Interrogating Angels, Jesus, Saints, Apostles, and the GOD (all-father, spark, source, OMNI, etc)

Is it a common reverse practice to use a similar RHP path on the sephiroth and light beings? Can you use angels to imprison angels for interrogation? What about Christ or god? Can you use the same punishments and lashing in them in bindings that some RHP utilize on demons?

Has anyone interrogated Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Mary, GOD itself and been unrelenting in this? Since for many they don’t answer if casually asked then maybe they should be FORCED, punished, tortured, and interrogated. Yes it’s tempting and garnishing it’s wrath… so what.


I’m sure there is, but I can’t imagine why you’d want to. They don’t really work for the Christian god, especially considering that they’re actually older than him.

Not every single RHP practice involves binding just like how not every LHP method involves curses.

Admittedly, some of this is UPG, but I believe that Jesus is either an ascended master that was unwillingly deified, was a folklore character used to encourage people to be better than the Romans by not being vengeful or both.

Mary is most likely a fictional character.

As for the Abrahamic god, I personally believe he’s an egregore unintentionally conjured up by the founders of Christianity. I believe as the years go by, he grows weaker. It’s only a matter of time before he dies off (and I don’t think it’ll be in our life time). I really doubt our interference is necessary.


I dont want to be a dick but what would the point of that be? You are aware they will attack you right? Especially if you try crap like that?

The thing is, it’s the spirits choice as to whether they should respond. Just like Belial chooses who he works with. Its the same principle.


There are Satanic Orders which seek the goals you described.
They’re not predominant on Balg,
since this community operates on a broader scale.

Let me give you an example:

now there’s also topics like this, here:

a more serious approach to it:

In other words: use the search function, from time to time. :wink:

That part wondered me the most.
How do you think, you can divide the Angelic Legions, by making them go after each other?
And more specifically, what makes you belief that didn’t already happen, long before?
Just take Gabriel and Azazel for example.
They don’t like each other.
Both are Angels, one of them is a fallen Angel (/ also called DEMON).

read the secound post in this topic:
written by DarkestKnight, it’ll help you understand what i mean.

However, you’ll most likely want to join forces here:
-Cohizer Working




My apologies,
I’ve just noticed at least one of those topics to be already closed.

So that may have interfered with your research,
in that case, i’m sorry for calling you out without a reason.

However, i think you should be able to read them based off my links.
If not, please tell me.



I think Jesus is a good guy do so disrespecting him is pointless.

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Imho, they’re ALL fodder for eternal battle. When you’re dead across the veil the only real path is that to utter annihilation else you rinse and repeat for eternity. Seek the core plug, destroy it and everything shatters into the void or they try to rebuild and replace. If all is truly connected then there’s the chance that a break disrupts it all. What do I give a fuck about any gods plan or spirits to rule and dominate this or that? They come after one… yeah that’s kind of the point. And it’s probably happened time immemorial over and over again in this endless repetitive.

Do you honestly think it matters who or what is the “king of the hill?” Honestly, I could care less about any demon’s motives as I could care less about any angel’s or any spirits that form these little click power groups. Like man, plant, bug, animal microorganism, atomic particle they will eventually clash and war. I just want to see the great parasite dead and “this” simulation terminated.

What can any being honestly offer that is worth anything lasting? Nothing. Their words, actions, and being are lies, deception, and games. And I do mean ALL. So what? You got a job, got a fuck, got some energy, got a succubus, got a promise, cursed a target, gained some “power,” wrote a tome, became famous, etc etc. it’s fleeting in eternity. Hell, these beings aren’t even all that old tbqh. Exactly how many times do you think any one universe, for lack of a better thought platform, has recycled over and over again? All this will get absorbed back into the great parasite pool and start again. Look to nature to see that pattern. And yes these beings may very well fear for their existence. Legions… please. BFD! They can tap into all the legion power they want and it’s still but about nothing in comparison.

Like man they can bribe, imprison, torture, deceive, promise, and lure/goose chase you for what is believed eternity… until sucked back into the cosmic muck. Man… just another typical slave race being used as pawns for a bunch of cowards that won’t face oblivion. Ask them. Would they risk their “eternal” being to save you. Would they sacrifice for you. It’s always humans sacrificing to them. Well fuck them. Their little droppings of garbage. The living being is more powerful than the ever-spirit pantheons. Without us they’d be nothing. But I suppose we’re all ever-spirits in a roundabout way.

The biggest fear is loss (which could be anything and everything). But this is just ramblings from the “unenlightened.” I haven’t yet had a being prove otherwise and it’s best to trust NO ONE and believe individuals are deceptive power hungry self preserving parasites. Because that’s what I do see continually on all platforms.

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You’re acting like I haven’t before?

Yes. Theres also the idea that when you die its like a battery gone dead…power out…nothing more. Even the idea of existing in the astral is nothing more than a “copy” of your spent energy…imho…which you arent really experiencing and no doubt someone else will get to.

Action plan? Enjoy every bit while you still have a Conscious Awareness to enjoy it, because what comes after NO ONE KNOWS.

So what you’re saying is, you’re afraid of dying and that’s why you’re doing this?

I assume you’ve been severely traumatized by these beings if you have this much hatred for them. That’s something I will never experience, because they are my natural peers and would never hurt me. In fact, I consider myself to be a living Christ. Satan lives in my body, but so does Jesus (he’s just kinda boring in comparison). There’s no division.

You can’t bring them down with spiritual means because the light and dark sides of the spirit world are really one thing. There’s no point in trying. If you have this much trouble with the spirit world, it simply means you don’t belong there. The way out is union with the physical world. You need to yoke yourself to it. “Marry” yourself to it. Maybe even literally get married to a human. If you’re married already, it’s obviously not working out.

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Afraid of dying? Where on earth do you get that shit? Let everything come at me. I don’t give a fuck. I’m talking ANNIHILATION of ALL. As tempted as I am to jumping in front of the trucks or punching the gang leaders in the city with a baseball bat on a deathwish I haven’t. I honor my living parents and siblings just enough to take care of them. When they’re dead. I don’t give a shit. I don’t give a fuck about ancestors and cut ties with them. They’re useless, worthless and a constant reminder a pathway led to my existence.

I’m saying ALL these everspirits are fucking worthless. They’re nothing but weak parasites.

I don’t think he will die anytime soon. Millions of people do blood sacrifices in his name every year,

Oh, I never said he’s die in our lifetime.

Also, what do you mean by blood sacrifices?

Maybe @C.Kendall’s account can clear up some things:

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Abrahamic god and Islamic god are one and the same. Every year during the hajj period millions of muslims sacrifice in the name of the abrahamic god. You also have normal farmers who sacrifice all their animals in the name of the god. Muslims and jews both.
Blood gives it a lot of energy. Not only that but there also billions of people who pray to it on a daily basis. These people give it their energy. I do not believe that it will die.

You have all this hatred because at some point (maybe when you were a child), you turned your back on love, which can only be experienced on the plane you’re native to. And I’m not even necessarily talking about romantic love, so just take love as a symbol for peace and happiness.

It probably wasn’t your fault back then—you were probably in some circumstances that forced you to stop being yourself if you wanted to survive, but now you can make the decision to get back together with whatever plane you belong on. It will immediately take you back with no shame attached.

Once you get back together with your native plane, you’ll feel so much better that you’ll want to apologize to it for being away so long, even though its love is unconditional for you and you don’t owe it an apology for anything.

This is ultimately what keeps the parasites away. But getting to this point does require the rage you are showing. You have to get to the point where you can’t take any more.

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Nyah. I seek my erasure in existence. I didn’t commit the original sin of creation. Not asked permission so never was there free will in a dictatorship. I am and will be strife and battle eternally until the grand parasite it dead.

You’re going through this (which is life in your inferior function, MBTI-wise):

So that you can get to this (which is life in your dominant function):

Eh, if I’m to use a muse it’s more like: