to start your own topic.


Good morning, I introduce myself:
My name is Kevin, I live in Colombia and after being very skeptical I have given the spiritual world a chance or the spiritual world has given me a chance, it depends on how you see it. I am very new to this. As a first goal I want to deal with Agares, but first I’m doing a lot of research and I’m reading the EA Evoking Eternity book. I like black magic.
Soy auxiliar de laboratorio en una empresa de alimentos y en mis tiempos libres hago vídeos para Youtube, reacciono a vídeos de terror, mi canal se llama Kevin lovecraftiano. I am a laboratory assistant in a food company and in my spare time I make videos for Youtube, I react to horror videos, my channel is called Kevin Lovecraftiano.


Cool, Dude.

You wanna Collaborate?

My name Is General, location where I live is Russia. Most of the time I practice goetia and other western esotericism practices as a tarot, alchemy e.t.c.
Also im currently working on my own girmoire and trying to get more into traditional Siberian shamanism.


Thank you for doing an introduction as requested @General

How long have you practiced?

Do you work in any specific systems or traditions?

I started practicing occult in childhood, so basically I practiced most of my lifespan. Right now im working in western magical tradition.



Hi I’m new here but not quite as new to magick as to this forum. I’m not out to anyone with regards to my occult and magical activities and I’m not comfortable sharing my magick name because when I first started getting into magick and the occult my introductory learning information was from a tradition that believed if someone knew your true magick name they’d have peer over you so please call me by my user name kish or my nickname cat.

I’m not planning to come out to anyone I know anytime soon.

I’ve done magick on and off for years, It usually works for me. The first magick I ever did was to try make a pact and something actually materialized as smoke (not a full physical materialization obviously since it didn’t form a full body and I couldn’t converse with it). I was possessed for a while after. It left a parting gift of knowledge to me (not magical but more like worldly knowledge I could only describe as knowledge of all evil but that’s not quite accurate more like no matter what evil happens in the world it’s like ho hum that’s not new not surprising not showing or horrifying to me because it’s like it’s old hat or something).

I’ve also done charm magicks.

Lately reading A E’s books, S Connolly and Michael W Ford.

I’ve been struggling with trying to find information on composite Gods like Set-Amun, Djuety-Anpu and Sekmet-Bastet and how to work with them magickally.

I scry (do divination) sometimes just in the air between my hands after a certain preliminary preparation technique of making air circles but I can’t always get clear mental pictures (other methods don’t seem to work although tarot cards do with regards to seeing the future).

My interest in qliphoth is peaked because when I’ve seen references to qliphoth days of the year I’ve been like huh that day’s always seemed like it should be a holiday maybe I should look into this qliphoth thing.

However right now I’m mostly into learning how to work with composite deitys and do magick with them.


Welcome @Kish

Where are you from?

Roughly, how long is that?

What, exactly, do you practice?

Do you have experience in specific systems or traditions?

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For years meaning like over the last 20 I’ve periodically done magick rituals from books or tried making up my own, but I don’t really have a system as such because I’m still figuring out what works best for me.

Seemed that usually a hybrid form taking levay and elements of standard Wicca like magick worked best for me so far. The elements directions and infernal powers sometimes a bowl of dirt for earth water for water blowing on the charm or swinging it in the air for air and holding it in fire fire fire (those at the 4 direction points ) with a central candle for Satan in the Center of the inverted pentagram.

When I did the charm magick I hybridized Levay with the necronomicon and it worked well. When I did the pact thing it wasn’t any system at all just what I instinctually felt was right way to do it no system just write it intend it burn it to send it to the spheres.

Specifically I wrote it with intent called on lucifer basically to witness/empower it and burnt it to send it to the spheres (other dimensional plane).

Lately I’ve mostly been experimenting with Luciferian witchcraft from some of Fords books it’s not working quite as well as my instinctually done stuff from the past did.


Thank you for elucidating more upon your experience, and again, welcome to the BALG forum.

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Forgot to answer where I’m from: Canada.


Me too :slight_smile:

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Ye gods, they’re increasing in numbers!!! :scream_cat:

Jk, welcome aboard! :smiley: